Gotta Have It Street

New CPC Hood Struts Eliminate the Hood Prop on Gotta Have It Street

The hood prop rod on any Mustang is annoying--it gets in the way when you're working on your car, so many owners like to replace them with the hood strut kit from California Pony Cars. Bill shows us how on Gotta Have It Street, our 2013 Mustang GT.

  • STO-N-SHO detatchable license plate installed on Gotta Have It Street

    The front license plate, required in many states, is an ugly distraction. With the STO-N-SHO detatchable frame, Bill uses Gotta Have It Street to show how you can keep yourself legal on the road, yet looking good at the show.

  • CPC Antenna Cover styles Gotta Have It Street

    Looking to hide the antenna on the trunk of your Mustang? Do like we did for Gotta Have It Street and install one of CPC's painted to match Antenna Covers. Bill shows you how.

  • Roush Lower Grille added to our 2013 Mustang GT

    We already installed the Roush Upper Grille. Now Bill shows us how to install the Roush Lower Grille on Gotta Have It Street, to complete the look and add even better airflow.

  • Roush Side Skirts/Rear Splitters add style to Gotta Have it street

    After the installation of the new grill and front splitter, the only way to continue that stylish look throughout the rest of the car was with the new Roush Side Skirt and Rear Splitter. Today, Bill shows you how easy it is to install these part and how great they look on our 2013 Mustang GT.