1987 Mustang Carpet

Mustang Carpet 1964-2004

1987 Mustang Carpet

Mustang Carpet 1964-2004
In your 1987 Mustang, the carpet could be wearing thin after more than two decades of use. With you and your passengers constantly climbing in and out of your favorite ride, the carpet beneath your feet can become threadbare and even start to tear just from regular use. But if you want the interior of your classic pony car to look and feel like it just came off the showroom floor, you need to keep the carpet in tip-top condition. At CJ Pony Parts, we understand that carpet wears out after a while. We also know that die-hard Mustang owners will replace the carpet in their cars multiple times during that car’s life. That’s why we carry high-quality products from name-brand manufacturers at outlet prices — so you can get the carpet you need to make your Mustang look great without emptying your wallet!
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1987 Carpet

A Huge Selection of High-Quality Carpeting

The interior of your car endures a lot of use throughout the years, especially the carpet. Spills, friction, water damage and other hazards can put carpets through the ringer and make them look beat up or old. If you’re still using the stock carpet in your pony car — or if you haven’t replaced it in a few years — it’s time to make your ‘Stang look brand new with fresh interior carpeting!

At CJ Pony Parts, we make it easy for you to find and pick the carpet that works best for your Mustang. Our carpet comes from the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle carpets, and some of which design and create their products right here in the United States!

These outstanding vendors make a number of different carpet styles, including:

• Original style carpet for coupes / hatchbacks
• Original style carpet for convertibles
• Original style carpet with mass back for coupes / hatchbacks
• Original style carpet with mass back for convertibles
• Rear cargo carpet for hatchbacks

Laying brand new carpet will give your pony car’s interior a fresh update right away. You can even find the exact color you had originally since these aftermarket vendors use OEM colors on their products. Plus, pre-molded carpets mean installation just got a whole lot easier.

When you get mass back carpet options, you insulate your 1987 Mustang’s cab so that you don’t hear the road as much when you’re driving. As an added bonus, you don’t have to add as many insulators between the bottom of your cab and your carpet to eliminate road noise. It’s all built into one solid unit so you don’t have to hear the road — you can listen to the roar of your muscle car.

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