MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust Kit Street Series 2-1/2" Stainless Steel Without Active Exhaust EcoBoost 2015-2021

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  • 2.5" Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Dual 4.5" Polished Tips
  • Without Factory Active Exhaust
  • Street Friendly Exhaust Note
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MagnaFlow Stainless Steel 2-1/2" Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust Kit for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 EcoBoost Mustangs without the Factory Active Exhaust Option.

Looking for a way to wake up the sound of your new 2015-2021 EcoBoost Mustang? This Stainless Steel 2-1/2" Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust Kit from MagnaFlow is going to provide smooth rumble and a deep street friendly exhaust note.

This complete system, includes all the necessary mounting hardware for installation. The MagnaFlow kit will mount in all of the factory exhaust mounting locations and exits through your rear valance. The 4-1/2" polished stainless steel tips fill up the exhaust cutouts much better than the small stock muffler tips. The Street Series Mufflers included with this kit provide a louder than stock sound without turning heads everywhere you drive like the Competition Series may.

Features and Benefits:
- Made From 2-1/2" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Tubing
- Proven to Increase both Horsepower and Torque
- 4-1/2" Polished Stainless Steel Tips
- Deep Street Friendly Exhaust Note
- All Welded Construction and Built To Last
- Easy Bolt-In Installation

*Will not fit 2019 or 2020 EcoBoost Mustangs that are equipped with the Active Exhaust Option from the factory.

This MagnaFlow Stainless Steel 2-1/2" Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust Kit will transform your EcoBoost Mustang's exhaust note into the sound it’s meant to have. With performance in mind, MagnaFlow designed this Cat-Back Exhaust Kit for reduced mass to get your Mustang around town and to the track that much faster. And with the prestigious MagnaFlow name, you know these parts are built to last with all mandrel bent tubing and precise fitment around the brand new 2015-2021 Mustang’s independent rear suspension.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Finding the right exhaust tone for the EcoBoost Mustang is definitely a hot topic online right now. People are finally coming to terms with the fact that it's going to sound like a 4-cylinder turbo because honestly that's what it is. It doesn't mean you can't make it sound better than the factory pipes.

MagnaFlow has been in the game a long time and it's well known for their high-quality systems with a nice rich tone to them. Will that deep, rich tone transfer over to the EcoBoost Mustang? Today, we're going to install their street system and find out.

The system we're going to be installing is the MagnaFlow street cat back which is a direct replacement for the factory cat back on your 2015 ecoboost Mustang. Starts with a single pipe into a wide pipe. It's all mandrel bent stainless steel through a set of their street mufflers and [inaudible 00:00:46] set of 4 1/2 inch polished tips. The street has a nice deep rich tone not being overly loud which should be a real nice match-up for the EcoBoost engine.

We'll start off with some stock sounds. For this installation, you'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, 1/2 inch ratchet, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, swivel and a 6-inch extension.

You want to start with the installation by getting your car off the ground. The first thing we're going to do is separate the resonator from the factory downpipe. Pull the tap and slide the clamp forward. Next, move onto the two bolts that hold these clamps on to your rear subframe. Remove the bolts. These are actually hooked in place so they will stay on.

Removing the existing cat back, especially, on a lift is going to be a two person job. What you want to do is grab the back and somebody grab the front, pull these clips off, slide it backwards and separate it from the front. Then, slide it forward to get it off the rear hangars. Thank you.

We're going to remove these clamps. We will need them with the new exhaust. Usually come off pretty easily on a new pipe. Now, put the Y pipe into place. It has a curve on it that matches the factory curve. The curve will go towards your driver side and center the Y pipe. Just get them tight enough to hold in place. We will also adjust later. Now, grab one of the tail pipe extensions. We'll put the factory bracket on here. Also, put a clamp and put it up into place.

Reinstall the bolt for the factory hangar. Then, snug up the clamp for the tail pipe extension. Don't get it real tight, you'll still want to be able to adjust it. Put a clamp on the muffler. We'll start by putting the muffler on the factory rear hangar. We're going to get it where we want it and tighten it down. Now I want to repeat the process on the other side.

Once you get everything fitted you're going to go back through and tighten everything down. Our installation is finished.

Now the part you're waiting for. Let's see how it sounds. As far as different exhaust systems we have had on the EcoBoost this does have the deepest tone. Driving down the road, MagnaFlow competition system just makes all the right noises. This is probably, I'd say one of my favorite exhausts I've heard on the EcoBoost so far if you're looking for a deeper tone. If you like the sound of a loud 4-cylinder turbo, there are plenty of systems that will do that. This is not one of them. But this system has a great sound as far as a deep tone goes.

With our JLT quarter intake and the MagnaFlow our EcoBoost is just making all the right noises. Now, you can hear the turbo, hear the blow-off a little bit. Like I said, the exhaust has a really nice deep tone. Let's get up to highway speeds here and see how it is. 2000 RPM cruising on the highway, don't even hear it. Like you can hear a very, very low tone but you almost have to listen for it. It's not loud and intrusive at all.

As soon as you downshift though it picks up and sounds good. Except not overly loud, but just, it's got a really good tone. The most V8 sounding exhaust I've heard so far for the EcoBoost Mustang. Almost kind of reminds me of that deep tone that Ford tried to kind of put through the speakers EcoBoost Mustang but actually produced by an exhaust system and not an amplifier and a speaker.

Going through the gears, getting on it a little bit, like I said it sounds good. It's a nice deep tone. It's nice and healthy, real crisp sounding. No hint of that fart canned sound whatsoever. I know a lot of people are worried about that with the EcoBoost Mustang. With the MagnaFlow street system, not at all. Like I said, it's that deep rich tone that you're kind of used to from MagnaFlow exhausts.

If you haven't driven an EcoBoost yet, I do suggest taking one for a test drive. It's amazing. This car's stock was fun, but it definitely kind of just lacked that higher end power. Was good down low. Now, with the tune, the JLT, and the exhaust, this things a blast to drive.

MagnaFlow's street cat back system is the best option we have found so far. If you're looking for that deep rich tone out of your 2015 EcoBoost Mustang. Like all MagnaFlow products, it's high quality stainless steel. Fit and finish is excellent. Installation will take you around an hour. For more installation videos for your 2015 EcoBoost make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out for the best selection of 2015 Mustang parts.

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