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Focus ST Wheels and Tires

Focus ST Wheels & Tires

Focus ST Wheels and Tires
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The Ford Focus ST is a turbocharged machine on the inside, and it certainly looks the part on the outside. With its redesigned front bumper, combined with the enlarged air intakes, grille, and rear wings, the Focus ST has an aggressive stance that will stand out among the crowd. While it not entirely possible to give the car’s body a true appearance-altering facelift, you can certainly enhance certain exterior Focus ST parts. Customized Focus ST Wheels & Tires allow Ford drivers to add their own personal touch to their hot hatches. If you want a place to start for inspiration, you can even check out our Focus ST wheel guide.

It is no secret that the high-powered motor is one of the main reasons why people purchase Focus STs. With its turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine, Ford drivers can experience 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque, while zooming down either open roadways or the track. The term “burning rubber” gets thrown around quite a bit when discussing Ford STs, and none of that would be possible without properly-equipped Ford Focus ST wheels & tires. The Focus ST wheels & tires allow you to unlock all of that horsepower and torque from your engine while maintaining the traction with the surface that is required to keep your car in motion.

With all of the ‘rubber-burning’ going on while you are pushing your car to the limit, your Focus ST tires are constantly exposed to road debris or other hazardous material in its way. Even if your Focus ST tires somehow avoid harmful objects in the street, chances are that you will encounter roadways that are not evenly paved from time to time. Though they may not appear to be threatening on the surface, all of those cracks and dents in the road will leave lasting marks on your Focus ST tires, and eventually, they will need to be replaced.

Though your Focus ST wheels are protected by the tires, your rims are also at risk from road debris. If you ever encounter unfavorable road conditions, your Focus ST rims could be damaged and could literally become bent out of shape. Bent Focus ST rims can cause increased vibration at higher speeds, which can be detrimental to your suspension system. If your Focus ST wheels are bent or damaged in any way, it would be wise to replace them as soon as possible.

Upgrade Your Focus ST Wheels & Tires With Help From CJ's

Finding the correct aftermarket Focus ST wheels &tires for your hot hatch can be a stressful process. Thankfully, CJ Pony Parts is right here to help you better customize your Focus ST’s body & appearance your way! Eighteen-inch wheels come standard on most Focus STs, and CJ’s has plenty of aftermarket upgrades to best suit your new needs. CJ Pony Parts offers a wide selection of 18” Focus ST wheels, from a variety of respected vendors, available in either silver, black, or even bronze. If you are looking to add even more attitude to your already forceful exterior, why not upgrade to Focus 19” wheels? Ford Focus 19” wheels give your car a more aggressive stance and an even greater stage presence than it already has.

One of the biggest issues that Ford owners have with factory Focus ST wheels is that they sit in too far. Thankfully, Focus ST wheel proximity is an easy fix, and CJ’s can help, with its diverse selection of wheel-spacing parts. The wheel-spacing equipment available from CJ Pony Parts helps push the wheels out to fill in the wheel arch better, which will help you r car stand out even more. The fine folks from Gorilla supply CJ’s with premium wheel spacers for both the front and wheels to only increase curb appeal, but to also enhance your car’s handling performance. The hub centric wheel spacers are direct replacements for the factory hubs, and provide even distribution in load force and lateral support. Like the Focus ST wheels, CJ’s offers hub centric wheel spacers in both black and silver.

In addition to Focus ST rims and wheel spacers, CJ's offers lug nuts, wheel caps, and tire pressure sensor monitors, which will ensure top performance from your Focus ST tires. Once your Ford Focus ST wheels & tires are in order, it is time to customize the rest of your vehicle. If you are looking for the best riding-quality available, be sure to check out CJ’s selection of Focus ST interior parts!