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Fiesta ST Tuning Devices

Tuning Devices
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Tuning Devices

When it comes to Ford Fiesta ST performance parts, the Fiesta ST tuner is one performance part all Fiesta ST owners should have. A tuning device is a small handheld tool that connects to your Fiesta ST via the OBD II port. The Fiesta ST tuner flashes the stock computer ECU with various performance maps or software. This new software takes into account various performance upgrades you may have made to your Fiesta ST, such as a high-flow air intake, or upgraded intercooler or performance exhaust system.
The factory ECU programming is set up for the capabilities and limitations of OEM parts. If you’ve upgraded these OEM parts to quality high-performance aftermarket parts, that means you can re-map the ECU to handle these new performance parts. Depending on what stage upgrade you’ve made, you can flash your ECU, enabling your Fiesta ST to unleash previously untapped power potential.

Fiesta ST Tuning Maps

There are several companies creating Fiesta ST tuning maps such as COBB and Mountune, but the COBB V3 Accessport is currently the most widely used Fiesta ST tuning device. Depending on what stage you are in your Fiesta ST performance build-out, the COBB V3 Fiesta ST tuner comes with several off-the-shelf maps for three standard levels of performance.

The stage one map offers Fiesta ST drivers an additional 3 to 4% horsepower and 12 to 14% torque. The stage one tune is for Fiesta STs with upgraded high-flow air filter and premium rear motor mount. For a more aggressive tune, you’ll want to make these upgrades in your Fiesta ST:

• High-flow Air Filter
• Premium Rear Motor Mount
• Premium Intercooler Kit
• High-flow Air Intake

With these upgrades in place, a stage two ECU flash adds 14% horsepower and 29% LB-FT in torque. For a stage three tune, you’ll want to have these upgrades in place along with a performance exhaust system. Stage three Fiesta ST tuning permits a 23% increase in horsepower and 41% increase in LB-FT torque.

Obtain Custom-tuned Maps, Monitor Vehicle Vitals and More

Installing a Fiesta ST tuning device does more than just re-map your Fiesta ST ECU for performance modifications — the tuning device itself has a full-color display that allows drivers to monitor engine vitals and log vehicle data. For a custom tune, you can monitor this information and upload it to a Fiesta ST tuning specialist. This specialist can create a custom map based on this data log and the specific performance upgrades you have made to your Fiesta ST.

The Fiesta ST tuning device comes with a built-in dynamometer, enabling you to measure 0-60 time, ¼ mile time or horsepower. Easily access and configure various settings yourself such as idle, timing, launch control and flat-foot shifting. With the COBB V3 Accessport from CJ Pony Parts, you can:

• Optimize vehicle performance and power
• Display live vehicle gauges
• Take performance measurements
• Read and clear trouble codes

If you’re ready to configure your Fiesta ST ECU, enabling optimum vehicle performance, order your Fiesta ST tuner today from CJ Pony Parts. With our fast and free shipping, you’ll be configuring a whole new level of performance in no time.