The 2015 Mustang: A Smaller, Lighter Muscle Car

Unpredictable gas prices and an even more unpredictable economic outlook have caused Ford to produce a smaller and lighter Mustang for 2015 – at least, that’s what we think. There’s not much coming out of Dearborn in terms of news about the 50th anniversary edition of America’s favorite muscle car, so rumor and speculation rules the day at this point. Here’s some of what we’re hearing regarding the 2015 Mustang dimensions:

  • Reduced Weight? – While fuel efficiency continues to be a key consideration for car buyers, and rumors have fueled speculation that the 2015 Mustang would be loosing significant weight, that wasn't to be the case. The 2015 Mustang has actually gained a small amount of weight - roughly 25 pounds for the V6 and around 100 pounds for the GT. Despite these gains, thanks to the powerful engines, it still will result in better gas mileage, although at 31 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in the city, last year’s six-speed, 3.7L V-6 model wasn’t exactly a gas guzzler.

  • Length and Width – Speaking of the wheelbase, the 2014 Mustang is approximately 188.5 inches in length. Expect to see the 2015 Mustang to be slightly longer and wider than the outgoing model.

While it may not be immediately visible to the casual observer, the new 2015 Mustang dimensions will result in less overhang on the front, rear and sides. And when you factor in the expected implementation of the Evos design concept, the result should be a sleeker driving machine that may appeal to the younger generation, but might not be a hit with Mustang purists.

Will the New 2015 Mustang Mean a Smaller Price Tag?

While the new Mustang may be slightly resized from the models preceding it, the new size probably won’t translate into a lower price. Depending on who you listen to, the base price could stay roughly the same as the $23,000 cost of the 2014 Mustang, or it could increase by as much as 10 percent. If you add a lot in the way of bells and whistles, the final price tag could be fairly substantial.

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