1982 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

Cat Back Exhaust Kits

1982 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

Cat Back Exhaust Kits
There are many different options to consider when upgrading your 1982 Mustang’s exhaust system, and one of the more popular is the cat back exhaust. If you’re considering making an upgrade, take a look at our selection of parts and kits. Our cat back kits will replace all of your Mustang’s exhaust piping from the outlet of the catalytic converter all the way to the end of the tailpipe, and are complete with a dual exhaust system. These Mustang exhaust kits will not only provide improved performance, but will definitely enhance the sound of your pony car.
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1982 Cat Back Exhaust Kits

Bring Out That ‘Stang Power

If you’re looking to give your ‘Stang an extra boost of power, a cat back exhaust kit could be exactly what you need. And with our extensive exhaust system inventory, we are the best one-stop resource for all of your Mustang exhaust system needs. At CJ Pony Parts, we guarantee that we have the parts you need at an affordable price. Not only that, but we also offer free same-day shipping with no minimum order! We truly make it worth your time and money.

Plus, we offer easy installation guides, so getting set up is a breeze! But if you have any questions throughout the process, the experts here at CJ Pony Parts are more than happy to assist you with our knowledge gained through years of experience. Our dedicated staff can walk you through just about any issue you may have.

Our selection of 1982 Mustang cat back exhaust systems includes two of the very best:

• Cat Back Exhaust Kit 5.0L LX with 3” Tips in Stainless or Stainless Steel
• Pro-Dump Cat Back Exhaust System, 3” or 2-1/2”

When you browse our inventory, you will find none other than the best, top-quality exhaust systems. So whether you’re looking to enhance your sound or increase the performance, we have exactly what you need.

Don’t Hold Back the Power

We already know that your ‘Stang is a muscle power machine, but does it have as much lean power as you need? Upgrading to a new cat back exhaust system is the first step in getting there. With an upgraded sound, your pony car can be uniquely yours in no time!

Browse our site today to find all of the 1982 Mustang cat back exhaust parts you need, and let us know if you have any questions! Our team of Mustang enthusiasts is always here to help.