Custom Autosound Radio Slidebar AM/ FM 1967-1973

Custom Autosound:
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  • 300 Watts
  • LCD Display
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • Easy Installation
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Custom Autosound Slidebar AM/FM Radio for 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustangs.

Update the functionality of your radio with an upgraded Custom Autosound Slidebar AM/FM Radio built to complete the authentic look of your 1967-1973 Mustang's interior. The featured slidebar mechanism reveals a full-featured digital display by simply sliding the bar to the center of the radio, or hide the analog by sliding to the right. The OEM-design and modern operation is the best of both worlds!

Features and Benefits:
- Slidebar design
- No Cutting or Modification Required to Install
- 300 Watts
- LCD display with Slidebar face provides information like station name, song title and artist name
- 7 LCD color choices
- LCD Dimmer Control
- Bluetooth capable with optional USABLU kit
- Playback direct CD-1 control
- 4 Channel RCA Pre Outs
- Digital Clock
- 25 presets (15FM/10AM)
- Electronic Tuning and Volume Control
- 4-Way Fader
- USB and Auxiliary Input for iPods, MP3 Players, Satellite Radios, Etc.

The slidebar is designed with large OEM style push-buttons to complement the look of your classic pony. There are seven backlit color options behind the digital display that are designed to match the color of your dash instrumentation. When it comes to technology the Slidebar is designed with the best features available including a USB input for flash drives and a Dock for your iPod. When connected to these devices the radio's digital display will display artist, song, album and allow song navigation through the radio itself. The slidebar is compatible with our optional BLUKIT which enables bluetooth streaming from your enabled phone or device as well as hands-free mobile calling through the vehicles speakers & BLUKIT's built-in microphone. With 300 watts peak the radio provides plenty of power but additionally contains four pre-outs and one subwoofer out. The Slidebar also comes with Aux-in for optional satellite radio OR any portable player you wish to use as well as our optional compact CD/DVD player.

Please Note: This Custom Autosound radio is designed to be used with a Custom Autosound speaker (P/N: SPK37).

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We do a lot of videos showing you how to add modern components to your classic Mustang. One of the most common one is going to be a radio upgrade. If you have an original radio in your 60's Mustang, more than likely it's AM or if you're lucky maybe FM or an 8-track. Obviously, radios have come a long way since the 60's, but a lot of you still want the classic look. If you're trying to stay original looking, but want all the modern radio features, the Custom Autosound Slidebar Radio, might be just what you're looking for.

When you first look at the slidebar radio, it looks like your standard factory AM radio and that's the beauty in it. When it's turned off, or even on, you can put it at a car show and it looks just like the factory radio. If you want to use it, simply slide this over, the display disappears and you have a modern LCD display behind it. The radio have 25 pre-sets, 300 watts of power, 7 different choices for the color, a direct plug in for your iPod that will actually charge your iPod, as well as auxiliary inputs, auxiliary outputs, and speaker power. Fully loaded, fully functioning modern radio, but when you slide this over, it looks just like a factory AM.

On the back, you have separate plugs for the power and your speaker outputs, connect here for your iPod, separate connection for USB, a subwoofer pre-out, front and rear pre-outs, input, CD changer control, as well as your antenna connection. The unit is also up-gradable to work with Bluetooth.

This particular slidebar radio is designed for your 67 through 73 Mustang, but a 64 through 66 version is also available. We'll be installing this today in a 68 Mustang that already has an aftermarket CD player installed, and we'll be going with this brand new bezel to install our radio.

For this installation, we need a quarter inch ratchet, 13 mm deep socket, half inch socket, Phillips head screwdriver, wire strippers, wire cutter and crimper, and a test light.

The Custom Autosound Slidebar doesn't require any kind of bezel kits for installation. You look at the back of the bezel, you can see how it's offset. This is offset in the exact same way. You simply thread these off to install it. Slide up into the bezel and then reinstall the washers and retaining nuts. Hand tight is usually enough, you get them just slightly snug with the ratchet, no reason to crank them down. Make sure it's snug. Now we're going to install the knobs. You can see when installed in the original 67 through 68 bezel, it looks like a factory AM radio.

Anytime you're working on something electrical with your Mustang, the first step is going to be disconnect the battery. Like, we said our 68 already has an aftermarket CD player in it, but the installation is going to be the same, as well as removal of your factory radio. There's 2 screws on top of the bezel, 2 screws at the bottom and you want to double check, depending on which radio you have, if a back strap was installed. That will usually be somewhere under the dash supporting the radio. If the there is a back strap, you want to remove that first.

Let's remove the bezel and the 4 screws holding it in place. Disconnect the wires and remove the radio. If you're removing a good radio, you want to make sure when you cut the harness off, you leave yourself plenty of wire so you can use it elsewhere. In case of our radio, it's not really working properly, so we're going to cut the wires short since we're not worried about it.

These are the colors from our old speaker wires and this is our new speaker harness here. All the colors are the same, so more than like they are correct, but we want to make sure before we hook it up so our fade and our balance work. We're going to test each speaker and figure out which one's where.

To test a speaker wire, strip a small amount out and grab a small batter. A double A will actually work fine. The top of the battery is going to be the positive. Touch the positive and touch the negative, and you'll hear the speaker buzz. That way we'll know which speaker we're connecting our wiring harness to. That was our front left, so we locate front left on the harness.

We're going to using solder-less connect for the installation. If you want to solder, by all means go ahead. We found the solder-less connects work fine for radios. You want to repeat the process with the 3 other speakers.

The other harness we're going to hook up next is going to be our power harness. There's 5 connections on this harness. Typically you'll only use 3. The main one here is going to be your constant. You'll have a switch and a ground. Your original radio may only have one power because your original pre-sets were mechanical. Now the radios have storage, they have memory for the pre-sets, that's why you have a switch and a constant, either through here or remote turn on for an aftermarket amplifier and a power antenna if your car has one.

Now we're going to test our power leads. Before we can do that, you'll want to reconnect your batter. Now we're going to grab our test light and check our wires. You ground it to your antenna, which is an excellent ground. With the ignition off, first we'll check for 12 volts constant. That is 12 volts constant, that is correct. Check this red wire here. Okay, nothing on that. Now we'll try with the ignition on. That is a good 12 volt switch source.

All of our wires were good because we did already have an aftermarket radio in this car. If you don't have a good constant, you can use a fused wire, go to directly to your batter. Ground can go anywhere on the chassis that's ground. Switch power, the best place to grab that is off the back of the ignition switch.

Once you re-disconnect your battery, we connect these wires. Now we're going to fish the auxiliary wires for our USB auxiliary in and iPod through the dash, connect the harnesses and connect the antenna. The harnesses are specific, so you actually can't put it in the wrong spot.

Before we mount it, we're going to reconnect our power and we'll try it out. Once you verify it's working properly, now we're going to screw it into the dash, then we'll show you all the functions of the radio. You may notice we did not install a back strap. We find with these radios, with the radio metal radio bezel, it's really not necessary, but if you wanted to install one you could. Our installation is finished.

Now I'll run you through some of the basic functions of the radio. As you can see, when it's turned off and the display's flipped, it looks like an original AM radio. You can actually turn it on and use it without changing it too. If you need to access the display, simply slide over and you have a full digital display. This button here will allow you to choose between the equalizer, your balance, fader, loudness, subwoofer. If you needed to change something, you simply click there and use this to turn it. This also has a sub-menu once you go through the main menu. If you hold this 2 seconds, you get a sub-menu. Now you can adjust the dimmer, chose your color, control the beeps, control what volume last, we'll leave the volume to last volume it was when you turned the car off and then back to source. Then you turn the knob back here to adjust your source. Go to the radio and back again to auxiliary, which we're using the iPhone. While I'm sure it's going to be tough to tell in the video, this thing absolutely sounds great in this car. Huge upgrade from the old radio. It's got tons of power, and really, really sounds crystal clear.

The Custom Autosound Slidebar is a great choice for your classic Mustang. As you can see here, it looks like a factory radio, but slide this over, you have a modern digital display, plus you have all the features of a modern radio, auxiliary inputs, iPod control, USB, as well as Bluetooth capability. Installation should only take you around an hour, so you'll be back on the road in no time.

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