What Is the Mustang Saleen S422?

Southern California-based Saleen Automotive is widely known for offering many popular secondary-manufactured Mustang variants for street and racetrack use over the course of the last three decades. But you might not be aware that Saleen produced a Mustang specially designed for use in law enforcement.

The Saleen S422 was a police package that could be added to a 1989 base model Mustang. While little information is available on this extremely rare Mustang variant, the Mustang Saleen S422 still managed to rank at #31 on the Complex Rides list of “The 100 Best Mustangs of All Time.”

Saleen S422 MustangNot the First Time Mustangs Were Used in Law Enforcement

The inspiration for the Mustang Saleen S422 may have come from the Mustang SSP, a lightweight police car package offered by Ford between 1982 and 1993. Featuring a special Foxbody trim and a wide range of law enforcement-oriented features and modifications, the Mustang SSP offered a speedier, more nimble alternative to the boxy sedans that were favored by many police departments. The SSP was especially valuable in apprehending motorists attempting to elude police during high-speed pursuits.

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