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Focus ST Suspension

Focus ST Suspension

Focus ST Suspension

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Though it is easy to take for granted sometimes, the value of having a smooth ride, regardless of the driving conditions cannot be understated. Unfortunately, not every roadway that you drive on is as smoothly paved as the federal highways, and you might have no choice but to come into contact with loose gravel or cracks in road on occasion. Thankfully, your Focus ST suspension parts protect the inside cabin from truly experiencing that bumps and slight drops on the road. Along with the wheels & tires, the Ford Focus ST suspension system is comprised of springs and shock absorbers that work together in order to create comfortable ride while the car is in motion. In addition to ensuring a smooth ride for the driver and passengers, the Focus ST suspension system helps secure the Focus ST engine parts in place in the midst of possible rugged driving conditions.

You may not be able to see it as it is happening, but your Focus ST suspension parts endure more stress than almost every other major system in your Ford car. Essentially, your Ford Focus ST suspension parts experience various bumps and bruises so that you don’t have to feel them. One of the most important functions of a Focus ST suspension system is to keep the wheels on the ground as much as possible, while maximizing friction between the tires and road surface. Without proper mechanisms to protect the wheels from the dips and potholes on the road, the tires would lose traction, and an innocent ride would turn into a white-knuckled nightmare.

If your ride is not as smooth as it once was or if you are noticing a great deal of activity around your front or rear axles, there is a good chance that something is wrong with your Focus ST suspension system. Replacing your factory equipment with aftermarket Ford Focus suspension upgrades will not only stabilize your ride, but enhance your car’s experience like never before!

Maintain Your Focus ST Suspension With Help From CJ's

Every Focus ST owner has a different set of goals for their sports sedans. Whether you want to drive your car on crowded city streets, windy back roads, or on the race track, you are going to want a Focus ST suspension system that corresponds with your vision. CJ Pony Parts would be happy to help tailor your Focus ST suspension system to best fit the individual needs of your car. Aftermarket Focus ST suspension upgrades not only increase safety, but also add curb appeal to your Focus ST body & appearance. Even if your Ford car’s ride quality is fine the way that is, there is always room for improvement, and CJ’s has plenty of Focus ST suspension parts that can help you do so.

When you think about a Ford Focus ST suspension system, the springs are typically one of the first parts that come to mind, and CJ Pony Parts offers a diverse selection of both coil and lowering springs. The Focus ST springs create a lower center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling capabilities. In contrast to the factory coil springs, the aftermarket upgrades from CJ’s deliver a superior ride quality and comfort, while providing your Focus ST with a more aggressive stance. By reducing the gap between the fender and the wheel gap, the Focus ST springs will help your sports sedans stand out among the pack. Each spring set lowers the front and the rear to different measurements and it is important to make sure that you buy the ones that will fit your specific Focus ST suspension system.

If you are looking for more noticeable performance upgrades, then it would be wise to invest in struts or shocks from CJ Pony Parts. The struts and shocks play essential roles in keeping the car from bouncing up and down when encountering unfavorable dips and drops in the road. CJ’s offers premium Focus ST shocks that can help your vehicle perform like a true sports car, while increasing off-roading capabilities. Additionally, CJ’s offers struts for both the drivers and passenger sides that are direct replacements for your original equipment. If you are looking for the full Focus ST suspension experience, the fine folks from Air Lift supply CJ’s with all-inclusive kits to give your car the best ride, handling, and look possible.

Now that your ride is smooth courtesy of your new Focus ST suspension parts, it is important to ensure that the rest of your Focus is up to par. While you’re on the site, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of Focus ST exhaust and interior parts!