1989 Mustang Engines: What’s Under Your Hood?


1989 Mustang Engines: What’s Under Your Hood?

One piece of your restoration stands out from all others: the engine. Perhaps your engine needs an upgrade, or maybe you need a full replacement. Either way, the engine that goes into your car will be its heart and soul. Purchasing an engine is a personal decision that should reflect your personality and your vision for what your ‘Stang should be. Thankfully, 1989 Mustang engine options are plentiful. At CJ Pony Parts, we want to provide you with full access to all of those options. What’s most important to you? Is it efficiency? The latest technology? More reliability and fewer repairs? Computerized tuning ability? Your priority is our passion — find exactly what you need and want among our hundreds of Mustang engines and engine parts.
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1989 Engine

Your Mustang’s Driving Force

There’s no feeling like dropping the perfect engine into your ‘Stang and achieving the perfect restoration. Whether you want something built by Ford Racing, JLT Performance, Roush, Steeda or someone else, getting what you want and installing it is a rush like no other.

At CJ Pony Parts, you can find engines from each of these manufacturers on our site, or find the engine part that you need to get your ‘Stang to peak performance. We offer:

• Filters
• Intakes
• Cylinders
• Fuel lines
• Manifolds
• Sensors
• Starters
• And more

We care for and maintain a community of Mustang enthusiasts who expect quality, dependable parts. Our wide selection is one-stop shopping for these pony car lovers who know exactly what they want and won’t accept anything less.

When you want the smallest part for your car, you know exactly what it looks like and how it will fit into the bigger picture. Our selection is full of only the finest Mustang engines and engine parts from the most trusted vendors. We wouldn’t have it any other way, because we know our customers wouldn’t either.

Get Up and Running in No Time Flat

The 1989 Mustang engine or engine part you need is only a click away. Visit CJ Pony Parts, browse our selection and make your purchase.

Is your car sitting in the garage or driveway with the hood up? There’s nothing fun about restoring a ‘Stang’s appearance only to have it stay at home. Check out our selection and get back up and running.

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