Will the 2015 Mustang Be a Horse of a Different Color? Probably Not!

The eagerly anticipated 2015 Ford Mustang, set to be unveiled to the general public on April 17, 2014, is expected to be a radical departure from the 2014 model, at least in terms of style. The speculation that the new ‘Stang will feature the sleek, rounded Evos concept that made its first appearance back is 2011 is being met with mixed reviews at best. Younger car buyers, who tend to be more receptive to change, seem to be embracing the new design, while retro-car lovers would be much happier if Ford had decided to maintain the status quo.

How Many 2015 Mustang Colors Will Be Available?

In addition to style, color is always a primary factor for car buyers. There is no definitive word as to color selection for the sixth-generation Mustang, so at this point we can only let history be our guide. Here are a few interesting facts about Mustang colors you might not know:

  • About 20 percent of Mustangs produced since 1965 have been painted some shade of red, making it the most popular overall color. Blue and silver are second and third, respectively.

  • Black was the color of choice for fifth-generation (2010-2014) Mustang buyers, although it was the least popular choice during the first generation (1964-1973).

  • 1967 Mustangs were available in two shades of pink.

  • Mustangs have not been offered in brown since 2000, although it was among the top-three most popular colors in the 1970s.

  • Yellow and gold were popular with first-generation buyers, although models in these colors have been chosen by only six percent of Mustang buyers during the past 50 years.

What’s Behind the 2015 Mustang Colors?

While you’ll undoubtedly have a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from, other changes appear to be in order that go beyond physical appearance. The 2015 Mustang should be a bit shorter and narrower, while also weighing about 400 lbs. less than its immediate predecessor. Additionally, you’ll likely have the option to select the first four-cylinder Mustang since 1993 in the form of a peppy 2.4L turbocharged direct injection engine that should deliver a little extra muscle.

Stay Tuned for the Latest Information About the 2015 Mustang

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