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Focus RS Suspension

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Are you unsatisfied with your Ford Focus RS’ suspension system? Have you considered making any performance-oriented upgrades? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the previous questions, it would be wise to browse through CJ Pony Parts’ collection of Ford Focus RS Suspension Parts. CJ’s is dedicated to helping you find not only the perfect Focus RS suspension upgrades but all of the aftermarket enhancements that you need to improve your car’s performance. If you want the best Focus RS suspension parts, CJ’s is the place to go!

With a 2.3L engine in tow, the Ford Focus RS immediately turned heads within the automotive community shortly after its debut. Sporting the same motor found in the Mustang EcoBoost, the Focus RS features an innovative all-wheel driving system that sends power to all four wheels via the all-new Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive system. With all of that horsepower and torque packed into that small, yet versatile hatchback, the Focus RS quickly established itself as a popular option with the autocross crowd.

As fully-loaded as your RS is straight from the factory, there are ways in which that you can create even more power. Like many vehicles, the Focus RS leaves the assembly line with an exhaust system that is practically beginning to be tuned. Similarly, if you are unsatisfied with your car’s ride height and wish to lower your hatchback, there are plenty of aftermarket Focus RS suspension upgrades that will help you adjust your car to meet your lofty standards!

A Ford Focus RS suspension system is made up of a variety of parts scattered throughout the vehicle, including the coil springs, shocks/struts, linkages, and bushings in addition to your wheels & tires. The primary purpose of a Focus RS suspension system is to protect you and your passengers from a bumpy ride, should you encounter any uneven driving surfaces. Your Focus RS suspension parts essentially absorb the rough patches on the surface, while preventing you from feeling every bump in the road.

Though it is easy to take for granted sometimes, the value of having a smooth ride, regardless of the driving conditions cannot be understated. Unfortunately, not every roadway that you drive on is as smoothly paved as the federal highways. If your ride is not as smooth as it once was or if you are noticing a great deal of activity around your front or rear axles, there is a good chance that something is wrong with your Focus RS’ suspension system.

Because of their physical location of many of the Focus RS suspension parts, they are always at risk to errant contact with rocks or road debris, which could throw off the entire system. Driving around with impaired Focus RS suspension parts could turn a seemingly-innocent cruise down the highway into a bone-jarring nightmare in a hurry!

Find the Best Focus RS Suspension Upgrades at CJ Pony Parts

If you are experiencing a rough ride, no matter how severe, it would behoove you to start shopping around for replacement Focus RS suspension parts. Similarly, if you wish to lower your hatchback in order to improve cornering and achieve a more aggressive stance, you are going to need to make several Focus RS suspension upgrades. Replacing your factory components with aftermarket Ford Focus RS suspension parts will not only stabilize your ride but enhance your driving experience like never before!

Whatever goals that you have for your vehicle’s suspension system and ride height, CJ Pony Parts would love to help! CJ’s carries a nice selection of Focus RS suspension parts that can take your vehicle’s appearance and performance to the next level! Be sure to note your car’s year and other relevant information before you purchase any Focus RS suspension parts from CJ’s.

In order to accommodate a wide-range of customer needs, CJ’s offers a wide-range of Focus RS suspension parts, including lowering spring sets, lowering spring kits, and front sway bar kits, as well as an assortment of coilover kits. Investing in Focus RS lowering springs will lower the center gravity of your vehicle and provide a substantial increase in performance handling. These Focus RS lowering springs will lead to faster cornering and quick stops and will help eliminate body roll and nose diving under heavy braking.

If you are searching for Focus RS coilover kits, CJ’s has you covered! CJ’s sells Focus RS kits from both Pedders and SCT Suspensions. Regardless of which well-respected brand that you select, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting a coilover kit that will revamp your suspension system in no-time! These kits feature Focus RS coilovers that are adjustable and won’t interfere with your handling or your ride quality.

What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ’s for the best Focus RS suspension upgrades today!