1966 Mustang Third Brake Light

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

1966 Mustang Third Brake Light

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

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1966 Mustang Third Brake Lights

First-generation Mustangs didn’t feature third brake lights. In fact, third brake lights didn’t become mandated until 1986. They were added as standard to all vehicles because traditional brake lights can be blocked by traffic, increasing the possibility of a collision. If you want to enhance your safety and better protect your investment, consider adding a third brake light to your 1966 Mustang. Affordable kits are available that allow you to incorporate this safety feature easily and unobtrusively. If you’re looking for even more function out of a new third brake light, explore package tray options that also include speakers. Third brake lights didn’t come standard in 1966, but they can make your ’Stang safer today.

Helping to Care for Your Mustang

Our mission is to serve Mustang owners as they make repairs, modifications, upgrades and replacements on their pony cars of all generations. CJ Pony Parts is committed to offering only the finest parts, kits, systems and accessories from only the most respected vendors in the industry. Different owners have different needs, which is why we offer a huge selection of 1966 Mustang third brake lights and other lighting.

When you buy from CJ Pony Parts, enjoy free, same-day shipping on orders above the minimum value. If issues with your lighting have you off the road in inclement weather or darkness, we can provide the components needed to get you back out there. If you’ve been considering a new style or modification, we stand ready to help you move forward — quickly and easily.

We’ve worked with ’Stang enthusiasts from around the world for many years now, and we’ve learned that they value efficiency when it comes to ordering new components for their vehicles. Our streamlined sales process emerged from their collective desire to get the right parts at the right prices — and to get them as quickly as possible.

Upgrading for Safety

No, the 1966 Mustang did not feature a third brake light. For some owners, incorporating technology not present in the original is a non-starter. Think of a third brake light as protecting the investment you’ve made in your pony car, as well as making you and your passengers safer while out on the road — not to mention increasing the safety of other drivers. This is an inexpensive, easy-to-install upgrade that enhances the driving experience for everyone on the road.

Browse our selection of 1966 Mustang third brake lights and make your pony car safer today.

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