1964 Mustang Suspension

Mustang Suspension 1964-2021

1964 Mustang Suspension

Mustang Suspension 1964-2021
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1964.5 Suspension

A 1964 Mustang suspension forms the connection between the body shell and the drivetrain. Now, the 1964 Mustang is built around a ladder-type frame chassis. The body shell is attached to the frame while the front and rear axles are suspended using a solid rear axle setup. This is one of the most crude suspension setups—and it doesn’t perform particularly well at high speeds. If you are the owner of a 1964 Mustang, you should look at upgrading that tired out suspension. There’s only one place where you can find 1964 Mustang suspension kits at the lowest market price. CJ Pony Parts has all the parts you need to upgrade your pony’s suspension.

Get a Smoother Ride

With a modern setup, your car will handle like a Mustang should. Your Mustang will corner flat and respond to your every input, just as a true muscle car should. With aftermarket offerings from CJ Pony Parts, you can tune your Mustang to handle like a racecar. If you just want to just cruise around in your classic, we can provide you with a more comfortable setup. Here are a few good reasons to replace an old suspension:

• Better quality parts that last. Old worn out suspension components can be replaced with fresh new parts that are of better quality and will last longer.
• Aesthetics. A 1964 Mustang suspension can be lowered with just a few part swaps. Make a statement wherever you go with low rider Mustang.
• Race conversion. CJ Pony Parts offers suspension kits for race conversions. Add a race-ready suspension for infinite adjustability, improved handling and increased grip.

A new suspension unit guarantees a well-behaved Mustang that goes around corners like a racecar. If you are out on the drag strip, a bespoke suspension will stop the car from squatting so you can finish the race well ahead of your opponent.

CJ Pony Parts provides you with 1964 Mustang suspension parts you need for your build. If you’re replacing an old suspension with a new one or just upgrading a few broken parts, we’ll help you choose the right parts at the best price. The experts from CJ Pony Parts will treat your pony as if it’s their own, and they’ll offer all the help you need if you want to give your car the ultimate race setup.

For all the latest offers on Mustang suspension parts, shop the extensive online store from CJ Pony Parts.

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