Bronco Radiator Overflow Tanks

Radiator Overflow Tanks

Bronco Radiator Overflow Tanks

Radiator Overflow Tanks
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Radiator Overflow Tanks

A leak is never good. Whether it’s fuel, transmission fluid, brake fluid or radiator coolant, you want it to stay where it belongs. Just like how holes in your gas tank can mean big trouble when you’re off-road and far from home, a hole in your radiator overflow tank is a huge problem. CJ Pony Parts knows that many of the original plastic parts under the hood of your Bronco will wear and crack over time. Plastics from that era, particularly in early Broncos, often become brittle and discolored with use, and if your radiator overflow bottle is an original, you can bet that it’s past its prime. Here, you can find the radiator overflow tank for your early Bronco to keep your American classic running like it’s just off the production line.

A Bronco Radiator Overflow Bottle Is Small, but Important

You might think that a leak in your Bronco radiator overflow tank is no big deal. But the tank not only serves to catch any coolant overflow (as the name suggests), but it’s also a reservoir for excess coolant when your engine cools down. If there’s a leak in your overflow bottle, every time you turn your Bronco off, it will lose some coolant. And if you don’t pay attention, your engine can easily overheat once it’s on!

It may sound like a simple story, but there are actually several reasons why you want to make sure your radiator overflow tank is working correctly.

- To ensure adequate coolant is available for your engine
- To avoid wasting money on replacement coolant
- To prevent coolant pollution, which is toxic to plants and animals

If you haven’t replaced your Bronco’s radiator overflow bottle in a while (or ever), then you’re probably due for a tune-up. Radiator overflow tanks are prone to interior grime, discoloration and cracking when they’re older, and the cap can warp so that it doesn’t sit properly on the top as well.

If any of those issues apply to your Bronco, it’s time to get a replacement. Check out our catalog and find the tank that works for your needs!

An Overflow Bottle Is Easy to Install

Once you’ve found your part, it’s only a few clicks to complete your order with CJ Pony Parts. We offer free shipping on most orders that meet the minimum order requirement. Once you get your Bronco radiator overflow tank, you just take it out of the box and install it. It even comes with a stainless steel strap for an attractive finishing touch. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your Bronco radiator bottle in place so you can get back on (or off) the road in no time!