American Car Craft Side Skirt Overlay With Polished Mustang Logo Brushed Stainless Steel Pair Mustang V6 2015-2017/ EcoBoost/ GT 2015-2022

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  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Will Not Tarnish, Fade Or Rust
  • Easy Installation
  • Made In The USA!
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Pair of American Car Craft Brushed Stainless Steel Side Skirt Overlays with Polished Mustang Logo for 2015, 2016 and 2017 V6 Mustangs and for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

Looking to make your 2015-2017 V6 or 2015-2022 EcoBoost or GT Mustang stand out from the crowd? Well, take a look at this Pair of Brushed Stainless Steel Side Skirt Overlays with Polished Mustang Logo from American Car Craft! With a brushed stainless steel finish and beautiful polished Mustang lettering, these overlays are sure to grab attention.

Features and Benefits:
- Official Ford Licensed Product
- 304 Stainless Steel Construction
- Brushed Satin Finish
- Polished Lettering
- Will Not Tarnish, Fade, or Rust
- Peel and Stick Installation
- Sold as a Pair
- Handcrafted in the USA

Handcrafted in the USA, these stunning side skirt overlays are made from high-quality 304 stainless steel. They come in a beautiful brushed finish that will not tarnish, fade or rust, and feature contrasting polished Mustang lettering that really gives these overlays a custom look. These side skirt overlays come as a pair and install easily with a peel and stick application that will have the overlays on your Mustang in minutes.

Please Note: These (272039) American Car Craft side skirt overlays are NOT designed to work with aftermarket side skirts and they will not work on the GT350 or GT350R.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2015-2017 V6 Mustang
- 2015-2022 EcoBoost Mustang
- 2015-2022 GT Mustang

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

One of my favorite parts about the Mustang hobby is that to most owners, the Mustang is a blank canvas, they can modify it to make it their own. American Car Craft makes USA made stainless steel upgrades, allow you to upgrade your interior, engine bay or exterior to give a true custom look. Today we're gonna install one of their more unique offerings, and that's these side skirt overlays fitting your 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT, V6 or EcoBoost.

These overlays are made of brushed stainless steel with polished stainless steel Mustang logos inserted in the center. They're gonna fit both the left and right side factory skirts on any 2015 through 2017 Mustang GT, V6 or EcoBoost. The kit's gonna include both of the overlays, and then trim for both the top and bottom to give it a more finished look.

The side skirt overlays are gonna install on your factory side skirts using the supplied double stick tape. Now being this is an exterior part of my car, prep is very important to make sure they actually stay on there. What you want to do is especially if you've ever used any kind of cleaner, silicone, anything to shine this trim up, really make sure you spend a lot of time cleaning it to get a good surface glean. We're gonna start with some soap and water in a bottle, just to get it as clean as possible. Then we're gonna follow it up with some alcohol. I'm actually gonna use some rubbing alcohol.

The next step is gonna be the adhesion promoter. This is kind of nasty stuff, so if you want to hold the sponge that comes in it, make sure you wear gloves, make sure you do this in a ventilated area. Now what I usually do, peel the bag back just so you can see the sponge, and then wipe it on the area. Give that a few seconds to set up.

Now two things with this. The letters are laser cut, I mean they're perfectly fit into this, but they are separate pieces, so they might fall out. What I'm going to do is put some body shop tape just across this to make easier to put it on. Also, when you go to put this on the car, get a second set of hands. This is long and flexible, and can be very hard to line it up by yourself. Now make sure you use something like a body shop tape. You don't need to use something like duct tape cause that will leave residue on the stainless steel. Now we can flip it over and remove all the double stick.

Now before you put these on, make sure you note they are side specific. The thinner part is gonna go towards the front. All right now, in my opinion actually you could stop installation right now and leave them just like this as it does look finished when it's installed on the car, but American Car Craft actually provides trim. One piece for the top, and one piece for the side bottom out here. We're gonna install those next.

You're gonna grab the primer that's applied along this top edge here from front to back. Grab the primer, to activate it push in the middle, and you'll hear it crack. Shake it up and apply. All right, start by peeling back the double stick tape. Start with the front edge here. Now the larger trim is gonna go actually underneath here on the edge of the rocker, so again grab the primer. Peel back the tape. What you want to do is put it on the edge and push it up against the rocker. Now we're gonna go trim off the tiny piece of overlap. Repeat the process on the other side, then your installation's finished.

The stainless steel side skirt covers from American Car Craft definitely add a unique look to the side of our 2015 Mustang GT. I'm not gonna say it's my cup of tea, but like I said, that's the beautiful thing about this hobby is it all comes in different options to make your car truly yours. As far as installation, it's a little time consuming because of the size, but figure 45 minutes to an hour, and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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