Baja Designs LED Fog Light Kit Squadron-R Sport Amber V6/EcoBoost/GT 2015-2017

Baja Designs:


  • Fog Light Brackets
  • Plug-And-Play Wiring Harnesses
  • Squadron-R Sport Amber LEDs
  • Made In The USA

Baja Designs Amber Squadron-R Sport LED Fog Light Kit for 2015, 2016 and 2017 V6, EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

Whether you’re tearing up the desert or hitting the pavement in your 2015-2017 V6, EcoBoost or GT Mustang, this Baja Designs 447601 Amber Squadron-R Sport LED Fog Light Kit will give you the enhanced light penetration you’re looking for. Through the combined development efforts of Baja Designs and Rally Innovations, this aftermarket, American made LED lighting kit will produce the increased lighting you need to see the sand or the pavement no matter the conditions.

Features and Benefits:
- uService: Replaceable lenses and optics
- ClearView: All the light, right where you need it
- MoistureBlock: Waterproof, rain proof, submersible
- CopperDrive: Only LED driven at 100%
- 5000K Daylight: Less driver fatigue, natural color
- Made in the USA

These 4 LEDs produce 2,260 Lumens while chewing up only 20 watts and 1.4 amps for a reasonable pull from your battery. The front lenses feature hard coated polycarbonate to ensure they can withstand the trials and tribulations of hard core driving. On the style side of the coin, the cast aluminum housing is powder coated and the bezel is constructed of billet machined aluminum. Exceeding MIL specification testing, this kit has built-in over-voltage protection and the lights themselves are waterproof up to a pressure depth of 9 feet. The installation process is completed using the included stainless steel hardware.

LED Light Specifications (for each light):
- Lumens: 2,260 Utilizing 4 LEDs
- Wattage/Amps: 20W/1.4A
- Dimensions: 3-1/2" x 2.77" x 3-1/2"
- Weight: 12 ounces
- LED Life Expectancy: 49,930 Hours
- Front Lens: Hard Coated Polycarbonate
- Housing: Powder Coated Cast Aluminum
- Bezel: Billet Machined Aluminum
- Hardware and Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
- Exceeds MIL-STD810G (MIL-Spec Testing)
- Built-In Over-voltage Protection
- IP69K (Waterproof, Submersible to 9 feet)
- IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing)

Kit Includes:
- Two (2) Rally Innovations Fog Light Brackets
- Two (2) Plug-and-Play Wiring Harnesses
- Two (2) Baja Designs Squadron-R Sport Amber Led Fog Lights

Please Note: This kit does not include any additional wiring and/or switches that would be necessary to upgrade a 2015 V6, 2016-2017 Base Model V6, GT350 and GT350R models that were not originally equipped with Fog Lights from the factory.

Baja Designs engineers and manufactures American made products, using only the best components available. Enthusiasts know that BD provides the highest quality and meticulously crafted LED lights on the market today.

Order this Baja Designs 447601 Amber Squadron-R Sport LED Fog Light Kit for your 2015, 2016 or 2017 V6, EcoBoost or GT Mustang today from CJ Pony Parts.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today we're going to upgrade the driving lift on our 2017 EcoBoost Mustang with a real set of fog lights from Baja Designs. This is the Baja Designs Squadron-R Sport amber fog light kit, and it will be a direct replacement for the factory fog lights on your 2015 through 2017 GT V6 or EcoBoost Mustang. Includes both fog lights and a custom set of brackets designed by Rally Innovations to make this a direct replacement for the factory pieces.

Baja Designs is a well-known in the off-road market, but now that they've teamed up with Rally Innovations, they're available for the Mustang market as well. These fog lights include high-end replaceable lenses and optics, and they're 100% sealed and waterproof, and have a 5000K daylight light, some very nice, bright amber without being too blinding. These are made in the USA, and the four LEDs produce a combined 2260 lumens per side and only draw 20 watts, far less than a factory fog light.

Now these are available in two different versions. This is the sport kit here, which I said is 2260 lumens. They also have a pro kit, which is 4900 lumens. Now the pro kit would definitely be off-road use only, but the sport kit is okay for using on public roads. For this installation, a lift or a jack and jack stands, 1/4" ratchet, seven-millimeter socket, 5/32" Allen key, six-inch extension, small flathead screwdriver, clip removal tool, and basic wiring tools.

If you want for the installation, you can take the front bumper off, but honestly, it really isn't necessary. Get the car off the ground, pop your wheel off. If you remove all these clips for the splash shield, you can pull the splash shield back and then remove the assembly with taking a few screws out.

All right, now we can see our light assembly. Now this is the harder side because you have the washer bottle in the way. The other side actually has a lot more room. What you want to do now is basically unplug your marker lights. I do have an after-market one in our case here, but unplug all the plugs. Now we're going to remove the six screws that hold this on. Once you have the screws out, just a couple clips holding it in. Push from the front. It'll come right out.

All right, with the light assembly out of the car, we're going to remove these three screws so to remove our factory fog light. Now this is the bracket that Rally Innovations made so the Baja Design's lights will fit. Basically, this is going to go right where we just removed the factory fog light. Make sure the tabs are facing forward. What we first do then is make sure this is upward, put the screws inside to hold this to the bracket, put the whole assembly back in our factory housing. Make sure it's straight before you tighten it down. Hold it while you tighten it down.

Reinstall the original hardware. Now since the Baja Design fog light is universal and has a lot of different applications, we need to make an adapter harness to connect to our factory Ford wiring. Now everything is included by Baja and Rally to do so. Basically, this plug here, we're going to make this connect to this using the pieces provided. This will plug into the Baja Designs, and this will plug into our factory wiring.

Start by doing is stripping these back a little bit. We'll install these connectors. Carefully squeeze this down to hold the wire in place. Once we do that, we're going to put a little bit of solder on it. Okay, grab these little red gaskets once it's soldered. We're just going to twist these on the end. Now you want to grab the plug and double-check the orientation. It only goes on one way. So you've got the white and black on here. Black goes to black and blue goes to white. Then let's get them seated. Have to use a screwdriver to make sure they're pushed all the way down. Bend this in. It'll lock them in place. Now take our adapter harness, plug it in, and our assembly's ready to go back in the car.

All right, put everything back up into place. Now is a good time to plug the light in. You have to turn your ignition on and turn the fog lights on. Just make sure it works before you put it all back together. All right, everything's good. We can finish putting the car back together. All right, once the splash shield's on, you're going to reinstall your wheel and tire, repeat the process on the other side, and your installation's finished.

I just got back from a cross-country trip with this car, and these would have been really nice to have. I mean our Baja Design Squadron-R lights give us a real fog light on the front of our Mustang. They're much better than the factory lights, and, again, the yellow's going to cut through the fog a lot better. As far as the installation goes, it's pretty straightforward. I'd say maybe an hour to an hour and a half and you're back on the road in no time.

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