1968 Third Brake Lights

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

1968 Third Brake Lights

Mustang aftermarket third brake light

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1968 Mustang Third Brake Lights

If two taillights are good, more are better right? Let’s not get carried away here, but the addition of a third brake light is a design element that many cars have used effectively. If you’re interested in adding a third brake light to your Mustang, you’ll be happy to know that CJ Pony Parts stocks easy-to-install 1968 third brake light kits at great low prices. These kits will complement the look of your car inside and out, and they don’t require any major modification to your factory electrical system. Add some visibility and style to your ‘Stang today by installing a 1968 third brake light kit from CJ Pony Parts.

Consider a Third Brake Light

You might think at first glance that the addition of a third brake light to your 1968 Mustang would require major modification, but in fact this upgrade is one you can most likely perform at home in the comfort of your own garage. All of the 1968 third brake light kits that we offer come in sharp-looking black, so they’ll match up to the stock trim of your Mustang’s package tray. Your passengers will have no idea the car didn’t come stock this way, but you will enjoy increased visibility on the road, which means less chance of being hit from behind or pulled over.

When you’re ready to make the upgrade, you’ll find all of the necessary wiring included. Just splice into your car’s existing electrical system, measure and mount the light on the package tray and you’re all done. It’s an upgrade you can probably accomplish in a couple hours.

Looking for Sound Too?

If your Mustang could benefit from a little extra muscle in the stereo department, consider mounting one of our 1968 third brake light kits that includes speakers. These great looking one-piece units mate cleanly with your car’s package tray, and add twin 120-watt Triaxial speakers to your existing stereo — for an upgrade that you’ll notice in your car and not just behind it. As with all of our third brake light kits, you are not required to run an aftermarket wiring harness to use these additional speakers. The kit includes the extra wiring needed to tee into your car’s factory or upgraded stereo system and enjoy upgraded sound right away.

Currently, CJ Pony Parts offers 1968 third brake light kits fit for Mustang coupes, so if you’ve got a fastback car and are interested in performing this upgrade, please contact us for more information about how you can order a third brake light kit.

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