2018 Mustang Blow Off Valves & Wastegates At CJ Pony Parts

2018 Mustang Blow Off Valves & Wastegates

2018 Mustang Blow Off Valves & Wastegates At CJ Pony Parts

Are you looking to provide your 2018 Ford Mustang’s engine with even more boost? If so, you should not be held back by any factory restrictions. If you want your pony to gallop even faster, it would be wise to browse through CJ’s collection of 2018 Mustang Blow Off Valves and Wastegates. In addition to 2018 Mustang Blow Off Valves and Wastegates, CJ’s carries everything that you need to help you take your EcoBoost to the next level. If you are searching for the best Blow Off Valves and Wastegates for 2018 Mustangs, look no further than CJ Pony Parts!

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2018 Blow Off Valves & Wastegates

Any vehicle that has survived over 50 years of production clearly has a sturdy foundation and an even stronger following across the globe. Having won countless awards and earned near-universal acclaim amongst the muscle car community over the years, it is clear that the Ford Mustang is here to stay for many years to come! After five decades of growth and innovation, the pony car entered its Sixth Generation for the 2015 model year. The famed ‘S550’ represented some of the latest advancements in automotive excellence and became a mainstay on both the roadway and the track.

Beginning with the 2018 Mustang, the Ford Motor Company bid farewell to the V6 engine for the foreseeable future. The end of the V6 was not surprising to many, as the EcoBoost engine took the muscle car world by storm right at the beginning of the pony car’s Sixth Generation and has remained popular ever since.

The 2018 Mustang EcoBoost is a shining example of automotive excellence. The 2.3L turbocharged motor can put down an impressive 310 horses and 350 lb.-ft. of torque, while traveling from 0-60 MPH in less than five seconds.

If you are not wowed by the factory numbers, however, you are free to tune your EcoBoost engine at your convenience. Before you do that, however, you are going to want to ensure that your factory 2018 Mustang blow off valve and wastegate can handle all of that extra boost! They are not nearly as large as the other components that they support, but 2018 Mustang blow off valves and wastegates play essential roles in your turbocharged engine.

A 2018 Mustang wastegate is a boost-controlling valve that diverts exhaust from the engine around the turbo itself in an effort to regulate the maximum boost pressure in your turbocharged system. 2018 Mustang wastegates are in place to not only redirect the exhaust but to prevent the boost pressure from climbing to unsafe levels when it is not needed, which could cause engine failure.

2018 blow off valves are often grouped together with wastegates because they perform similar tasks, only on different sides of the turbocharger. Instead of working with the exhaust coming from the engine, 2018 Ford Mustang blow off valves are positioned in between the cold air intake and the turbo and are tasked with recirculating air into the atmosphere.

Find the Best 2018 Mustang Wastegates & Blow Off Valves at CJ Pony Parts

Your stock 2018 Mustang wastegate and blow off valve will serve you well as long as you maintain the status quo under the hood of your EcoBoost. If you are looking to unlock your turbocharged motor’s full potential, however, you are going to want to make some changes. In many cases, stock 2018 Mustang blow off valves and wastegates will not work with a tuned engine, and your car could face a slew of problems, including boost flutter, as a result.

Rather than being held back by any factory restrictions, you will certainly reap the benefits of your tuned engine and handle more boost if you invest in an aftermarket 2018 Mustang wastegate and blow off valve. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts is your one-stop-shop for the best new 2018 Mustang wastegates and blow off valves around! Because we are dedicated to helping you tune your engine your way, CJ’s only carries aftermarket 2018 Mustang blow off valves and wastegates from the most trusted names in the industry.

The 2018 Mustang wastegates from CJ Pony Parts will provide a more controlled boost, and can hold up to 7 PSI of exhaust pressure. These 2018 Mustang wastegates can offer far greater durability than stock alternatives and can endure heavy temperatures when necessary. In addition to wastegates, CJ’s sells aftermarket 2018 Mustang blow off valves that can boost handling capabilities over 40 PSI and will ensure consistent manifold pressure. These 2018 Mustang blow off valves can be easily bolted on and come with a detailed set of instructions that will guide you through the process.