Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler Black Mustang Mustang EcoBoost 2015-2022

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  • Direct Fit
  • Increased Fin Surface Area
  • 25% Increased Core Volume
  • Tig-Welded Construction
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Mishimoto Black Front Mount Intercooler for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 EcoBoost Mustangs.

If you are in the market to keep your 2015-2022 EcoBoost Mustang running cool and smoothly with the help of an aftermarket intercooler, then look no further than Mishimoto’s new front mount intercooler, a must-have upgrade for those who are looking to take their EcoBoost Mustang well beyond stock power levels!

Features and Benefits:
- Direct-fit for the 2015-2022 EcoBoost Mustang
- 35°F Reduction in Air Inlet Temperature
- 58% Overall Increase in Core Size
- 25% Overall Increase in Internal Core Volume
- 165% Overall Increase in External Fin Surface Area
- Cast End Tanks and In-Tank Diverter Provide Optimal Flow
- Stock Location Prevents Airflow Blockage to Radiator and AC Condenser
- Maintains Ideal Aerodynamics by Retaining Stock Active Grille Shutters
- Installs in Under 2 Hours Without Having to Remove Front Bumper Cover
- All-aluminum TIG-Welded Bar-and-Plate Construction

Turbocharged 4-cylinder engines produce extremely hot charge air temperatures very quickly, and the stock tube-and-fin EcoBoost intercooler can suffer from heat soak even after a short period of time. Mishimoto even designed this intercooler to fit with the stock active grille shutters and mount in the OE intercooler location.

Construction starts with cast end tanks that are CFD-tested for maximum airflow and includes an in-tank air diverter on the hot side to provide optimal flow through the core. Testing has shown that this Intercooler reduces intake temperatures by 35°F with minimal pressure loss.

With a 25% increase in core volume and a 165% increase in external fin surface area, your 2015-2022 EcoBoost Mustang will be running more efficiently in no time.

This Kit Includes:
(1) Mishimoto Black Intercooler
- (1) M6 x 1.0 x 20mm Flange Bolt
- (1) M4 x 0.7 x 12mm Button Head Bolt
- (1) M4 Lock Washer
- (1) MAP Sensor O-Ring

Please Note:
- This Mustang intercooler is rated for approximately 550whp. Exceeding these horsepower limits could require a custom-size front-mount intercooler.
- This Front Mount Intercooler WILL work with the Mishimoto Mustang EcoBoost Oil Cooler Kits (NOT Included).

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

This item is 50-state legal (CARB E.O. Number D-759)

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Everybody knows that a turbocharger's a great way to add horsepower. Because it runs off your exhaust system, it's also going to create a lot of heat. Any good turbo system's going to include a intercooler to keep your inlet air temperatures down.

The factory intercooler on the EcoBoost Mustang does an okay job at stock boost levels. As soon as you turn the boost up, it becomes very inefficient, creates a lot of heat so that's going to cost you horsepower. The best way to fix that is with a good aftermarket intercooler. Today we're going to install Mishimoto's intercooler on our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang.

The Mishimoto Intercooler is going to be a direct replacement for the factory intercooler on your 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, requires no cutting, and will work with the factory shutter system.

It's available in the black shown here as well as a silver finish if you want it to be more visible. This intercooler is made of 100% TIG welded aluminum with cast ends. It's going to have 58% larger core size, 25% larger core volume, and 165% more fin surface area than the factory intercooler. This is going to result in air intake temperature drops of up to 35 degrees over the stock intercooler.

Mishimoto rates this intercooler up to 550 rear wheel horsepower which is more than any EcoBoost is currently making. This is an excellent choice for any 2015 EcoBoost Mustang.

For this installation, we need a lift or a jack and jack stands, small flat blade screwdriver, quarter inch ratchet, seven thirty-second socket, seven millimeter socket, 8 millimeter socket, 10 millimeter socket, seven millimeter wrench, 10 millimeter wrench, T-25 Torix bit, and a two point five millimeter Allen key.

You're going to have two options for installing the Mishimoto intercooler on your EcoBoost Mustang. You can install it with the front bumper on or you can remove it. We're going to remove it because honestly it's no that hard to remove. It gives you a lot more space.

If you choose to leave the bumper cover on, you're going to have to remove your cold air intake, overflow bottle, radiator, and several other components to give yourself enough space to get down to it. Like I said, taking the bumper cover off isn't that hard. We're going to go that route and show you how to install it.

We'll start the installation underneath the car by removing the splash pan. The splash pan was held in place by a bunch of screws, and then a few plastic clips as well. We'll move on to the three clips in the wheel well area. You want to pull the splash shield back so you can access. There's a seven millimeter screw right here, holds the fender to the bumper cover. You want to make sure you remove this. If you try to pull the bumper cover off without it, you're going to rip it.

Then you're going to repeat the process on the side and move up to the radiator support. Up at the top of the engine, we're going to start with the eight clips that hold the radiator support cover to the radiator itself; same style push pins as down below. With the cover out of the way now we can remove the six screws here that hold the cover to the edge of the support.

There's two little screws on each side underneath the weather strip. Simply push it back and remove those next. Now we're going to pop the front of the cover here off the little plastic alignment tabs. We'll start in the corners and remove it. The sides are held on by clips. Just get your hand underneath there, give a little tug, it'll pop right off. You want to make sure you unplug all the lights. Put the bumper cover aside.

Here you can see the factory front mount air cooler right below the factory radiator. The nice thing with the Mishimoto, it's going to fit right in the factory location, and require no modification. To get this out, though, we'll start by removing the brackets, then disconnect the piping, and the map sensor, and then remove it.

Now we'll move on to the mounting hardware for the radiator itself. It's actually one bolt that holds it in beyond the tubing. It's going to be this one over here on the passenger side. We'll remove that first. While we're here, we're going to loosen up the clamp for the intercooler piping.

Now move over to the driver's side. Disconnect the plug on top of the intercooler for the factory map sensor, push that aside. Now we can start removing the intercooler itself. Get a grip and move these out of the way so you can see. This right here, you pull down on that. That should pop the intercooler free.

Once this clip is off down here, basically what you're going to do is push the intercooler up and out. It's got to clear this little edge here to get it out. If you're pushing up against the radiator and you don't have enough room, simply go to the top, unbolt the radiator brackets, that'll allow it to go up just enough to get it out. Sometimes though you can get lucky and there is enough space down here. You can push this up and get it out of the way. Once they're both off, then start removing the charge pipes. This stuff actually can be moved out of the way. Just walk it out.

Here you can see the massive size difference between the factory Ford intercooler and our Mishimoto intercooler. While we have these on the table, we're going to pull off the map sensor and transfer it over. Put a little lubricant on the O ring to make the installation easier. We'll put it in place on our Mishimoto intercooler. We're going to tighten it down with the supplied hardware. Now it's ready to install back on our car.

Since it is the direct fit, the Mishimoto intercooler is going to fit on the stock brackets with the addition of one small piece of hardware. It's a little larger. It's a little more cumbersome to get up into place. If you take your time, it will fit in. Make sure your charge pipes are lining up as well. Get them both started before we put it on the brackets. We're going to snug up the clamps. I'm going to bring this over so it's lined up, push it on to the factory brackets.

With it seated in place we'll reinstall the factory hardware over on the passenger side then we'll move on to the driver's side. The driver's side is getting installed by putting this small set screw in the bottom here. Actually what you can do is just thread that up back behind the plastic. We're going to plug the map sensor back in. Definitely don't want to forget that step there and reinstall the lower bracket. We're going to reinstall the lower support. There's a specific way it goes. It is labeled. Make sure it goes the right way. We're going start all the bolts, just get them hand tight. Make sure all the clips are lined up before we tighten anything down. Once we're all started we can tighten them all down.

With the intercooler mounted, now we can reverse the steps by installing the bumper cover, the upper radiator cover, and then the lower splash shield. Make sure you don't forget to plug everything back in. Your installation's finished.

Our Mishimoto intercooler kit fit great, required no permanent modifications. We know it's going to do a great job of keeping our inlet temperatures down and our horsepower numbers up. The installation's pretty straight forward, will take you around two hours start to finish. You'll be back on the road in no time. For more installation videos for your 2015 Mustang, make sure you subscribe to our You Tube channel and check out cjponyparts.com for a great selection of 2015 Mustang parts.

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