aFe Cat-Back Exhaust System Mach Force Xp Hi-Tuck 3" Stainless Steel With Dual 4" Polished Tips F-150 Raptor 2017-2018

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aFe 3" Stainless Steel Hi-Tuck Mach Force Xp Cat-Back Exhaust System with Dual 4" Polished Tips for all 2017 and 2018 F-150 Raptors.

Take the performance and sound output of your rugged 2017-2018 F-150 Raptor with a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine to the next level with this aFe 49-33095-P 3" Stainless Steel Hi-Tuck Mach Force Xp Cat-Back Exhaust System with Dual 4" Polished Tips. With just one click at CJ Pony Parts you’ll have an exhaust system that adds horsepower and torque to your F-150 while giving your truck a throaty, aggressive tone!

Features and Benefits:
- Fits Crew Cab/ Short Bed with 5.5' bed (145" Wheelbase) and Extended Cab/Short Bed with 5.5' bed (133" Wheelbase)
- Hi-Tuck design for long travel clearance and greater approach and departure angles
- Constructed out of 3" into 3-1/2" mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing
- Includes a free-flowing stainless steel high temp metallic black powder-coated 24" length muffler
- Includes dual 4" polished, 304 stainless steel tips for an aggressive style
- Dual Y-merge assemblies for enhanced exhaust tone
- Bayonet style hangers
- Heavy-duty band clamps
- Comes complete with necessary hardware
- Hassle-free installation

Designed and developed using 3” into 3-1/2” mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing, this aftermarket exhaust system upgrade comes with a high-temp metallic, free-flowing, black powder-coated muffler, OE-style bayonet hangers, band clamps and all the necessary hardware to tackle the easy installation process. This system’s increased diameter and smooth curves yield boosts to your horsepower output and torque. For an aggressive sound note, this free-flowing exhaust system absorbs high pitch tones. The use of the Y-merge assemblies that evenly distributes exhaust pulses while minimizing exhaust drone will give your truck an aggressive, throaty tone. Topping off your upgraded exhaust system is a set of rear exit dual 4" diameter, polished finish, 304 stainless steel tips.

To ensure your rugged F-150 pick-up can still handle the ups and downs of extreme trail riding while giving you an old school vibe, a Hi-Tuck design is employed on these tips. High quality band clamps are utilized to achieve a complete, 360 degree sealing surface that will eliminate leak paths for years to come. To maintain a stable pipe location during high vibration and high heat conditions OE-style bayonet hangers are employed. The hassle-free installation utilizes all the factory mounting locations for added stability.

F-150 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Applications:
- Crew Cab/ Short Bed with 5.5' bed (145" Wheelbase)
- Extended Cab/Short Bed with 5.5' bed (133" Wheelbase)

aFe is a world renowned manufacturer of top quality F-150 EcoBoost parts and equipment. Creating premium grade equipment for more than a decade, aFe has quickly become a brand that many F-150 EcoBoost enthusiasts flock to when they are looking to purchase a new piece of performance equipment for their beloved vehicle.

Order this aFe 49-33095-P 3" Stainless Steel Hi-Tuck Mach Force Xp Cat-Back Exhaust System with Dual 4" Polished Tips for your 2017 or 2018 F-150 Raptor with a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Engine today from CJ Pony Parts.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Freddy: Today on CJ Off-Road, we're gonna get rid of the factory exhaust on our 2017 Raptor to make it breathe and sound a whole lot better.

The F-150 Raptor is a great truck right from the factory, but it's a little too quiet for our taste, so today we're going to be installing this aFe Mach Force XP Cat-Back exhaust on our 2017 Raptor.

I have John, from aFe. John, what can you tell me about this exhaust?

John: Well, first, thank you for inviting us out here for this. First off, it's a 304 stainless steel 3-inch. We wide pipe into a 3 1/2 in to the muffler, a direct fit. We use Barb hangers. We're putting in a black, high-temp, metallic black powder coat, to give it a different look than everybody else's.

On this particular system, we're doing what we call a high-tuck version. It tucks the tips up inside and you see just the tips comes out, more of a muscle car look.

Freddy: Okay, nice. Now, is this color ... It looks kind of similar to the color that's on the truck. Is that right? It's kind of a similar-

John: We tried to match the rear bumper.

Freddy: Cool.

John: But we also offer it in polish tips. A bare, just raw 304, as well as the black.

Freddy: Awesome, let's get to the installation.

Tools you'll need for this installation: A Lift or a Jack and Jack Stands. 3/8" Ratchet. 10 mm Socket. 13 mm Socket. 15 mm Socket. 17 mm Socket. A 15 mm Wrench, and a Flat-Head Screwdriver.

To remove the factory exhaust, we have to start at the back of the truck and work our way front. We're gonna start off by removing this hanger, right here. We'll remove the two, 10 mm nuts. We'll loosen up the 15 mm clamp on both tailpipes. Then, both tailpipes can be removed. Rotate this bracket down out of the way, and pull off the tailpipe. Do the same thing for the other side. Then loosen up these two clamps right here. Each of them have 15 mm nuts. To get to these, you're going to have to get to them up from up top with a ratchet. With both clamps loose, you're gonna slide the muffler towards the rear.

The resonator can be removed next. There's two, 13 mm bolts on the flange side. Loosen the clamp on the passenger side. Now the resonator can slide right off.

With the factory system removed, we're going to relocate this muffler hanger to right here. Then you're just gonna reinstall these clips, right here. Then the bracket. Reinstall your front factory clamp. Then we're gonna start off the installation by installing the aFe Y-Pipe. The Y-Pipe gets secured with the factory bolts and provided nuts.

Since we have the longer wheel-base Raptor, we're gonna be installing this provided extension pipe, then the muffler will go on to this. Place a camp on to the extension pipe. Install your muffler into the rubber hanger, and then over the extension pipe. Tighten down the clamp. Install a clamp over the muffler, then your Y-Pipe into the rubber hanger. Then get your Y-Pipe into the muffler. Place two clamps over the Y-Pipe. Install your passenger side tail pipe. Get it into the rubber hanger and get it into the Y-Pipe.

To make installing the driver's side tailpipe easier, we're gonna remove this hanger. The tailpipe can then be installed. Reinstall the tailpipe bracket along with the tailpipe to secure it. Install the rest of the tailpipe and leave it just like that. Install the hanger on the exhaust tip. Install your exhaust tip. Slide on your hanger, and then bolt it to the truck. Leave this loose for now, and then we're gonna go on to the other tailpipe.

Everything's in place. Now we're gonna tighten everything down, starting at the front then working our way back. And, your installation's finished.

Alright, let's hear how it sounds.

John: So Freddy, what do you think?

Freddy: Honestly, even though these tips were designed to work on the factory bumper, I'm loving the way they look on our truck, even though we have an aftermarket bumper. It sounds a lot more aggressive too, way better than factory. You can find this aFe exhaust, along other aFe products at,

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following F-150 years:

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