What Is the Mustang Saleen SSC?

Saleen Automotive is an American high-performance automobile manufacturer that has been producing popular Mustang variants since 1984. To commemorate its fifth anniversary of Mustang production, as well as to mark the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the Ford Mustang, the company unveiled the Saleen SSC in 1989, a special limited edition Mustang with a production run of only 161 models. The SSC stood for “Saleen Super Car.”

Saleen SSC MustangHatchback Based on the Mustang LX

The Mustang Saleen SSC was a hatchback that used the Mustang LX as a base model. The modified V-8 engine included a heavy-duty cooling system and was capable of delivering 292 hp. This marked the first time that Saleen altered the powertrain to increase the horsepower output on one of its Mustang variants. Other features included a larger throttle body, stainless steel tubular headers, Walker Dynomax mufflers and a heavy-duty Borg Warner five-speed manual transmission.

Exterior and Interior Features

All Saleen SSC models offered one color scheme: a white body with yellow and gray chevron stripes. They were also equipped with 16" white DP5 wheels. The interior featured FloFit leather seats with matching door panels and a 200-mph speedometer. Only one SSC model offered a backseat — the remaining 160 models used the rear space to house a booming CD stereo system.

Saleen SSC Asking Price

The Mustang SSC was a sweet yet expensive ride that set car buyers back by about $36,500, a rather high sum for 1989 — and today, for that matter. This Mustang variant was ranked at #32 on the Complex Rides list of “The 100 Best Mustangs of All Time.”

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