Mustang Ford Racing V6 Short Throw Shifter (2005-2009) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • 10 mm Wrench
  • 13 mm Wrench
  • 10 mm Socket & Ratchet
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
Install Difficulty:
  • Moderate
  • Moderate Project
1. To begin the installation of you new Mustang Ford Racing M-7210-MV6 Short Throw Shifter, unscrew your old shifter knob (counterclockwise).
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
2. Remove the Mustang shifter boot by going to the front and pushing back until it pops out of place. Then push slightly forward as you pull the shifter boot up.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
3. Simply pop out the Mustang shifter knob out of the boot and set these parts aside.
4. Take out the rubber dust boot by carefully pulling it back until you can pull it straight up, out of the Mustang floor pan and over the stock shifter assembly, without much resistance.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
5. Now lift the car, drive it on ramps, or jack it up (be sure to use the proper jack points and do NOT rely solely on a floor jack to hold the car up).
6. Next, remove the nut that holds the linkage rod to the shifter using a 13mm wrench. Keep the stock nut - you will need it later. Then remove the linkage rod from the shifter (I would recommend resting it on the Mustang driveshaft to avoid damaging the linkage rod).
7. Now take a 10mm wrench and remove the nut that holds the shifter to the side of the Mustang transmission; save this nut as well, it will be used again.
8. Next take the socket wrench with the extender and 10mm socket and remove the two nuts that are supporting the rear of the Mustang shifter. Save these two nuts also. (This step will take some time because the area to move the socket wrench is limited).
9. Now that the two nuts are removed, remove the black bracket that is behind the two nuts from the rear rubber isolator and set the black metal bracket aside. This will also need to be reused.
10. Now lower the stock shifter and angle it to get the back side up through the hole in the transmission tunnel. This will be very tight and may rub the side of the tunnel a bit. Next, remove the shifter from inside the car and set it aside.
11. Remove the metal flanged sleeve from the front of the stock shifter with the flat head screw driver. You will need to ease the head of the screwdriver under the metal and carefully pop the piece out. It will most likely be fairly tight and will take some time. Once out, put mental flanged sleeve into the front of the new Ford Racing short throw shifter.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
12. Next remove the two plastic bushings from the bottom of the stock shifter handle head using the flat head once again. These are much easier to get out and shouldn't take much strength or time. Now place the two plastic bushings into the new Mustang shifter handle head.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
13. Put the new Ford Racing Short Throw shifter through the transmission tunnel hole from the inside of the car (front first). This will be essentially the opposite process of how you removed your stock shifter.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
14. Now take the 10mm "hex" nut you removed from the stock shifter and LOOSELY install (using the 10mm wrench) it to hold the new Ford Racing Short Throw shifter onto the transmission.
15. Next go to the back and put the black metal bracket back into place by putting it around the new rubber isolator (you may need to slightly adjust the rubber isolator in the new shifter to ensure that it aligns with the black metal bracket).
16. Take the two 10mm nuts that were removed from the stock shifter and now LOOSELY install them back onto the new Ford Racing Short Throw shifter with the socket wrench, extender and 10mm socket used earlier. This step (much like the removal) will take a good bit of time.
17. Now connect the linkage rod into the new shifter.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
18. Take the 13mm bolt that was used on the stock sifter and use the 13mm wrench to install it onto the new Mustang shifter. Proceed to tighten this to where it is snug, but not too tight, to ensure it doesn't break.
19. Go back and tighten the 10mm nut to the same specifications as the 13mm nut (snug but not too tight).
20. Finally, tighten the two 10mm nuts holding the black metal bracket up (again, using the specifications from the last two steps). WARNING: There are no specific torque "settings" for the 10mm nut, 13mm nut and the two 10mm nuts. Make sure they aren't too tight to ensure they won't break, and that they aren't too loose to ensure they won't fall off.
21. Now go back up to the cockpit of the car and take your two attaching bolts and star washer and place them to connect the shifter handle to the new chrome shifter "arm". Now use a 7/32 Allen wrench to tighten attaching bolts and star washers to the new arm (make sure these are on tightly too, otherwise you will get vibrations on the new shifter arm).
22. Take the rubber dust boot and put it back into place. You will want to make sure that the wide lip on the bottom of the rubber dust boot is under the transmission tunnel in order for a proper fit.
23. Now take the new boot rubber isolator and slide it onto the chrome shifter arm. You can place it as low or high as you want.
24. Now take your Mustang shifter boot that was set aside earlier and pop it back into please in the opposite way you took it off. Then take the top of the shifter boot and put it around the rubber boot isolator.
25. Now put your new shifter head jam nut into place.
26. Screw on your new Ford Racing shifter knob onto the shifter jam nut.
27. Now back up the ball so that the shifting pattern is in its proper place and then back up the shifter jam nut to where it holds the ball (with the pattern in its proper place) firmly in place, this ensuring the pattern won't move out of place.
Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter Install Image
28. Congrats, you are now done with your Mustang Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter installation and the most important step needs to take place next: go out and enjoy your car with the new shifter!