1964 Mustang Springs

Mustang Lowering Springs

1964 Mustang Springs

Mustang Lowering Springs
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1964.5 Lowering Springs

A Mustang suspension consists of springs, bushes and control arms. These components allow the car to ride over bumps and handle fast curves at the same time. Depending on the model, your 1964 Mustang springs will vary. A Mustang is a muscle car, but it has to handle corners and provide a comfortable ride to its passengers. All of this depends on the spring rates. A very soft spring should improve comfort, but can make the ride bouncy. A Mustang bouncing over every bump and pothole will probably end up in the hedge. Ford engineers thought this through, and developed the right springs for the 1964 Mustang.

Why Should You Replace Old Springs?

Over the years, springs tend to get rusty and squeaky. That’s when you should think of changing them. Replace your rusty old springs and suspension components with new springs from CJ Pony Parts. We have the largest inventory of 1964 Mustang springs and dampers. We also sell aftermarket parts for old Mustangs. If you wish upgrade your stock springs to a modern, better handling set, CJ Pony Parts is the place to find them.

Classic Mustangs came with rather ancient leaf springs. This type of spring is extremely heavy duty, and generally used in commercial vehicles. They often make squeaking sounds, which can be rather annoying. Also, leaf springs don’t improve ride and handling—for that, you need the latest coil over springs and damper set. With new springs, you can even lower the ride height to add some style to your 1964 pony car.

A few good reasons to replace your springs:

• Leaf springs are from yesterday. Mustang leaf springs are really out of date and should be replaced with modern coil over springs.
• Rusty and Squeaky. Your 1964 Mustang springs sure aren’t in the best of condition after all these years. Get rid of those squeaky old springs today.
• Attack corners with confidence. Mustang suspension conversions from CJ Pony Parts will improve your car’s ride and handling instantaneously. Give your car the suspension it deserves.

Get New Springs From CJ Pony Parts

With a modern set of springs, your car will handle like a Mustang should. Attack every corner without having to worry about understeer or losing control. With aftermarket springs from CJ Pony Parts, you can tune your Mustang according to your personal preference. Turn it into the most comfortable road car or complete track monster. And do it at an affordable price with free, fast shipping on eligible orders.

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