1971 Mustang Third Brake Lights

Third Brake Lights

1971 Mustang Third Brake Lights

Third Brake Lights
In 1986, the federal government decided that all vehicles in the United States should come equipped with a third brake light as a matter of safety. To comply with these new regulations, automakers such as Ford and others began to release vehicles with standard third brake lights. Typically, these brake lights are mounted in the rear window, on the spoiler or the trunk lid. Whether you’re in the market to replace your existing third brake light with a stylish new one, or you need to replace a damaged lighting component, you’ve come to the right Mustang parts shop!
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1971 Third Brake Lights

The Importance of a High-quality Third Brake Light

Since third brake lights are mandated by law, you’re definitely going to want to invest in the best ones you can get your hands on. To ensure your vehicle is legally compliant with modern regulations, have a look at our 1971 Mustang third brake lights today!

Stylizing Your 1971 Mustang Third Brake Light

The addition of a third brake light also offers a number of potential avenues for restyling your Mustang’s interior. At CJ Pony Parts, we offer a variety of different styles for you to customize your 1971 Mustang. Whether you’re looking to acquire a more retro look or modern aesthetic, we have you covered!

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