Gibson Cat-Back Exhaust System 3" Dual Rear Exit Stainless Steel With 5" Polished Tips Supercrew F-150/Raptor 2017-2019



  • Gains Of 15 To 20 HP
  • 3" Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual 5" Polished Tips
MSRP $1,322.13
You save 43%

Gibson 3" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System with 5" Polished Tips for all 2017-2019 Supercrew F-150s/Raptors.

If you're ready to take your 2017-2019 Supercrew F-150/Raptor to the next level, then you'll definitely want to take a closer look at this Gibson Performance 3" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System from CJ Pony Parts! It's a great choice for those who like to go off-roading and are looking for an easy-to-install cat-back exhaust that will help boost torque and horsepower!

Features & Benefits:
- Ideal for Off-Roading
- Decreases Back Pressure and Increases Torque
- Increases HP by 15HP to 20HP
- Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel
- High Flow with Little to No Drone and Increased Flow over Stock
- Aggressive, Unique, Bold Exhaust Note
- Comes with Dual 5" Polished Exhaust Tips that Exit through the Rear
- Easy Bolt-On Installation: Replacement for Factory Piping with No Welding Required

This Gibson 69548 3" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System comes with dual 5" polished exhaust tips that exit through the rear of your Supercrew F-150 and produce an aggressive, bold but still unique exhaust note that's sure to turn heads as you're driving by! This cat-back exhaust decreases back pressure, increases torque and boosts horsepower by 15HP to 20HP, and each part of this system is made of sturdy stainless steel. Plus, installation is easy: this system is a bolt-on replacement for your factory piping that won't require any welding!

Are you looking for a high-quality exhaust system that gives you the most bang for your buck? If so, it would be wise to invest in a Gibson Performance Exhaust solution. Gibson Exhaust has a proven track record of producing quality exhaust systems that will not only increase horsepower and torque capabilities, but will improve your truck's fuel economy as well.

Order a Gibson 69548 3" Stainless Steel Dual Rear Exit Cat-Back Exhaust System with 5" Polished Tips for your 2017, 2018 or 2019 Supercrew F-150/Raptor from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Bill: When it was announced that the Ford Raptor was going to have a V6 engine a lot of enthusiasts were pretty upset. You can't deny the facts though, the EcoBoost out performs the V8 in every category except one, and that's exhaust, but thankfully that's something we can fix. I have Shawn here from Gibson's, gonna tell us about their Ford Raptor exhaust, and we're gonna install it on our 2017 Raptor.

Shawn: Hello guys. Much like yourselves, I've always been a fan of the Raptor. We've got the early model of Raptors, the previous year's with the 6.2 and V8, and I've been leery of the new Raptors as well with the twin-turbo V6-

Bill: You just don't get that growl you want from something called a Raptor.

Shawn: Exactly. There's just a tone that you really ... it's hard you get super excited about when you put your foot into it. We spent a lot of time in our in-house facility tuning these things to try and get that best sound. We went more towards the race inspired tuner, super-car type of sound to give it a real aggressive tone to fit it's looks, to fit it's muscle, to fit it's suspension. We utilized one of our newer technologies, it's our MWA muffler.

Bill: Okay, tell us about that. Obviously it doesn't come that way, but tell us about the insides of the muffler, and what makes that unique.

Shawn: It's a four by nine by thirteen stainless steel, oval muffler. It uses our MWA core which you can see right here, it's straight through. Guys, what you see in here is all you get. It's designed to do a couple different things. It's designed to actually create a resonance at idle to give you that deeper tone. Once you start getting some volume coming through it, these relief holes will actually create a positive pressure and then the Venturi creates a negative, it's going to scavenge this muffler, so now you have nowhere for this thing to resonate as it's scavenging it out. Once you get this thing wide open, it bypasses everything and it's straight through, flows more than any performance exhaust out there. It really lets this V6 breathe.

Bill: It allows you to get that deep tone at idle, yet a more aggressive wide open sound when you really get on it.

Shawn: A hundred percent. You can hear the turbo spool up, it's a pretty wicked sound. It's hard for us to actually explain what it's gonna sound like unless you have me over here trying to make some funny noises out of my mouth, you're all gonna laugh at me. I guess the best way for us to really hear what this American made exhaust is gonna sound like is to get it on this vehicle behind us.

Bill: Install it on the truck. Tell us about the materials you use, the tips, the other stuff that comes with the kit.

Shawn: This things offered in two ways. The factory system comes with black tips, so obviously we're gonna have a dual rear system with these five inch tips. They're available in black ceramic coated, or you'll see the 304 polished stainless steel. The entire system is stainless steel. It's guaranteed for life as long as you have that vehicle. If a hanger were to break, a weld were to crack, anything were to rattle or fail on it whatsoever, it's guaranteed for as long as you have that vehicle, and we'll stand behind it. We put our name on it as a guarantee to have your guy's back.

Bill: Like everything else Gibson, everything made here in the US, in-house, one hundred percent.

Shawn: One hundred percent made in the USA in southern California, including our tips.

Bill: Well I want to hear this thing, so let's get started with the install.

Shawn: Let's go for it.

Bill: For this installation, you'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, 1/2" ratchet, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, a couple extensions, swivel, 3/8" ratchet, 10mm socket, 1/2" socket, 9/16" socket, 1/2" wrench, 9/16" wrench, dead blow hammer or mallet, and a hanger removal tool.

We have our truck up in the air, the first thing we're gonna do obviously is remove the factory exhaust. It looks like you got this laid out ready to go as well here.

Shawn: Yeah, we definitely want to take all the parts, dry fit everything. You want to go over the instruction manual, make sure we've got all the components you're supposed to get, make sure you've got the clamps, everything. Just make sure there's no problems before you go and throw it on.

All right gentlemen, what we're gonna do is remove these rear brackets right here to aid in the removal of the factory system. As you can see it's kind of locked in here, so we want to get these things out of here, remove the tailpipes, and get this thing undone.

Now you're gonna use a 10mm socket or a wrench or a small 1/4" impact to buzz these things off. Make sure you save all the hardware, be cautious of it because you are gonna re-utilize all these parts. Again, make sure you save all the hardware. Put it in a safe place on top of your bench so you don't lose it, kick it or bend it or damage it. Once you got these things free, spin them out of the way. Now we're gonna move forward, get these tailpipes taken off.

All right guys, so right now we're in the process of removing the front head pipe. You have a slip joint connection and a flange connection. As you can see with these bolts facing upward, you have very little room to get in there. It's gonna be somewhat tricky, spend the time, find the right tool, be patient with it, you'll get it. It's not because you're doing it wrong, it's because it's just difficult to get to.

All right guys, you're gonna grab you 13mm socket, and now I'm gonna loosen up and disconnect the flange connection right here at the front of your exhaust. All right guys, we're gonna use this tool specifically designed to remove that rubber hanger right off there. You can see as it pushes and pulls at the same time. If you don't have this tool, a little bit of WD-40 or some sort of penetrating oil on there will make it much easier and a pry bar, just be careful when you're working it, otherwise you might end up punching your frame rail of some sort.

Now that we've got the exhaust away from them flanges and further back, we can now get to these two clamps in between the muffler and the resonator. You can use your favorite impact or favorite tool to take these things off. The muffler section is extremely heavy. You're going to want to hit the resonator forward to allow it to fall apart.

During the install, one of the little tricks that probably not mentioned in the instructions that you could possibly do is if you notice when installing this exhaust these bolts were actually facing upward, and what we did is we popped this little retainer clip off, pulled the clamp off, we gonna spin it around, clip it upside down, so that those bolts are facing downward. It's gonna allow you to really get at it and make sure that connection is tight and hopefully save your knuckles in the long run.

Now we're gonna install one of the key components of this system which is the three inch X pipe. All right, and here's the X pipe, three inch merge collector with a factory OEM flange and our slip connection. We're gonna slide this thing right up in here, and you see it's got a hanger for the OEM rubber grommet location. Slides right up.

First step of installing the rear driver side pipe is to remove the factory OEM hanger. Be sure when you slide it on that you're putting it back in the same way that it came off, otherwise you're gonna waste your time sliding this thing into the muffler, getting the whole system to dry fit only to find out that you put it in wrong. As you slide this into the muffler, you're then going to wedge this thing back into it's spot.

Now reinstall the factory hanger. Use the OEM bolt. Get the clip lined up.

Prior to installing the driver side three inch over axle tailpipe, you're going to remove the driver side pre-hanger located on the frame rail right behind the axle. You're gonna take this thing off. We're gonna slide the factory hanger onto our Gibson hanger. Now reinstall the OEM hanger to hold the tailpipe up in place.

Now that we've got the driver side tailpipe in place, got a good clearance, we're reinstalling the factory rear end hanger. You want to make sure that when you do tighten it, it is in position and the bottom of the hanger is sitting parallel with the bottom of the frame rail as the factory system was. If you're finding that this thing's hanging low, or up too high, not coming out straight, go back and make sure you do have these things positioned in their original area.

Now we're gonna install the over axle pipe. As you can see, it's got all the hangers for the OEM locations. You're gonna slide the mid hanger in as you slide it onto the over axle pipe. Now that we have that in place, we're going to reinstall the passenger hanger.

First, I'm going to take this clamp apart, we're gonna slide this thing back on here. As you can see, you want to tighten them both down evenly on each side. If you tighten down one side all the way, you're gonna overpass the threads to the point where it's not threading any more to the weak point of the bolt, and it will break, and it will snap, so be cautious of that. Now repeat that process for the other six clamps.

The moment you've all been waiting for, the installation of these beautiful Gibson polished stainless steel tips right? Or was it the sound you guys were looking for? Either way, after you've checked everything, make sure you got clearance from all your leaf springs, your spare tires, everything. Maybe you've yanked on it, moved it. Got this thing to sit exactly how you want it? It's time to install these tips.

Once you've installed these tips, one thing you want to do before you go run this thing, go play with this thing, is make sure you clean all your fingerprints off of it, otherwise they can potentially stain this thing. The grease and stuff will burn into it, and it'll make your beautiful tips not look good. If you got the black ceramic ones, clean them up too. Want to make sure these 304 American made tips look awesome. We're gonna get these tips installed, get them tighten down, and we're gonna fire this thing up. I think that's really what you guys have been waiting for.

All right, so what do you think? You've seen the exhaust. You saw how we put it on. You've listened to it. You see it with the five inch tips. What are your thoughts?

Bill: The tips are killer. They fit the look of the truck. I'd prefer black down the road, but the polished tips would work depending on what color you're going with. It sounds good. It sounds like an EcoBoost. If you're looking for that V8 sound, you're just not going to get it out of an EcoBoost, but it has an aggressive turbo sound. I like that you hear the turbos even through the mufflers, and you have the kind of sound you're looking for.

Shawn: It's definitely an EcoBoost sound. It took a lot for me to find a sound that I felt was okay. Nothing's ever going to compare to the sound of a big V8 when you put your foot into it, I feel like desert trucks and stuff like this should sound like a V8. I mean there's only one truck that I can think of ever in the off-racing histories that sounded of anything different than a V8, and I don't know if you remember but it's an old Duralast truck. Had a sweet eight into one exhaust. It had this really wicked sound. Any of you guys watching, if you ever watch off-road racing, you remember that Duralast truck. That's the sound I was trying to go with this truck.

Bill: Okay, so more of an off- road race sound as opposed to your typical V8 sound.

Shawn: Exactly.

Bill: You're just not going to get that out of a six cylinder truck.

Shawn: You're definitely not. This particular one is gonna be that combination of when you step one it, it's gonna have a race, raspy, unique sound. When you're cruising, a very minimal to no drone whatsoever. At idle, kind of give you that deep rumble. I want to say big block or V8 sounds, we're not there yet.

Bill: But it has that deeper idle tone, and then again, it gets more aggressive the more deeper you're in the pedal.

Shawn: Exactly. It's guaranteed for life. The only thing we won't warranty is the tires. All that extra power, you'll be burning through some tires. You better get yourself a tire sponsor, but anything either break, fail, anything on here, you guys are covered for as long as you have the vehicle.

Bill: You watched the installation. It's a little time consuming, but it's not that hard to do. Figure about an hour or two, and you're back on the road in no time.

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