ACC Carpet Original Style Molded With Mass Back Coupe/Hatchback 1982-1993

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ACC Molded Original Style Carpet with Mass Backing for all 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Coupe and Hatchback Mustangs.

If the time has come to replace that worn, dirty or torn floor carpet in your 1982-1993 coupe or hatchback Mustang, this Molded Original Style Carpet with Mass Backing from ACC is the perfect choice. Almost nothing can freshen up the interior of your Fox Body Mustang more than by installing new, premium floor carpet!

This Mass Back equipped, Original Style Carpet for all 1982-1993 coupe and hatchback Mustangs is precision heat molded for a perfect fit and easy installation. It is made using original style cut pile carpeting for an authentic look and feel. ACC's nylon cut pile is constructed from 100 percent first quality DuPont yarn and tufted on a 1/8 gauge machine with 14 ounces of yarn per square yard. The nylon cut pile material is dyed using the finest dyes available and tested for ozone humidity fading and light fastness. The underside of the carpet features mass backing that is layered between the carpet and heavy 36 ounce jute padding.

What is mass back? Mass back is a tough, rubber layer between the carpet and the jute insulation that increases the form and rigidity of the carpet, while decreasing road noise. At 40mils thick, it virtually eliminates the need for Dynamat or any other type of additional sound deadener. Mass back carpet will fit just like the original carpet once it is installed, but increases moldability, sound deadening and insulation. Mass back carpet retains shape much better than a standard poly backed carpet making for a much easier installation.

This carpet is available in all 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 factory correct colors for a perfect color match to your interior. It also features an original style front heel pad on the driver side.

ACC manufactures all of their carpets to meet or exceed OEM specifications. If you are looking for the finest reproduction floor carpet available for your 1982-1993 coupe or hatchback Mustang, this is it. No interior restoration project is complete without an ACC carpet.

*The year range listed after the color name in the dropdown menu is the year(s) the color was offered from the factory.
*The black carpet is correct for 1983, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs, but will fit any 1982-1993 coupe or hatchback Mustang for a custom look.

Please Note: ACC's carpets do not come with pre-cut holes, allowing you to make the necessary cuts only where needed for various interior components.

Tech Tip: When you first take your new carpet out of the box, you may notice quite a few wrinkles. This is normal. We recommend laying the carpet out in the sun for a few hours to help soften the backing and to help reduce the amount of wrinkles that are visible prior to installation.

CJ Pony Parts offers a wide selection of carpet options for the interior of your Fox Body Mustang. The 1982-1993 coupe and hatchback Mustang floor carpet is available in original style cut pile, and mass back styles. An extensive selection of Dynamat is also available to put underneath your Mustang carpet, if necessary.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Coming from somebody who remembers walking in the dealership and buying a 1991 Mustang brand new, it's hard to believe that the newest Fox Body Mustang is over 22 years old. Like any car that's older, these cars are considered classics and many of them are in need of restoration. One way that's really easy to make your car make seem a lot fresher on the interior is to replace the carpet. Over time, carpet sees a lot of dirt, a lot of abuse and generally just gets worn out. This '91 Mustang coupe behind me spend a lot of years as a police car and the carpet's really in bad shape. So today, we'll show you how to replace the carpet in your Fox Body Mustang.

Our ACC carpet looks just like your original nylon carpet as a direct replacement for your Fox Body Mustang, which require minor trimming. This is available for all models from '79 through '93 in all of the factory colors. Our carpet comes with the rubber heavy-duty mat where your heels is going to go and there's a factory-installed underlayment as well. For this installation, I need a quarter inch ratchet, 7 mm socket, 8 mm socket, 10 mm socket, 11 mm socket, 13 mm, short extension, 3/8 ratchet, 15 mm socket, T50 Torx bit, 15 mm wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, T20 Torx bit, pick or an awl, and some new fresh razor blades.

The carpet is going to come rolled up in a box. If you live in a warm climate or it's warm outside when you do the installation, let it sit out in the sun outside of the box for a little while maybe an hour or so. It will actually made the carpet a lot soft to make it easier to install. Even if it's a cold area, at least spread the carpet out and let it sit for a little bit of time while you take your interior out of your car. After 24 years of abuse, our '91 Mustang's carpet is definitely seen better days. It's stained, it's faded, it's ripped. It's definitely time for a replacement. First step in the installation is to remove the interior.

We'll start with the seats. Now, we'll slide the seat back and release the front nuts. Our front seat nuts actually is still on the original cover that are hard to find. If you're there, grab a little screwdriver, push on that clip, and pop it off. Now, we'll just tilt the seat forward, lift it up. And make sure there's no wires underneath if you have a lumbar car, there could be wires there. In case of ours, we know there's nothing there. We'll remove the seat. With the seat out, we'll remove both the seat belt sides, our door sill plates, our kick panels, and our rear trim panels. Next, remove the door sill plate which are going to be held by four screws. In case of ours, it has one left. These are all excellent parts to consider replacing while you have it out. Now, we'll remove the kick panel which normally have a push pin here that somebody removed for us. Once that's out, simply pull out and pull down on it to release and remove it. And we'll repeat the process on the driver side then we'll move on removing the back seat.

Now to remove the back seat, stick your hand between the two cushions, get a grip on the bottom. Simply pull up and out. To make it easier to remove the carpet, remove the bottom screw from the trim panel. That will separate the two. The other side is riveted, so there's no reason to mess with that. That gives you more room to get underneath the carpet and pull it out. Now, remove the console storage bin. We're going to pop off these little caps here and remove the nut inside. Do the same thing on the other side and release the storage bin. Now, remove the rear screws for the console top plate. Remove the shift boot. Lift on the inside, then pop the clips free. And with the additional two screws in the front here to remove the top plate.

To remove the rest of the console, there's two screws down here. In our case, already missing. We want to pop the glove box open, squeeze it together, there's two more up here. This side is the same way. There's two screws on the side and two screws on the top. The side, you can reach easily. The top, we got to remove this kick panel or knee panel to get to the screws. Now, we can pull it away from the dash a little bit. Reach back and disconnect the stereo. We removed the radio to make it easier. They do made these tools to pick up pretty much any stereo store. It makes it easier to remove the factory radio. Most of you probably don't have a factory radio anymore. In which case, it's just four screws and the radio is going to come out.

Remember the shifter handle? At this point, you lift the console out and lift if out. In our case, we have an aftermarket shifter. It's got a very tall stud. We're actually not sure what kind of shifter this is. To make a little bit tighter with a stock shifter or most aftermarkets, will come out pretty easily. The last thing we need to remove before we can install our new carpet is the bracket back here for the console. Now you can remove the carpet. Best to do is sort of fold it towards the center of the car. The bracket for the relay you don't necessarily have to remove. We find it it's easier to remove it because if not, you have to cut an X in the carpet and sort of fit it around it. Pulling two bolts out and take it off, makes your life a lot easier.

Before beginning the installation of the new carpet, you want to vacuum up the floor to get it as clean as possible. You probably noticed we did some repairs to the floor on this car. Our cross member is damaged, so we replaced it. If you do have any questions about this installation, there's a full video on our website showing you how to do so. Now we're ready to begin the new carpet, getting it prepped actually installed on the car. What you want to do, the easiest way to do it is to take your old carpet, which I know is kind of nasty and grimy, lay it on top of the new carpet and use it as a template just to get an idea where the basic holes are going to be. We'll cut some small openings and put the carpet in the car. What we'll do is line it up. We're just going to cut an X. Make sure you have a nice fresh razor blade for this part. It makes a lot easier. Once you trim it in the car, we'll do the same thing with the rear section here. Okay. The rest of the trimming we'll do in the car.

Now we're going to put the carpet in the car. Kind of put it in folded. Make sure it's sort of work it down roughly into place where it's going to be. We could tell the e-brake is really holding this up, so we're going to start our trimming over this area here to give ourselves some more room to work with. Then we'll make smaller cuts to start with. You cut it more, but you can never cut it less. Now, a little bit at the shifter area as well. Once you get the center two pieces cut out for your shifter and e-brake, pretty much then you want to work your way around. I usually start at the back, get underneath the seat brace, trim when necessary. This carpet doesn't require a lot of trim, but you will take some off maybe the edges, maybe the back. Then you work your way up front, figure out how much carpet will go forward and trim the front necessary as well. At this point, just kind of take your time, keep pushing down the carpet, and make it as tight as possible, and trim where necessary.

We have to pull the studs through. Just a little slit right over the stud. Just push down usually, it will go right through. Now, we'll start to put the interior back together. I want to start with the door sill plates, kick panels, and the rear corner trim panel that we did the bolt out of earlier. The seat belt covers are a commonly damaged item on Fox Bodies, so while we have it apart we'll replace these as well. As well as you can see it's pretty dried out and broken. Slide that off. The new one kind to be difficult to fish up because of the curve of this. If you have long thin screwdriver, you can force it up in there. What I usually use is a piece of speaker wire, power wire, whatever you have handy. Fish that out through first. What I want you to do is just pull it up through. Now, we're going to cut out the hole for the seat belt receiver over here. I'll do the same for the seat belt receiver. We can sort of pull the carpet back to get an idea where the hole is to make a little bit easier. That's to get started, then we'll cut it out.

Now, we're going to cut a little access panel right in here for our breakers. We'll start with our ground. Now, put the bracket in place. Now, we'll cut right along the edge here. Now, we'll begin to reinstall the console. To prep it, just push down the carpet, bring up the two studs for the bracket. Now, we'll bring the console body in. Since our car was actually missing a lot of the original hardware, we'll be using new hardware that's available in our interior screw kit that we saw for the Fox Body. Now, we'll do the top plate. First thing we want to do though is plug in the seat belt. Make sure you don’t forget to plug everything in.

Once the top plate is down, you can put the storage compartment back in. Once the bolts are in, you can re-install the plastic trim covers. The HVAC trim up into place. Now, we can install the stereo now. Start by re-installing the back seat cushion. Last step is we're going to put the seats in. The rear holes you can never cut out, so the easiest thing to do here is what I call it a punch ... To locate the hole. Once the seats are bolted down, repeat the process on the other side and your installation is finished. Well, there are few other areas in the interior of our SSP car here that do need some work. Putting in new carpet gave the car a real nice fresh look. It makes it feel 100% nicer when you're actually driving the car. The installation is not too bad, it's just time consuming. Figure about three hours and you're back in the road in no time.

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