Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302

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Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302
Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302 Play Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302 Video 1 Play Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302 Video 2 Play Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302 Video 3

Product Description

Edelbrock 4-Barrel Performer Intake Manifold and Performer 600 CFM Carburetor Kit with an EnduraShine Finish for 289 and 302 Engine.

An Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor kit is what you need to transform your ride into a fast and powerful driving machine. As one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Edelbrock has one of the most dependable intake manifold and carburetor kits on the market for both small block 289 and 302 engines. These kits provide superior driving performance and reliability at the same time. So if you're looking to add some horsepower to your engine, you can start with a brand-new, high-quality intake manifold and carburetor kit.

This 4-barrel intake manifold and carburetor kit from Edelbrock has everything you need to get your engine running like a champion. Edelbrock makes it easy for you to upgrade your induction system with the absolute best combination of performance and appearance from a single kit!

The complete Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor kit from CJ Pony Parts includes premium quality components and other hardware. The carburetor provided with the kit comes with an electric choke, and the whole kit is tuned for better fuel economy.

Kit Includes:
- Performer Series Intake Manifold
- Performer Series 600 CFM Carburetor with Electric Choke
- Chrome Fuel Inlet
- Premium-Quality Edelbrock Intake Gasket Set
- All Necessary Hardware: Intake Bolt Set and Carburetor Stud Kit

Why Do Drivers Trust Edelbrock When It Comes to Adding Performance?

Edelbrock's Performer Series Intake Manifold features a patented dual-plane, low-rise design with a 180 Degree firing order that significantly improves torque over a wide RPM range for excellent throttle response from off-idle through 5500 RPM.

The Performer Series 600 CFM Carburetor is non-EGR designed and calibrated for fuel economy in small block 289 and 302 engines. It includes both timed and full vacuum ports for ignition advance as well so you can get the best performance out of your ride.

Carburetor Specifications:
- Choke - Electric
- CFM - 600
- Barrel - 4V
- Metering Jets - Primary .098, Secondary .095
- Metering Rods - .075 x .047
- Step-Up Spring - Yellow (4" Hg)
- Square-flanged

This Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor kit is a great addition to any 289, 302 Engine, and you won’t be able to beat the price from CJ Pony Parts. To make sure the engine bay doesn’t look too dreary, Edelbrock kits are also available with a satin finish or Edelbrock's top of the line EnduraShine finish.

Edelbrock's EnduraShine is a bright silver chrome finish with powder coated durability. It utilizes a three step Vacuum Metalizing Process: base coat, aluminum coat, and clear top coat to enhance abrasion and chemical resistance as well as discoloration from heat. With the EnduraShine finish, you will never have to polish again!

CJ Pony Parts is the only place to find Edelbrock intake and carburetor kits at such a great value. Whether you’re restoring an Classic Ford or retuning your favorite ride, you can get the results you want from your ‘Stang with this kit.

For additional parts to use on your Ford’s engine, visit our parts catalog for a wide range of OEM and aftermarket products. And when you buy your parts before 5 PM EST, we’ll ship them to you for free on the same day you ordered them so you can get your order on your doorstep in no time.


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Product Video

Edelbrock Intake Manifold and Carburetor Kit 4V Performer Intake With Performer 600 CFM Carburetor EnduraShine Finish 289/302 Video Transcript
By Bill Tumas: I'm here with Cary from Edelbrock. He's going to tell us a little bit about their carburetors.

Cary: Fantastic. Thanks, Bill. Appreciate it. We've got two main series of carburetors in the Edelbrock lineup. We have our standard AVS series or Thunder series, which is an adjustable vacuum secondary. That's all AVS stands for. I'll get into a little bit of the details here in a second. The other thing we've got is our standard performer series carburetor as well. This particular one happens to be with a mechanical choke. This is our AVS series with actually an electric choke on it. So you can get any of the carburetors with mechanical or electric choke. We have three different colors that you can do as well. You can do our standard finish, our Endurashine, or black that we don't quite have here available today. But we'll show you a picture of that upcoming event.

Going into some of the features and benefits of these carburetors, they all tune very similar. We actually use a metering rod setup in each of these that makes it very simplistic to tune. You literally pull off two screws off the top. That will pull out two metering rods that are actually a tapered rod. It makes it very simple. You don't have to drain the fuel out of the bowls, unlike some of the competitors that are out there. So it makes tuning very easy. There's two little springs, one in each side, that will adjust for any of your driving habits, or any of your motors that are from mild to wild.

On our AVS, or Thunder Series carburetors, the AVS actually stands for adjustable vacuum secondary. Your secondaries are right here. This little flapper here is where your secondaries kick in and kick out. So when you put it to the throttle, or you put it to the wood, so to speak, wide open throttle, these will open up. And the bigger cubic inch motors draws this open very quickly. Smaller cubic inch motors has vacuum pull that is a little less. So what you want to do to still have that performance and have that open up quickly, you can actually take a screwdriver and a torques head, and adjust the tension that is on this spring. That is done very easily just by loosening two screws and adjusting the tension that's on that spring.

When it comes down to the tuning aspect of these things, again, this one tunes just like our Performer Series. You pull two screws here. You can adjust the actual rate of the spring load, and the metering flow that's done through the metering rods themselves. All of our carburetors, including the AVS, or adjustable vacuum secondary Thunder Series, come with multiple assortment of vacuum ports. We have our ported vacuum port for anything that's running a vacuum advance distributor. You have your big 3/8 port for your brake booster or your PCV. You have another ported, what we call vacuum port, that is a full-time vacuum for any of your other accessories.

This particular carburetor is also an electric choke version as well. You can actually adjust your electric choke by loosening these three screws and turning this either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which way you want to adjust your choke. Certain environments or certain climates will need more choke. Others will need less choke. All of the linkage that is on the AVS are actually a black anodized linkage. It pops real nice on this Endurashine carburetor. It also pops very well on some of our other series as well. On the backside, you have a port that's also available that you could screw in a hose barb or a nipple to be able to run into your vacuum accessory sources, if you need one for your booster, or you need other vacuum outlets. Or you can just simply plug that off.

This is our traditional series, Performer Series carburetor that's a 1405. How do I know that? It's very simple. On the edge of all of our Performance Series carburetors, we actually type in a number, and the first four digits of those numbers actually tells us what series of carburetor it is... just a little tidbit of information. This particular carburetor is a mechanical choke carburetor. You notice that this has a lever here that will control the choke flap. On this side of the carburetor, you have your traditional linkage so when you replace your Autolight carburetor, you can pull up all of your typical accessory items right onto this linkage arm. We also have other linkage adaptors available for your Ford-specific application.

On the front side of this carburetor, you have your idle air adjustment screws. You have your ported vacuum, this top one here. That's actually for any of your vacuum advanced distributors. Some folks ask, "Well, how do you know that's the ported vacuum advance?" You'll notice that this port is higher than this one. This is actually based off of throttle. This is a constant accessory item. This particular port here is for your vacuum booster. It could be for your PCV. Or you can just cap it off. You'll notice that on our 4-barrell linkage here, there's no flaps. It's an open back. There's actually a little weight down on the inside that will adjust as your vacuum flow through your motor increases. So as your motor's in wide-open throttle, that allows this vacuum to pull this open and this weight to move. All of our carburetors are made here in the USA. They're actually made in North Carolina.

Bill: What sizes are available in these carburetors?

Cary: In these carburetors we have a 4-barrell version. They range anywhere from 500-800 CFM. If you do an AVS-style carburetor, they're in 50 CFM increments from a 650, 750, and then an 800. If you get into the Performer Series side of things, they're 500, 600, 700. And that's how they rank.

Bill: And you do offer a 2-barrell version of the performer as well.

Cary: We do offer a 2-barrell for the smaller cubic inch motors, or the Flathead Ford. We also offer multiple, we utilize that carburetor on 6 tri-powers, and 6 power, and 8 power for certain applications as well.

Bill: Okay. Well, hey, thanks for taking the time to visit today. We appreciate it.