MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust System Street 3" Stainless Steel XP Series Without Active Exhaust Mustang EcoBoost Fastback 2015-2022

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  • 3" XP Series Cat Back
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual 4-1/2" Black Tips
  • EcoBoost W/O Active Exhaust
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MBRP Stainless Steel XP Series 3" Street Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Fastback EcoBoost Mustangs without the Factory Active Exhaust Option.

Have you just purchased a new Fastback EcoBoost S550 Mustang? If so, we are sure you noticed upon starting the engine, just how quiet your new pony car actually is. Enter MBRP, with a solution that will not break the bank and will provide you with the right sound and performance you demand. MBRP introduces their new tame, yet aggressive, not wake your neighbors up in the morning kind of option with the Stainless Steel XP Series 3" Street Cat-Back Exhaust System with dual 4-1/2” polished T409 exhaust tips for your Fastback EcoBoost Mustang!

Features and Benefits:
- Tame, Yet Pronounced Street Version
- Polished 4-1/2” Stainless Steel Tips
- Large 3” T409 Stainless Steel Piping for Maximum Flow
- Utilizes Included Y-Pipe for an Improved Exhaust Note
- Includes All Necessary Clamps and Hardware
- 100% Bolt-On Installation

An MBRP performance exhaust system is the starting point to getting the most from your cold air intakes, tuners, and other bolt-ons. Combined with an aftermarket downpipe, this system will not only sound amazing, but also show great power gains due to drastically improved flow capacity. Furthering those power gains is a high-flow Y-Pipe and large 3” mandrel-bent T409 Stainless Steel piping all capped off with polished 4-1/2” tips.

Installation is a walk in the park with a lift and not too bad with a jack and jack stands, take into consideration it’s a 100% bolt-on installation with basic hand tools. This exhaust system spent numerous hours on the dyno and hundreds of miles on the street and track to guarantee the best performance imaginable. MBRP's cat-back system was engineered to maximize exhaust flow and in turn minimize exhaust temperatures.

The new 2.3L EcoBoost engine has just made its introduction into the Mustang, but already has been proven to make huge amounts of power, but the exhaust note just isn’t there to back up the potential that rests beneath your hood. This cat-back system from MBRP will take your EcoBoost S550 to the next level without making your ears ring. The exhaust notes of this particular system are subtle and civilized during normal driving, but quite aggressive when your gas pedal hits the floor.

Vehicle Fitment:
- 2015-2022 Fastback EcoBoost Mustang without Factory Active Exhaust Option

*This Exhaust System from MBRP will NOT work on Convertible Mustangs or 2019+ EcoBoost Mustangs that are equipped with the Active Exhaust Option from the factory.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We recently installed MBRP's Race Series Cat-Back on our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang. While the Race Series sounds great, the volume associated might be a bit much for some people's tastes, and that's where the MBRP Street System comes in. Cosmetically, it's virtually the same system, but it uses a slightly larger muffler to give you the same tone but keep the volume down.

There's two versions of the Street System available, just like the Race. You have the Black Series which is 3" aluminized piping with black paint and the XP Series which is 409 stainless steel. Today, we're going to install the 409 Stainless Steel XP Street System on our 2015 EcoBoost Fastback.

The MBRP Street Series Cat-Back will work with either a stock or aftermarket downpipe. It's made of 3" stainless steel piping that goes through a Y-pipe into a set of mandrel-bent tailpipes through the street series mufflers, ending in a set of 4-1/2" polished tips.

For this installation, we'll need a lift or a jack and jack stands, 3/8" ratchet, 13mm socket, 15mm socket, 5/16" Allen key, short extension, swivel, and exhaust hanger removal tool.

We already have an aftermarket system installed in our EcoBoost, but the removal of this will be the exact same as the factory system. We'll start by taking off these two bolts here, remove the two bolts up front for the clamp, slide it back to release the clamp, and slide it forward off the rear hangers.

Because of the weight and size, we suggest you get help getting this whole system off.

We'll start by installing the Y-pipe. You want to make sure this plate here is facing down. We're going to install it into the factory clamp and keep it centered. Just get it tight enough to hold it in place. I can move on to the tailpipe.

Start the tailpipe by putting the clamp up into place. We're going to be keeping the bolts on the inside. It makes it easier to tighten them later. We're going to put the factory hanger on the tailpipe and put it up into place.

Leaving everything loose, we can do the same thing now on the driver's side. Now I can push up everything into place and tighten it down. Now we'll tighten the fronts bolts and then reinstall the bolts for the rear hangers. Now we can move on and install the tips. Slide the tip over the tailpipe, then we'll adjust it for fitting it. Okay, repeat the process on the driver's side. Your installation's finished.

Now, let's see how the MBRP Street sounds. Idles very similar to what we expected, kind of like the Race. It has that deep tone, just a little quieter. Yeah, it sounds good so far. Let's take it for a ride.

My first impression of the MBRP Street is it's pretty much exactly what I thought it was going to sound like. It has the same kind of tone as the Race, but I'd say maybe 20%-25% less volume overall.

Here we are highway speeds at 2,000 rpm. You could really barely hear it, where when we had the Race System on the car you knew it was back there. It had that aftermarket tone. Here, you got a slight deep tone you can hear but barely noticeable.

A great choice if you want a little bit of a deeper tone out of your EcoBoost but you're not looking for something overly loud, the MBRP Street would definitely be one to look at. The MBRP Street would definitely be a system I would consider looking at. If you're looking for something that has a nice deep tone to it and not overly loud but definitely sounds better than factory, this is the system you'll want to check out.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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