1964 Mustang Underhood Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up

1964 Mustang Underhood Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up
Is your Mustang an extension of your outer self? If yes, then you probably like to modify it with your tastes so that people can recognize it as your car. A Mustang is a cool looking muscle car with character. Adding accessories is the most trusted way to make the car look unique. CJ Pony Parts has a large collection of accessories for 1964 Mustang underhood dress-up. While the exterior styling is important, most customers like to accessories the engine bay as well as the interior. As far as Mustang underhood dress-up is concerned, CJ Pony Parts has everything from chrome, carbon fiber to satin black themed parts for your Mustang’s engine bay.
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1964.5 Underhood Dress-Up

Dress Up Your Engine

You can dress up your Mustang numerous ways. Engine kits include valve covers, custom headers, radiator support brackets, stylish radiator caps and shock tower covers. You can even add LED lights to spice up the look of the engine bay.

Finished chrome can make for striking look with chrome headers and chrome valve covers. Carbon fiber is a new trend among enthusiasts. It is a bit expensive, but has a unique look and feel to it. It makes the car looks racier.

CJ Pony Parts also has a ton of stainless steel parts to replace those cheap plastic ones. To complete the Mustang underhood dress-up, you can choose fuse box covers, hold down clamps and radiator support covers that can be ordered in chrome, steel, black or even carbon fiber.

A complete underhood dress-up of your Mustang is possible with CJ Pony Parts custom parts for period Mustang models.

• Mix-n-match for the perfect look. A dual-color scheme can work wonders if done properly. Chrome and satin black with LED fixtures will surely grab attention.
• Upgrade wheels, decals and interior. At CJ Pony Parts, we offer complete aesthetic upgrade solutions for enthusiastic Mustang owners. Along with underhood dress-up, you can also check out the latest wheels, cabin upgrades and decals to customize the look of your Mustang.

CJ Pony Parts has all the styling upgrades you’ve been looking for. Choose from a variety of designs and themes to suit your style. CJ Pony Parts will help you personalize your machine with the best quality parts. Visit our online store today for all the latest offers on 1964 Mustang underhood dress-up tools. Free shipping is included.

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