Ford Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System Sport Stainless Steel 2-3/4" Dual Rear Exit With 4-1/2" Carbon Fiber Tips SuperCrew F-150 Raptor 2017-2020

Ford Performance:
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  • For 145" Wheelbase
  • 2.75" Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Dual 4.5" Carbon Fiber Tips
  • Stainless Steel Construction
MSRP $2,300.00
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Ford Performance 2-3/4" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System with 4-1/2" Carbon Fiber Tips for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 SuperCrew F-150 Raptors with a 145" Wheelbase.

Do you need a new exhaust for your 2017-2020 3 SuperCrew F-150 Raptor? Something that will give it a loud and aggressive exhaust note while also improving performance? If so, CJ Pony Parts has what you’re looking for: this Ford Performance Stainless Steel Sport Cat-Back Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips!

Features & Benefits:
- Aggressive Exhaust Note: 49-State Drive-By Noise Legal
- Tuned with One 3" Passive Exhaust Valve
- Made Out of High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel
- Comes with Dual Rear Exit 4-1/2" Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips with Printed Ford Logo
- 2-3/4" Exhaust Pipe with Ultra-Smooth Mandrel Bends and Warp-Free Flanges
- Installation Does Not Require Removal of Spare Tire

This Ford Performance (M-5200-F15RSCF) 2.75" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System is made out of high-quality 304 stainless steel and comes with dual rear exit 4.5" carbon fiber exhaust tips that are printed with the famous Ford logo! The rest of the system is also made from stainless steel with ultra-smooth mandrel bends and warp-free flanges. This cat-back exhaust system is tuned with one 3" passive exhaust valve that will give your F-150 optimal performance and a loud, aggressive exhaust note that’s 49-state drive-by noise legal! Plus, installation won’t require you to remove your spare tire.

Please Note: If you want to install this on a 2017-2020 Raptor with a 133" wheelbase, you’ll also need to order the right mid-pipe (see P/N: M5248F15R133).

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Exhaust is without a doubt one of the most popular modifications people make to their vehicles. Now, if you follow our YouTube channel, you know we do a lot of exhaust videos to give you as many options as possible. Now, exhaust is definitely a hot topic on the new 2017 Raptor, and we've shown you several systems already. Well, today we're gonna add another system to the mix, the Ford Performance by Borla Sport Cat-Back. Ford Performance once again teamed up with Borla to produce this stainless steel exhaust system, which will fit your 2017 Raptor. This is a complete Cat-Back exhaust system that includes a resonator and a Sport series muffler, and includes your option of tips. It's gonna come with either a carbon fiber tip, a black tip, or a polished tip.

For this installation, a lift or a jack and jack stands, 3/8 ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, 13-millimeter socket, 15-millimeter socket, short extension, and an exhaust hanger removal tool. Before beginning the installation, I wanna mention these systems are designed for the SuperCrew pickup truck, the factory, four-door pickup truck. If you have a SuperCab, the extended cab version, you will have to buy a separate pipe for installation. Now, our truck already had an aftermarket exhaust on it so we removed that prior to the installation. We'll be doing the installation of our Borla by installing the resonator.

Now, what you wanna do is you'll wanna tighten the bolts on the resonator evenly. So you'll wanna get somebody else to hold the pipe and keep it centered while you put the bolts in and tighten them down. We're gonna start this by tightening this clamp up, just to hold everything in place. All right. Now we're gonna put a clamp over the resonator. You wanna make sure the nut is facing to the outside of the pipe and down. Now we're gonna put the mid-pipes on. The mid-pipe without the hanger goes towards the drive shaft. These will probably have to be adjusted later, so we're just gonna snug them up for now. Now do the other pipe as well. We're put the clamp on, again, nut facing outside. In this case, you put the pipe up into place, you wanna put it up in the hanger as well. Again, just snug them up.

Install a set of clamps on the muffler assembly with the nuts facing down and to the outside. To put this on, you're gonna actually go over the axle first and then move forward. Again, you're gonna need to have some help for this part. Now we'll snug these clamps down as well. Also, start with the driver's side tail pipe. Put the crossover pipe into place, make sure you put a clamp on it. To get the rest of the tail pipe installed, we remove this hanger to give us more room to work. I'm gonna grab a clamp for the tail pipe, make sure you put it in a position where you can get to it. We're gonna reinstall the tail pipe hanger now, so we put this up into place. Okay. Now you put the other hanger back into place. We're gonna be able to snug the clamp up.

Now we can start on the driver's side. We're gonna start with the extension crossover pipe. Put the clamp on, again, in a spot, make sure you can get to it. We're gonna grab the tail pipe, put the clamp on, once again, in a position where you can get to it. We're gonna start by putting it into the rear hanger here. Tail pipe connected, we reinstall the hanger. Now you wanna go back through and make any adjustments, tighten down all the clamps, and your installation's finished.

All right. Now let's see how the Ford Performance Sport sounds. Kind of what I expected, a similar sound to the touring, little more volume. Let's take it out on the road and see how it sounds. All right, so as I expected, the Ford Racing Sport pretty much sounds like the Touring, more volume. That's pretty much typical Ford. It does seem like the pitch is a little bit different. I tell you this though, at cruising speeds, like right now we're in the dreaded drone zone and like a typical Borla, there's no drone. No worries about any of that at all. Tone does change when you get on it though, for sure.

If you're watching the video, you're probably hoping I'm gonna say, "This is the one. It sounds like a V8." No, it doesn't. Still sounds like a 6-cylinder because it's always going to. Like I mentioned in other videos, the EcoBoost 35's been out since 2011. If there was a way to make it sound like a V8, they'd have figured it out by now. Most of these are gonna give you that turbo six sound because that's what it is. I will say, it does seem like the turbos are more pronounced with this system. I definitely hear them a lot more, especially with the windows down. I'd probably say, out of all the systems we've done, this one, I think you hear the turbos the most. Which, I know the exhaust shouldn't make that much of a difference but the free-flowing exhaust plus a little bit of the back pressure, it's gonna make you hear the turbos differently on some of these different systems.

In this case, I think this one is probably the loudest, which I do like. On something like this, I like hearing the turbos. I like it on their EcoBoost. I like it on the Raptor. If it's a turbo vehicle, I wanna hear the turbos when I'm driving it. Exhaust-wise, definitely louder than the Touring system. It's not the loudest one we've put on the Raptor by any stretch. It's kind of gonna be, I'd say right in the middle with some of the other systems that we've done. If you're looking for a good system that can get a little louder when you want it to but is very tame for normal driving, the Ford Performance by Borla Sports, definitely a good choice.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following F-150 years:

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