1980 Mustang Engine Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up

1980 Mustang Engine Dress-up

Underhood Dress-Up
The Mustang is an iconic muscle car that’s known throughout the world. Ford has sold millions of Mustangs over the years, and their classic models like the 1980 Mustang are prized additions to collectors and enthusiasts alike. But the real power — and the real beauty — of any pony car is under the hood. When you have a high-performance engine in your classic ‘Stang, you can make it look its best with 1980 Mustang engine dress-up!
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1980 Underhood Dress-Up

A customized engine bay not only makes your car stand out, but it also adds a sense of style that’s uniquely yours. A sleek and clean engine bay makes your Mustang look that much more impressive when you’re showing others how much work you’ve put into it, and when you dress it up, there won’t be another ‘Stang with your engine for miles around — or maybe at all! Make your muscle car look as cool as it sounds with dress-up from CJ Pony Parts!

Infinite Customization Options for Your Engine

At CJ Pony Parts, you can choose from a huge range of different customization options for your pony car, including a full chrome configuration, satin black covers, and more. These different covers and parts will keep your engine looking better than it did when it rolled off the factory floor, and it’ll make sure your hard work and dedication is noticed.

Plus, not only do these parts look good, but they’re strong too! Carbon fiber is one of the sturdiest and best-looking materials you can have in an engine, and any carbon fiber part is sure to give your engine an extra sheen. It’s also the extra-lightweight material that racers use to get every bit of horsepower and speed out of their rides.

When you want to make your Mustang’s engine look just the way you like it, you have tons of options at CJ Pony Parts.

• Complete engine dress-up. CJ Pony Parts offers a wide variety of engine dress-up options for your Mustang. Select from chrome, satin black, carbon fiber and more!
• Mix-n-match. Want to make sure nobody else has an engine like yours? Use some chrome and carbon fiber in your engine bay — and you can even top it off with a couple of LEDs.

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