ACCELATEC Steering Wheel Black Leather And Alcantara With Blue Stitching/Stripe Mustang 2015-2017

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  • Black Leather/Alcantara Suede
  • Blue Sighting Stripe
  • Race Inspired Design
  • Direct-Fit Replacement
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ACCELATEC Black Leather and Alcantara Steering Wheel with Blue Stitching and Stripe for all 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mustangs.

Customizing your interior is just one way you can enhance your driving experience, and it matters which parts you use to make your Mustang your own. If you’re a racing fan and are looking for something to set your Mustang’s interior apart, CJ Pony Parts offers you this ACCELATEC Black Leather and Alcantara Steering Wheel with Blue Stitching and Stripe. It fits 2015-2017 Mustangs.

Features and Benefits:
- Black Leather Top and Bottom
- Alcantara Suede on Either Side
- Blue 12 O’clock Stripe
- Blue Contrast Stitching Throughout
- Flat Bottom Race-Inspired Design
- Design Inspired by the Steering Wheel in the Shelby GT350 and GT350R
- Slightly Thicker Diameter
- More Defined “10 and 2” Grips
- Reuses all Original Hardware and Wiring from Existing Steering Wheel
- Requires Use of Your Factory Airbag and Steering Wheel Controls
- Direct Fit for all 2015-2017 Mustangs with a Manual Transmission
- Will Fit Right Hand Drive Models

*This will also fit 2015-2017 Automatic Transmission Mustangs equipped with paddle shifters. But it will require you to swap the trim panel, wiring harness and shifting mechanisms from your existing steering wheel to the new steering wheel. Without swapping over the original components for the paddle shifters, it won’t work.

This ACCELATEC steering wheel has a great feel when driving because of its thicker diameter and comfortable leather and alcantara upholstery. The grips at the “10 and 2” positions are slightly thicker also for an easy hold while driving. It reuses all of your factory hardware and wiring from the original steering wheel and requires the use of your factory airbag and steering wheel controls.

The wheel’s design is inspired by the Shelby GT350 and GT350R steering wheel for a race track look and great feeling while driving. Whether you’re cruising or taking to the track, your hands will be completely comfortable while handling with this steering wheel.

Please Note:
- This steering wheel does not include an airbag, hardware or steering wheel controls.
- Professional installation is recommended.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We all love modifying our Mustangs but a lot of times, that money is spent on performance or aesthetics outside the car. Many times, the interior is forgotten about. When you're driving your car, where do you spend all your time? In the interior, so some nice upgrades can make a really big improvement in the overall driving experience. Today, we're gonna install this custom steering wheel on our 2015 Mustang GT.

This steering wheel is designed to sorta take the look of the GT350R steering wheel but take it to the next level. It's much more race-inspired than the Ford wheel and features leather on the top, where you normally would put your hand, with Alcantara on the side. In this case, it comes with a custom blue stitching with a blue stripe and will be a direct replacement for the factory wheel on all 2015 through 2017 Mustangs. Like I mentioned, this steering wheel's a little more race-inspired so to that end, you got much deeper cuts and bolsters here at 10 and 2 and the flat bottom as well. For this installation, you'll need a T20 Torx bit, a 4-millimeter Allen key or something similar in size, small flathead screwdriver, plastic panel removal tool, half-inch ratchet or impact gun, and a 24-millimeter socket.

The first step in the installation's gonna be disconnect your battery. Since we're messing with the airbag, you do not want power to this so shut the battery off, disconnect it, and then we can actually remove the airbag. Now, to do that, there's two holes, one on each side here of the steering wheel. A small flathead screwdriver or I found an Allen key works really well, there's little metal clips there, you gotta push the clips and the bag will pop off. Basically, when you push this in, you'll feel there's a spring. Push against the spring and the bag will pop off. Then we're gonna disconnect everything under here. A small flathead screwdriver will make it easier, basically gonna pop these little clips up. Pull that out, push down, and remove the airbag and put it aside. Now you wanna lift up on this wiring harness. There's a little plastic clip in here, disconnect that, and then the last step is remove the bolt from the center. Careful of the wiring and remove the wheel.

All right. Now, this process and the removal process, exactly the same for your stick or automatic. The automatic will have the paddle shifters on the back and with this new steering wheel though, everything has to come off this wheel to transfer it over. The controls, all these controls, top and bottom, all these trim pieces here, and the backplate. So you're basically gonna transfer over the paddles from the automatic or the standard backplates from your manual. Then we can flip it over. Back panel here will just pop off. And the same thing, manual or automatic, the whole panel will pop off. Now we're gonna remove the wiring harness. You wanna take note on how the harness actually was sitting in the car in this wheel, so do the same way in the new wheel. Okay. Then this piece here, simply pull it off. The last thing are these clips here. And then we can put our stock steering wheel aside.

All right, now you can begin assembling the new wheel. We're gonna start with the springs. Now, this piece in the back, we'll line this up here. What I found easy to do with this is to use the same Allen key, sort of push the rubber pads through. Make sure they are all the way through the holes. Okay, now install the harness, and then the back plate. Okay, and now we'll start with this bottom trim piece here. Make sure it pops into there and also pops into the plastic trim panels. And then we can install the screws. Okay, now we'll start with the rest of the buttons. Again, make sure you don't pinch any of the wires but get everything seated and locked in place. Then it's ready to go back in the car.

All right, now we're gonna fish these two harnesses through the top, make sure this stays straight. Okay, then line the wheel up and reinstall the bolt. And then reconnect the main harness here. Connect the horn and then the airbags. You wanna line up and push evenly on both sides. Pop it in place, reconnect your battery, and your installation's finished.

The new steering wheel looks great. It has a much more of a performance feel than the factory wheel. The blue stitching adds a nice touch as well and I think it would work with a lot of colors. I mean, it would work with, obviously, a lightning blue car but also a magnetic car, white car. Any car you want a little touch of color, this would look really good. Installation, as you saw, is pretty straightforward. It literally should take you maybe an hour to an hour and a half. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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