What Is the Mustang Shelby GT500 Barrett-Jackson?

Over the years, the Barrett-Jackson auction house of Scottsdale, Arizona has been responsible for the sale of some of the rarest and most expensive Mustangs in the world. To celebrate their long partnership, Ford released the special Barrett-Jackson Edition Mustang Shelby GT in 2008, a regional variant sold only in Arizona and limited to just 100 units. With Shelby power under the hood and a dramatic black-and-red color scheme, the car is a true tribute to the thousands of classic Mustangs that have been run down the lanes at Barrett-Jackson over the years.

Shelby GT500 Barrett Jackson MustangShelby GT Specs and Details

The Barrett-Jackson Shelby GT Mustang included all the features of a standard Shelby GT. Perched in between the Mustang GT and the top-end Shelby GT500, the Shelby GT was available as either a coupe or convertible and featured a 4.6L, 319 horsepower V8 engine. Interestingly enough, the Shelby GT had its roots in another corporate tie-in, the Shelby GT-H, which was produced in limited quantities in 2007 and available only for rent at some Hertz locations.

In response to consumer demand for a more economical Shelby Mustang, the Shelby GT was released the following year. Aside from the aforementioned engine, other notable features included Ford Racing handling and performance packs, 18” aluminum wheels, an upgraded rear axle, hood pins and several other exterior enhancements.

The Barrett-Jackson Shelby GT

In addition to the standard features of the regular Shelby GT, the Barrett-Jackson edition added the distinctive paint job with Le Mans hood and side stripes in the auction house’s signature red, special branded door sill plates, a custom gas cap insert, an all-black interior and a signed of photo of Carroll Shelby, Steve Davis, Amy Boylan and Craig Jackson.

First unveiled at the Arizona Auto Show, the Barrett-Jackson Shelby GT had an MSRP of $38,980, which included a $250 donation to the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation.

2010 Edition

Following the success of the 2008 Barrett-Jackson Shelby GT, the auction house teamed up with Roush to produce another branded pony car in 2010. This time, production numbers were limited to just 25 — the 540 horsepower car was only available through select Roush dealers.