COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018

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COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018
COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 Play COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 Video 1 Play COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 Video 2

Product Description

COBB Accessport V3 for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Focus STs and 2014, 2015, 2016,, 2017 and 2018 Fiesta STs.

COBB's Accessport V3 (AP3-FOR-001) is the best tuning option available for your 2013-2018 Focus ST or 2014-2019 Fiesta ST. This flexible ECU upgrade solution unlocks power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. The Accessport V3 can provide off-the-shelf calibrations for most bolt-on modifications and it should be the last engine management solution you will ever need. Along with all the new viewable upgrades from the V2, the V3 also has more speed, more memory, more map storage, more live gauges and more troubleshooting help.

Choose from multiple gauge setups which include your choice of one gauge to six gauges. Scroll through tons of different display parameters to view the specific information important to you. Information can be displayed in metric or imperial units. A shift light can be set to the desired RPM and is plenty bright that a separate shift light isn't needed. Monitor all the parameters you want to view and customize each layout for the street, strip or track.

Measure 0-60 MPH time, 1/4 mile time or horsepower with a built-in dynamometer. An included trouble code reader allows you to diagnose problems on the fly without the need to stop at a garage. The most important aspect of the Accessport V3 is the ability to install different maps and quickly adjust tuning elements such as idle, timing, launch control and flat-foot shifting. Create your own custom maps for your Accessport V3 using Accesstuner Race. A complete OEM tuning table provides access to optimize your mapping for any set of modifications. Data logging is included so you can view engine vitals which can alert you to any changes that need to be made to your tune. If self-tuning isn't your thing, visit a local tuner in the COBB Professional Tuning Network to have a custom tune created and loaded onto your Accessport V3. You don't even need to physically visit a tuner if you don't want to. Use easy data logging and map loading on your Accessport V3 to have an e-tuning expert remotely custom tune your vehicle.

Installation is extremely simple, fast and straight forward with easy-to-understand directions to guide you through setup. Initial setup matches the Accessport V3 to your vehicle modifications. The on/off switch allows you to turn off the programmer so the battery doesn't die. An automatic dimmer brightens and dims the screen depending on day or night.

Accessport V3 Features:
- New vehicle support and Stage 1, 2 and 3 maps
- Customizable multi-gauge display
- Data logging
- Multiple tuning options including timing, shift light, launch control, etc.
- Burnout mode
- Consolidated Economy mode maps to map slot 2
- Performance maps are loaded in map slot 1
- Re-mapped cruise control buttons for map switching
- Improved installation and map switching times by up to 25 percent
- On/off switch with auto on/off detection
- Large, full color, 1/1000 high resolution screen
- Automatic dimmer
- Easy-to-use interface
- Interchangeable face plates

Tech Tip: Several custom features are now user adjustable through the Accessport for all Focus STs and Fiesta STs.  These adjustments include changing between map slots, changing Traction Control settings, adjust driving RPM limit, adjust Flat Foot Shifting RPM limit, changing Launch Control Rev limiter, changing map slots, turning custom traction control on/off, and adjusting the amount of slip the custom traction control enables.  These adjustments can be found in the “Tune” -> “Adjustments” -> then select which CCF you’d like to adjust. It’s important to note that CCF Accessport Adjustment feature is dependent on the calibration file being used. The Traction Control feature must be enabled via a custom tune (Custom Tune is NOT Included).

COBB tested a 2013 Focus ST with the following calibrations. Generally, the 87 and 91 octane calibrations run slightly lower boost, have a richer fuel curve and a less aggressive ignition advance map to help compensate for lower octane fuel blends and/or less than ideal atmospheric conditions. Maps designed for 93 octane are the most aggressive.

2013-2018 Focus ST Power Increase:
- Stage 1 87 Octane - Peak +6%HP/+16%TQ Max +10%HP/+18%TQ
- Stage 1 91 Octane - Peak +5% HP/+13%TQ Max +10%HP/+18%TQ
- Stage 2 91 Octane - Peak +12%HP/+13%TQ Max +15%HP/+18%TQ
- Stage 3 91 Octane - Peak +19%HP/+19%TQ Max +24%HP/+26%TQ
- Stage 1 93 Octane - Peak +7%HP/+15%TQ Max +10%HP/+20%TQ
- Stage 2 93 Octane - Peak +14%HP/+15%TQ Max +17%HP/+20%TQ
- Stage 3 93 Octane - Peak +21%HP/+21%TQ Max +26%HP/+28%TQ

COBB tested a 2014 Fiesta ST with the following calibrations. Generally, the 91 octane calibrations run slightly lower boost, have a richer fuel curve and a less aggressive ignition advance map to help compensate for lower octane fuel blends and/or less than ideal atmospheric conditions. Maps designed for 93 octane are the most aggressive.

2014-2018 Fiesta ST Power Increase:
- Stage 1 91 Octane - Peak +3%HP/+12%TQ Max +5%HP/+15%TQ
- Stage 1 93 Octane - Peak +4%HP/+14%TQ Max +6%HP/+17%TQ

Please Note: Use can use your PC or Mac based computer to manage maps, download recorded datalogs or quickly update your Accessport. To ensure your new Accessport V3 is up to date, please click HERE to download the latest version of COBB’s Accessport Manager for free.

Order a COBB (AP3-FOR-001) Accessport V3 for your 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 Focus ST or 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 Fiesta ST from CJ Pony Parts today!

Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

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Product Reviews

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COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 154.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Horsepower and Torque gain when paired w/TSM After long awaiting the purchase of this Accessport v3, I can honestly say it is the best $500 you will ever spend for your Focus ST. This unlocked so much power and throttle response even without any Turbo Supporting Mods! Once I added the Cobb cold air intake and the Mountune High-Flow Exhaust to my 2015 Focus ST, the power gains were absolutely amazing. The software provided on Cobb's website to accompany this product is seamless and works on Mac or PC. Loading/Dowloading/Uploading tunes and DataLogs is EXTREMELY simple and makes using this Accessport a BREEZE! In all, if you are considering buying this product, don't even hesitate, BUY IT!
Date published: 2016-05-17
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good product but hard to find clear concise written instructions I absolutely recommend the access port if you want to tune your Focus ST. I noticed significantly improved performance with the 93 octane stage 1 map with the COBB catback and high flow air filter. The one thing that is frustrating me is the lack of instructions for custom features such as burnout mode, flat foot shifting and launch control. I don't really plan to use these features much as they are abusive to the engine, but I would like to have clearly written instructions on how these features work. The YouTube videos are not detailed enough for me. That being said this is a great product and I do highly recommend.
Date published: 2016-08-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome tuner Bought this product and installed it for my 2016 Focus ST a few days ago, and it is fantastic! I did not expect to really see much of a difference on a off the shelf stage 1 91 octane tune, however it feels like the car came alive! Highly recommend this product and as always CJ pony parts is great to work with. I have been using them to build my mustang for about 8 years and it is always a good experience! The only thing that is remotely negative is that I wish it came with the A pillar mount I dont want to double side tape the accessport to my dash, so I ordered the mount after recieving the tuner. Thanks CJ's!
Date published: 2016-01-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great but prone to static failure I bought this little gem not expecting much. It was very easy to connect and run. Didn't take too long to download the factory map. One thing I can say though...this thing HATES static electricity. After the download, i attempted to run a 91 octane, stage 2 tune and once the download started, i touched the unit to reposition it on the dash and the unit and car went dark. I thought it was finished so I cranked the car and said service engine now! I disconnected it and when i reconnected it, it notified me of a fault and remapped the factory ecu settings. After that, worked like a charm. I love this thing, but for God sake, once you start it, don't touch it until it is done.
Date published: 2017-01-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from There's nothing like the Accessport I installed the Accessport on my 2014 Fiesta ST a few weeks ago and can give a little bit of feedback on what to expect. After a few track days and a dozen autox's, it doesn't give you a ton of HP, but the torque gains are noticeable. Much smoother acceleration (Stage 1, 91), and thankfully removes the boost restriction in first and second gears. The AP is really unrivaled when it comes to a truly programmable and adjustable engine management product. There really is nothing like it. Highly recommended to any car guy that Cobb supports.
Date published: 2014-05-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from a-MUST I've installed this on that puppy and this is the best $800 (CAN) that I have spent. Love all the maps and the gauges you have. The change in the car power is simply day-night. I feed her with 94 Octane and it's just insane the Tq / pound I'm getting. Actually, when it rains, it's hard to not spin the wheel cause it's too powerful. I've also bought a Cobb pre-oiled double cone filter. Wow... The wiiiiissssshhh without the annoying sound of the BOV. So, if you still don't have that Cobb AP in your car, you do NOT have the full potential of your ST. PS : You will hit 345 Tq if you are on 4th great, at 2000 RPM then squeeze the pedal all the way to the floor.. Bam ! You will stick to you seat and impress anyone in the passenger side. Cheers !
Date published: 2016-06-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Simple, easy to use. - Fiesta ST The Accessport V3 with COBB tuning is the first performance item one should purchase for their future Fiesta ST. The product unlocks the potential for the car. And the OTS maps offer a great starting point for tuning. As you move up the Stages of modification, the OTS maps work well with the performance parts that you have made to the car. On top of that. I especially love the built in code reader, and real time gauge functions. Up to 6 parameters can be monitored and displayed at a time. This is essential, and a very nice feature. Even if I don't plan on going any higher than a OTS Stage 1 tune. I like how I can see what exactly is going on with the car in real time. And you can add a shift light function built into the display! Unplug the unit, remove the OBDII cord, and now your car is a pure sleeper. Nothing to give away what you actually have under the hood! Extremely happy with my first performance part purchase for my 2014 Ford Fiesta ST.
Date published: 2014-08-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best programmer I've ever used Best purchase for my 2014 Focus ST. With the injen intake (highly recommend from CJPP as well), the power output is an incredible difference. I break traction in 3rd gear almost effortlessly. It's so much easier to use than any other programmer I've ever used like edge, and bullydog. The gauges are easier to read than most and are easy to customize to your liking. Another thing to consider, when using economy mode, the mileage is amazing! 650+ to a full tank of 91-94 octane. anyone still thinking about it reading this review, buy it!!! 100% worth it!!!
Date published: 2015-05-20
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Product Questions

Is there a tune for 95 or 98 octane i live in United Arab Emirates and usually run 98 octane is there any sort of custom tune regarding the octane ?

Asked by: shelbeygt500
Sorry there is not.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-03-04

Will this work for the 2019 Focus ST?

Asked by: bowtheman89
We have not confirmed compatibility on the 2019 at this time.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-03-01

Will this work for the 2019 Fiesta ST?

Asked by: bowtheman89
We cannot confirm compatibility on the 2019 fiesta st at this time.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-02-28

I am trying to decide on the Cobb turbo back or the roush cat back I have a roush cold air intake installed already and would like to know if changing the catalytic converter is necessary on my 2013 FOCUS ST 

Asked by: CROOKLYN
Its not necessary to change the convertor unless there is something wrong with it.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-02-11

My Focus ST was tuned by the original owner, but he doesn't have the tuner anymore. Can this new tuner be used to flash the ECU or will I need to take it to a Ford dealer to get it flashed before using it?

Asked by: Legionsofmarduk
You will need to visit the ford dealer to have the computer returned to the stock tune.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-01-15

Can the tuner be removed and the factory Ford tune restored to the car if I needed warranty work? Would it leave traces behind or would Ford not be able to tell tuner had been previously installed?

Asked by: Åbrams
Once the tune is loaded into the cars computer the tuner can be removed. The stock tune will be stored in the tuner. Ford will know if the car has been tuned.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2019-01-07

I just ordered an AP from you guys on Saturday. I plan to use the stage 1 93 ots tune to start. Would it be at all beneficial or suggested to run one step colder plugs with this tune, prior to the addition of supporting mods?

Asked by: Robert
You will not need colder plugs.
Answered by: rk cjpp
Date published: 2018-12-18

Will a stage 1 tune work with a fully stock focus st

Asked by: Giankie881
Answered by: jmg1
Date published: 2018-11-28
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Product Video

COBB Accessport V3 Focus ST 2013-2019/Fiesta ST 2014-2018 Video Transcript
By Bill Tumas: Performance wise so far we've installed a COBB cold air intake and a Borla exhaust system on our Focus ST. Right now we're using SCT's 93 octane base file for tuning and have seen some pretty good gains out of it. The only drawback to the base file is it's actually designed for a Dyno tune so you want to put the car on the Dyno and then modify the tune for maximum performance. If you're changing as many parts as we're planning on changing this doesn't make much sense. Today we're looking at another way of tuning, which is the Accessport from COBB.

The beauty of the COBB Accessport is the ease of use and the database that comes along with it. When you get your Accessport it gives you a link to their website where you can go on and download any map that you want. There are hundreds of maps to choose from covering pretty much any modification you want to do to your Focus ST. You plug in your computer and download the maps directly to your Accessport and plug in your OBD2 sensor to your Focus ST and install the tune. As usual, COBB gives you everything necessary including the tuner itself, multiple face plates, a cable for your computer, the OBD2 cable, a nice carrying case, as well as a mounting bracket for your dash.

Before we begin the installation of the Accessport you want to make sure if you're using another tuner you want to flash the vehicle back to stock first and that will unlock the other tuner and allow us to install the Accessport.

You're going to start the installation by taking the supplied OBD2 cable that comes with the Accessport, pull this cover down here and plug it in. Now take the other end of the plug, fish it up your dash, and plug it into your Accessport. It'll turn on automatically.

The first thing you notice about the Accessport, it's a nice high definition full color display. It's real easy to read, four buttons here at the bottom will run you through all the operations. The install is the main one but we'll click down to the check in one here. Here's your trouble shooting section. Click into that. You can read your codes, you can reset the computer, you can also kill the keep alive memory, which is nice if you're trying to delete a code you just can't get rid of. We're not worried about that now so we'll cancel this and go back to tuning stream.

Install tune is what we're looking to do so we're going to click on that. The next screen is going to come up and ask you what vehicle you're using. You want to make sure whatever you're programming with your Accessport is what comes up on the screen. In our case US 2014 Focus ST. We hit continue.

Basically here what you want to do is pick the file that best suits the performance mods you have done to your car. In our case we run 93 octane, we go to the stage I tune here. They do recommend putting a battery charger on it. It draws a decent amount of current when you're tuning with a tuner like this. If you have a battery charger use it. You definitely don't have to, but while you're tuning make sure your lights are off, radio is off, don't have anything else running at the same time.

At this point our Accessport is connecting to our computer to verify everything is correct before it starts the tune. Now it's saving the factory data from the computer. We're going to speed up all these processes. Each one is going to take usually a couple of minutes to go through, especially for your first tune. We don't want to make this a 25 minute video so we'll speed up this process here.

Now the Accessport is preparing the computer for the new tune. It's going to download. Now it's actually flashing our computer with the new file. This will be the longest part of the procedure, definitely going to take a few minutes for this to go through. The first time you program the car you want to give yourself, figure it's going to take 20 to 25 minutes to put the tune in.

When the flash is over the car is going to turn back on. Turn the ignition off and then we'll turn it on again. Okay to continue and there we go, our installation is successful. The check mark means everything is good to go. Tap the ignition button one more time to turn it off and our installation is finished with the tuner.

Now we start on our Ford Focus to make sure the tune went, everything runs like it's supposed to. Go back to your Accessport now and you'll notice you have different options. Before we just had tune and the check engine. Now you've got gauges, performance, there's an extra tune section there, as well as user tools. Take a closer look at gauges. Pretty much anything that runs off of the OBD2 port you can actually monitor now inside of your Accessport.

We set it up earlier for actual air fuel ratio, as well as boost. Those are the two most people are going to look at. We'll show you how to configure some others. You go onto the screen and hit the arrow at the top. Here you can change the layout and you can choose how many different things you want to monitor. We had it for six, we'll make it three to make it a lot easier to see. Now you can see we have our actual air/fuel ration our boost, and now we'll set up the bottom one here. Click down to it and hit the select button. You want to change the monitor and then go into all this stuff here and choose exactly what you want to see. We're going to make it actually do the charge air temp. Click on that. Now you can see we have our air/fuel ratio at the top, our boost in the middle, and the air temperature at the bottom. Again you've got tons of options here as far as you want to log and it's real time so you can use it on the car you're driving or you can actually log these for a Dyno tuning session if you wanted to, a very cool feature of the Accessport.

One more cool feature in here, we'll go back again to the arrow at the top for set up. Click into that and there's a shift light built in so we're going to set that up next. We're actually going to leave it at 4500 that way we can hit it without having to run the car red line, but normally you want to set your shift light up pretty much where you want to shift the car. To have a little more fun we'll set it at 5000. If you watch these lights here, once we hit 5,000 they will actually light up telling us to shift the car. Again, pretty cool feature.

Going back down to the main menu you see the stopwatch below the gauge. It actually has performance timers built into it. You have a 0 to 60 timer, as well as a quarter mile. If you want to try these out make sure you do it not on a public road. Find a big parking lot, abandoned air strip, somewhere else. It's a pretty cool feature that's built into the tuner.

Going back to the main menu again there's all your troubleshooting. This allows you to tune the vehicle and make adjustments and load different maps. Down the road you add an intercooler to make a different modification, get the new map for it, load it up to this, plug it into your tuner and download it to your Focus.

The last section down here is user tools where it says you can save and back up data. There is additional software available. If you did want to tune your car yourself you can buy the software through COBB through CJ Pony Parts and you can tune it yourself, again with a qualified user on a Dyno. You can see it's going to be tough to really tell the difference from one tuner to the other. You've got to get on the Dyno where you'll really be able to tell. I can say that so far it feels pretty good. The throttle response is really, really good. I almost swear the turbo sounds a little bit louder where it shouldn't, but there's a possibility the way the tune's being done we're making a little more boost as well.

We'll run up the gears a little bit and test out some of the gauges that come with the Accessport. That's cool, you can see the air/fuel when we get in the boost like it's supposed to, watch the boost jump like it's supposed to as well. The gauges are very cool. If you're trying to really keep an eye on what they're doing you want to log instead of actually watching them because they are kind of small. Putting the tuner where we have it makes it so you can look at it quickly while you're driving.

Judging off what we've seen on the Dyno when we're under full boost the air/fuel looks about right. So far so good. The Accessport is a great little tool to have for your Focus ST. Not only do you have access to hundreds of different performance maps, the gauge allows you to monitor any engine parameters that you want to, as well as data log them. You can also remove and troubleshoot any kind of engine codes and there's a few fun performance timers as well. If you're serious about performance for your Focus ST make sure you check out the Accessport from COBB.