Classic Design Concepts Light Bar Black Mustang Convertible 2015-2022

Classic Design Concepts:
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  • Fits 2015-2022 Mustangs
  • High Mounted Led Brake Light
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Race Inspired Styling
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Classic Design Concepts Black Light Bar for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Convertible Mustangs.

Add some race-inspired custom styling to your 2015-2022 Convertible Mustang with this CDC Light Bar. The next time your cruising with the top down, you'll surely start turning heads on the street or at the next car show!

This light bar has been engineered and designed to flow with the curves and natural lines of your S550 Mustang. The high mounted LED light provides added safety with a highly visible 3rd brake light. And the best part is, if rain should attempt to spoil your cruise, the factory top effortlessly fits over the light bar as it does not interfere with any original factory functions.

Engineering begins with the construction of sturdy 1-1/4" round steel tubing with a 1/8" wall thickness. Polyurethane is then molded around the tube and finishes hand-wrapped in vinyl, vinyl designed to match the grain of your car's interior trim. The light bar is supplied with the necessary brackets that mount to the B pillars giving the light bar a sturdy mount and also help with stiffening the body. And unlike other light bars on the market, the included wiring harness automatically disables the light when the convertible top is closed, no external cut-off switch needed.

Features and Benefits:
- Custom Race-Inspired Styling
- Flows with the Natural Curves of the S550
- High Mounted LED 3rd Brake Light
- Fits Under Factory Convertible Top
- Sturdy Construction Helps with Chassis Stiffening
- Brake Light Does NOT Function While Top is Up
- Includes All Necessary Hardware and Instructions 

*The CDC Light Bar is not intended for rollover protection.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

For years now, the classic light bar from Classic Designs Concepts has been a great way to add that minted Shelby styling bar style to your late model Mustang. We even sold several of these over the years and they always fit great and add a really nice custom touch to your convertible. With the new 2015 Mustang hitting the market, we knew that it was only a matter of time before CDC offered a light bar for the new car. The lower, wider look I think is going to work beautifully with the styling of the light bar. And today we're going to show you how to install one using the 2015 Mustang GT convertible.

CDC includes everything necessary for installing the light bar on your 2015 Mustang. While it does require some cutting of plastics, there is no metal cutting required, due to the patented pad and brackets that are included. They're going to bolt onto the medal, underneath your plastic trim panels and allow the bar to bolt into your car safely.

Additional high-mount break light comes with all necessary wiring so it will only work when your top is down. When your top is up the light does turn off. Additional break light does add an element of safety to the bar but the styling bar stuff does not offer any rollover protection.

For this installation you need a three-eighth ratchet, half-inch socket, 12 millimeter socket, quarter-inch ratchet, 7 millimeter socket, 8 millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, 11 millimeter wrench, 12 millimeter wrench, 15 millimeter wrench, center punch, drill, three-eighth drill bit, 2-inch hole saw, measuring device, quarter inch extended Allen Key, scissors, cutting pliers, flashlight, razor blade, and safety glasses.

Since this installation will require electrical work, you want to check your battery. First, push the seats out of the way, give yourself plenty of room. We removed the seat to make it easier to see and to give us lots of room. This is not necessary, we did it strictly for the video purposes. We remove the back seat bottom. The seat back can actually stay in place. The bottom cushion we're going to take it out to be able to do the wiring over in our passenger side. If you're reaching here under the front it's going to be 2 clips. Let's push the clip, the seat will pop out.

Now we're going to carefully remove the quarter trim panels. We start by removing the stop piece here and this piece will come off second. I want to carefully lift up evenly all the way across. There are a clips right here, they are plastic so they can break. So just be careful in popping this up. And top your retainer off. And slide your seat belt through the little opening.

Now remove the rest of the quarter trim panel. Be careful with these large plastic clips. There's a couple of these holding it on. You want to see if you can grab a small set of those knees up and squeeze it. If you just push them up with your fingers they will pop through. And once you get the first 2, there's another one down here, and just shimmy it back and forth, and they'll pop off.

Once the panel's off, we're going to remove the speaker to make room for the bracket. It's held up by 4 pieces of hardware. It's a screw here, 2 nuts here, and another screw down here. We're going to move this out of the way. Get the last bolt, down here. There's a little tiny clip that holds the bottom of this, into this. Sort of pull it out, push it apart. Let me put a small screwdriver there, make it a little bit easier. I want to just lay this speaker out of the way, for now.

The speaker out of the way will start the bracket installation by removing this rubber plug. There's 2 factory pieces of hardware that hold on the CDC bracket. One is here, a convertible top motor bracket. And the other one is a trim screw located on top here. The hardware we just removed is where the bracket's going to mount. We're going to put that back down into place. And re-install the hardware; just get it hand-tight for now. The third mounting point for the bracket is going to be this hole right here. There's a factory hole behind it. CDC provides hardware. What we're going to do is slide the nut in from the bottom, put the button head, screw it from the front. Once that's tight, we can tighten up the other 2 screws as well.

And we can reuse all of the grovel that we used earlier. It's going to be a little bit of a tighter fit now because of the double layer. Now we can move on to the wiring.

We're going to start fishing the wiring harness. The plastic plug-in, put it up through, and fold it over the top here. That will keep the harness from falling through. And the power wire, we're going to fish down, underneath here. You want to zip tight over on this factory wiring harness with the provided zip ties to keep it out of the way. I'm going to put the ground wire up here out of the way for now to make sure it's accessible. And re-install our speaker.

To wire in the high-mount break light we're going to remove this bump stop here and replace it with a switch. Car will basically know if the top is up or down and make the break light work or not work. To do so, we have to remove this. But the first thing you want to do is take a close measurement of exactly where this is. We're going to remove the factory one and replace it with the CDC provided one. We want it to be at the same height so it works properly. You want to measure from the very top of the bolt, the flat part on the bracket. You want to remember that measurement and to make sure that the new one is the same.

Now we're going to remove the factory bump stop. The hole has to be re-thread for the new plunger we're going to be using from CDC. They actually provide a cutting head bolt to do so. Make sure you get it straight and just thread it through. Once you’re done then you can discard this bolt. What we do now is compress the switch, and the same measurement we had before, make sure the jam nut is even to what we had, and then we can install.

Install the switch with the plunger pointed towards the back of the car. Be careful putting the electro-connector through the opening. You want to be careful with this. You want to get this literally just past hand tight. This nut doesn't go anywhere. Once it's snug, you want to very carefully bend this tab downward at 90 degrees. Now we’re going to plug in our ground. Because of the gear right here with the convertible top you’ve got to be very careful to make sure this wire doesn’t come in contact with it because it will rip the wiring and it’s not going to work. What you want to do is, the 2 small holes in the stitt and plastic here, use the supplied zip ties to tie it out of the way.

The wire we're going to tap into the positive feed for is located in this harness here. What you want to do is carefully remove the wrapping and we’re going to show which wire it's is. The yellow wire with a silver stripe. There are actually several wires in this harness, several yellow wires. Make sure you get the correct one. And there’s our wire there as you can see. Yellow with a very thin silver stripe. You’ll want to have flashlight on this harness if you don’t have a camera like I do because you definitely will want to be able see it. There are a lot of yellow wires tucked up in this harness. Now use the provided tap … Just run a couple times to make sure you have a good connection and plug in your red wire.

Once you’re done you’ll want to use a provided zip tie and tie up the wires underneath the quarter trim panel. Now we can carefully reinstall our trim panels keep an eye on all the clips and the alignment tabs on the back here.

Now we’re going to drill the holes in the top of our quarter trim panels. What you’ll want to do is flip them over by using the passenger side, grab the correct template you cut out of the back of your instructions. See they go right here; right here. See where it says right-hand side? It's going to fit right into that square cutout. If you have it placed right where that dot is we’re going to use a punch to mark where we’re going to drill our 8-inch pilot hole. We’re going to put some tape over the area where we’re going to drill just to protect the plastic, in case that way if our whole saw bit does slide around a little bit we don’t damage anything. Make sure there’s no excess plastic on here; the bar is pretty much going to cover everything; just make sure the whole is fairly clean.

On the passenger side quarter trim panel once you’ve drilled a hole for the bar to go through, this bottom square right here going towards the back, in the center there’s a little plus sign actually in the middle of it. We’re going to cut this little tab off right here to make sure we have enough room for the wiring switch that we installed earlier for the shut off. Cut it and sort of score it with a razor blade. Now we’re going to reinstall both quarter trim panels. Don’t forget the seat belt guide.

Now get someone to give you a hand and grab the other side. Make sure you plug the harness in. The excess back up into the tube … and slide it down into place.

Now we can tighten the set screws. Now grab a T-handle and tighten down the lug nuts. Now we can reinstall your rear seat and your installation is finished.

The CDC classic light bar has always been a great way to add that timeless style and bar look to your late model Mustang convertible. Your 2015 might be the best one yet. As we’ve showed you the installation is pretty straightforward. With the exception of cutting some plastic, there’s no permanent modifications necessary and the whole install should only take you around 2 hours. For more installation videos for your 2015 Mustang make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out for a complete selection of CDC parts for your 2015 Mustang.

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