What Is the Shelby GT500?

Legendary high-performance vehicle designer Caroll Shelby provided his expertise — and his name — to a number of Mustang models over the years. One of the classic Shelby American models from the 1960s was the Shelby Cobra GT500, featuring a monstrous 428 cubic inch (7.0L) engine that remains a favorite of muscle car enthusiasts everywhere.

Shelby GT500 MustangThe Triumphant Return of the Shelby GT500

Caroll Shelby ended his affiliation with Ford in 1969, although a few Shelby Mustangs were produced for the European market in the early 1970s. Ford revived the brand in 2006 by introducing the Shelby GT-H.

The following year, a 21st century edition of the Shelby GT500 was unveiled to the American car-buying masses. The result of the collaboration between Carroll Shelby and the Ford Special Vehicle Team, the new Shelby GT500 was limited to a production run of 10,000 vehicles over a three-year period. The highlight of these vehicles was a muscular 5.4L V-8 engine that delivered 500 hp.

The 2011 Shelby GT500 Added Balance to the Muscle

A radical change in the design of the Shelby GT500 occurred in 2011. Ford replaced the heavy steel engine with a lighter aluminum version that dropped the engine weight by about 100 lbs.

Although lighter in weight, the new 5.4L engine still delivered the goods, as evidenced by its 550 hp rating. Drivers received the added benefit of a more balanced vehicle that offered greatly improved handling and cornering capabilities when compared to its heavier predecessors. Despite the death of Carroll Shelby in 2012, the Shelby GT500 has continued to be a staple in the Mustang lineup.

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