1965 Mustang Underhood Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up

1965 Mustang Underhood Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up
To many of us, the engine bay of a classic Mustang is a work of art. You pop the hood and all you see is engine — and none of the plastic, hoses and electronics of modern cars. The 1965 Mustang was a chassis, a body and an engine. If you really want to highlight the six- or eight-cylinder masterpiece that is under your hood, why not take a look at all of the underhood dress-up parts and accessories that CJ Pony Parts has to offer? If you like to show your car at rallies and meets, or simply pop the hood after a race to show off your custom ’Stang, you’ll be excited to see just how easy it is to improve the view. sh
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1965 Underhood Dress-Up

It Starts With the Valve Covers

We don’t want to tell you what to do, but on a classic car such as the ’65 Mustang, custom valve covers are practically a must! They’re a great starting point for an underhood re-looking. They’re available in an impressive number of styles and finishes, including:

• Timeless chrome, a favorite of hot-rodders for generations.
• Polished finned designs with “Powered by Ford” script.
• Flat matte-black style with intense red lettering.
• Popular retro colors such as classic blue and bright gold.

Once you’ve got your valve covers chosen, the rest comes easily. Pick and choose your air cleaner, oil cap, master cylinder cover, and other parts and accessories to complement the look. With great prices on all of our parts, you’ll find that your imagination will allow you to truly customize your underhood area.

Don’t Miss a Thing With One of Our Kits

If you’re not exactly sure what style of underhood dress-up you want, think about checking out one of our kits. Designed to fit perfectly on your 1965 Mustang, our full kits make it easy to do a full underhood renovation. The CJ Pony Parts team is ready to answer any questions you might have about all of your 1965 Mustang upgrades.

We even carry tubing, sleeving and gaskets if you simply want to tidy up your engine bay and keep a stock look. No matter what end result you’re aiming for, we can be your partner. The only way to see just how many 1965 Mustang engine dress-up options we carry is to take some time and click through our vast online store. Start your shopping now and have a hand in creating a totally unique work of art: your personalized Mustang!

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