Mopar Center High-Mounted Third Brake Light Relocation Kit Jeep Wrangler JL 2018-2022

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  • Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Direct Fit Replacement
  • Laser Cut Grill Design

Mopar Center High-Mounted Third Brake Light Relocation Kit for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Jeep JL Wranglers.

Are you wanting to get started with some modifications to your 2018-2022 JL Wrangler? If you’re thinking about upgrading to larger tires, you’ll want this Center High-Mounted Third Brake Light Relocation Kit (82215349AB) from Mopar. This kit can be paired with other tailgate modification systems, or used as a stand-alone component.

This Center High-Mounted Third Brake Light Relocation Kit lets you add a 35” or larger tire on your factory spare tire mount and move the third brake light to the center on top of the backup camera. This relocation kit can be used with the Mopar Spare Tire Carrier (82215355) and if used with the tailgate reinforcement system (82215356AB), up to a 37” spare tire can be mounted.

CJ’s offers a wide-assortment of Mopar Jeep parts that can take your Wrangler to the next level, both visually and performance-wise. If you are looking to enhance your compact’s exterior appearance or perhaps replace components that are damaged or missing altogether, be sure to note CJ’s collection of Mopar bumpers, decals, fuel doors, splash guards, and more.

Order a Mopar (82215349AB) Center High-Mounted Third Brake Light Relocation Kit for your 2018-2022 Jeep JL Wrangler from CJ Pony Parts today!

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Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're gonna show you the perfect solution if you're running an oversized tire on the back of your JL Wrangler.

If you're running a larger sized wheel and tire on the back of your JL and wanna maintain visibility of your third brake light, today, we're gonna be installing this Mopar third brake light relocation bracket onto our 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler.

This third brake light relocation bracket features everything you need to get your factory third brake light into the center of your wheel and tire. It features a durable aluminum construction with the extended lug nuts, allowing you to bolt it right up in the center of your tire.

This bracket won't interfere with your reverse camera and also features a cool little cut out on the back of the signature Jeep grill.

With that being said, let's get it installed.

Tools you need for this installation: 1/4" ratchet, T-258 Torx bit, T-45 Torx bit, medium extension, 1/2" ratchet, and a 22mm socket.

Before you start this installation, make sure to disconnect your batter cables, both positive and negative. After you do that, we're gonna start by removing our spare tire.

There's gonna be seven torque screws around the outside of this CHMSL, here. You're gonna pull those off and set them aside.

Then, pop the back part of the bracket off.

This part of the third brake light is what we're gonna be relocating. There's two T-25 torque screws on the back. Let's get those pulled off, then we can get this connection removed.

Make sure you retain these screws, as you will be reusing them.

On the backside of the third brake light, you can now push in the tab, pull your connection apart, set this aside for later.

This top part of the third brake light, where we just pulled it off, you're not gonna reuse it, you can set it aside.

The next step is going to be to put the tire back onto our tire carrier.

Use the included extended lug nuts with the threaded end and you're gonna put those two at the top.

Then we're going to use one of our previous lug nuts for the bottom.

The included lug nuts are going to use a 22mm socket to get them tight.

Then our aftermarket lug nut, here, is going to use a 19mm socket.

We're going to feed the wire through our spoke, here. With different wheels, you're gonna feed them through differently. I like to go through at the top.

Once you have it through, we're gonna put this rubber O-ring over the connection and this will go into the back of the bracket we're going to be installing.

There you go.

So, now you're going to grab the bracket where the third brake light goes, and I have it in this manner in this orientation, you're gonna take the wire and come through the back. There's a hole there. Then, right up through the center.

This O-ring is gonna go on the back, there, and you can really see it right now, but I'll show you when it's done. It's just gonna sit in there and protect it from rubbing.

As you can see, it's completely seated. It's gonna protect the wires from rubbing on the metal to give it a nice, clean look.

Now, we can take these two Torx bolts and thread them into the lug nuts. You actually go from the outside. The little headlight cutout on this grill is where you put your socket through. I'll just get them started by hand, then come back with the ratchet.

The next step is going to be to attach your third brake light. What I'm going to do first, is reattach the electrical connection in the back.

Take off those two screws that you set aside and there's actually keyed holes right here where they're gonna set into.

Get them into place and then we're gonna come up from underneath, there's two other holes where we're gonna get the factory screws back into the brake light.

So, what we're gonna do is, start the screws by hand because they won't fit through this bottom hole. The tool will, however, just get them started by hand, then you can come up through and tighten them up. You're gonna use the same T-25 Torx bit to get them tightened up.

You don't have to go overly tight on there; it's only holding on the plastic bracket. After you have both sides tightened up, go ahead and put your lock back over your camera, and lock it down with the T-40.

Once you have all the front buttoned up, we're gonna move onto the rear and use the included wire clips. This will tuck the factory wiring nice and out of the way.

After you have that done, go up front and reconnect your battery and your installation's complete.

Well, we just wrapped up this Mopar third brake light relocation bracket on our brand new JL Wrangler. This is a really great kit that allows you to mount the third brake light in the center of your wheel and tire, instead of trying to raise it up really high, once you put on larger tires.

We do have a 35" on there, and it fits perfectly. It really gives it a great, clean look. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes to get it installed.

You can find this as well as many other great parts for your JL, right here, at

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