1967 Mustang Third Brake Light

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

1967 Mustang Third Brake Light

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

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1967 Mustang Third Brake Lights

Are you thinking about installing a third brake light in your 1967 Mustang, but you’re worried it might alter the look and appearance of your classic ‘Stang? Before you make your decision on looks alone, consider the safety benefits of a 1967 Mustang third brake light.
Although third brake laws vary from state to state, it has been mandatory that all vehicles come equipped with a third brake light since 1986. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduced the mandate for a Center High Mount Stop Light, or CHMSL, in an attempt to reduce rear-end collisions. In their earlier studies following taxi cab drivers, the NHTSA found that rear-end collisions were reduced by a whopping 50% when these eye-level brake lights were utilized. It’s no wonder they mandated them.

Your 1967 Mustang did not come equipped with a third brake light. However, installing one can greatly reduce your chance of a rear-end collision.

Mustang Braking Ahead — Alert Drivers at Eye Level With a 1967 Mustang Third Brake Light

In this fast-paced and modern world, many drivers are busy playing with their stereo, yelling at their kids in the backseat or thinking about what they have to do once they arrive at work, home, school, etc. We live in a distracted world and we tend to drive in autopilot mode. The traditional third brake light position is elevated above the bumper and mounted at eye level. This placement is designed to grab the attention of drivers behind you — even the distracted ones.

If you are driving your 1967 Mustang without a third brake light, you’re putting your Mustang at risk of being rear-ended. Protect your classic vehicle with a 1967 Mustang third brake light from CJ Pony Parts.

1967 Mustang Third Brake Light Installation

Over at CJ Pony Parts, we carry a third brake light kit from Ken Harrison specifically designed for the 1965 – 1968 Mustang. This third brake light can be mounted in the rear package tray and includes wiring for installation.

Installing a third brake light in your 1967 Mustang is a relatively easy job. Aside from mounting the new light, you’ll have to tap into the wire at the brake light switch at the brake pedal. It’s always a good idea to test and verify this wire using a multi-meter, but in most 1967 Mustangs, the wire you want will be green with a red stripe.

If you’re ready to protect your classic Mustang with a Ken Harrison 1967 Mustang third brake light, head on over to CJ Pony Parts.

You’re passionate about protecting and restoring your Mustang. At CJ Pony Parts, we’re all about protecting and restoring Mustangs too. Place your order today for your 1967 Mustang third brake light and start protecting your pony from rear-end collisions.

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