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When was the last time that you checked on the condition of your Focus RS’ wheel well? If you have had a rough encounter with road debris or if the area is not getting it done for you visually, it would be wise to browse through CJ Pony Parts’ selection of replacement Focus RS Wheels & Tires. A new set of Focus RS wheels can revitalize the way that your car looks and performs. If you are looking to replace your Ford Focus RS wheels, be sure that you have located a set of corresponding Focus RS tires to go along with them.

After initially debuting in Europe in 2009, the Ford Focus RS made its way to the USA and the rest of the world several years later. A true cornerstone of the Ford Focus’ Third Generation, the Focus RS quickly became a popular option for autocross enthusiasts and thrill seekers alike. With an upgraded 2.3L engine, the Focus RS packs a lot of power into a small hatchback, which opens the door to many performance driving opportunities. Before you burn rubber on the course and challenge your friends however, it is important to make sure that your Focus RS wheels and tires are up to par.

Though your hatchback will leave the factory with perfectly-capable Focus RS wheels & tires, your stock equipment might not align with your vision of success, both visually and performance-wise. The Focus RS wheels provide Ford owners with a unique opportunity to customize their vehicles the way that they want them to look and perform. In addition to increased curb appeal, attaching aftermarket Ford Focus RS wheels to your vehicle will allow you to maximize your car’s horsepower and torque capabilities.

While attaching new Focus RS wheels can improve your car’s image and performance on the track, replacement rims are only half of the battle. If you have decided to replace your Ford Focus RS wheels, it is strongly recommended that you acquire new Focus RS tires at the same time. Though they don’t have the same aesthetic brilliance as the wheels, Focus RS tires are the last line of defense between your new wheels and the road’s surface. The proper Focus RS tires will maintain friction with the road’s surface, which will enhance your ride quality and improve your time in the quarter mile!

Find the Best Focus RS Wheels & Tires at CJ Pony Parts

Though you be may certain that you want to replace your stock equipment, choosing through the many Focus RS wheel options on the market can be overwhelming. Additionally, even if you have picked out which Ford Focus RS wheels that you want, finding a matching set of Focus RS can be a strenuous process. Luckily for you, CJ’s sells a wide selection of aftermarket Focus RS wheels, as well as Ford Focus RS wheel accessories that can be tailored to fit the needs of your sports sedan. Be sure to note your vehicle’s year before you purchase any Focus RS wheels or Focus RS tires from CJ Pony Parts.

Most stock Focus RS wheels are 18”, and CJ’s offers a number of 18” replacements, as well as several 19” options if you want to give larger rims a try. CJ’s features premium Focus RS rims from a number of well-respected brands, including TSW and HRE. These Ford Focus RS wheels come in a variety of different finishes, including matte gunmetal, gloss gunmetal, and gloss black. CJ’s sells Focus RS rims either individually, sets of four, or in complete wheel-and-tire packages. Be sure to note the wheels’ offset and backspacing before you make your final purchase.

One of the biggest issues that Ford owners have with factory Focus RS wheels is that they sit in too far. Thankfully, Focus RS wheel proximity is an easy fix, and CJ’s can help, with its diverse selection of wheel spacer kits. The wheel-spacing equipment available from CJ Pony Parts help push the wheels out to fill in the wheel arch better, which will help your car stand out even more. Like the Focus RS wheels, CJ’s offers hub centric wheel spacers in both black and silver.

In addition to Focus RS rims and wheel spacers, CJ’s offers lug nuts, wheel caps, and TPMS tools, which will ensure top performance from your Focus RS tires. Once your Ford Focus RS wheels & tires are in order, it is time to customize the rest of your vehicle. While you’re on the site, be sure to check out CJ’s selection of Focus RS body & appearance parts and interior components!