Mustang 18" Wheels 1964-2014

18 Inch Mustang Wheels

Mustang 18" Wheels 1964-2014

18 Inch Mustang Wheels
It is the age old question that many Mustang fans face when deciding to customize their muscle cars’ appearance; what size wheels should they select? The size of the wheels that you choose for your Mustang will impact not only how your ride feels, but also the visual statement that you are trying to make with your car. Sixteen inch wheels are the standard stock wheels that keep both the ride and appearance the exact same. In contrast, 20-inch rims are flashy, but can affect your car’s handle and overall ride. Mustang 18” Wheels however serve as a happy medium in enhancing the car’s appearance, without upsetting the ride quality very much. CJ Pony Parts offers a wide selection of 18 inch Mustang wheels so that you can customize your vehicle precisely the way you want!
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18" Wheels

The invention of the wheel dates back to the caveman days, and it has always been an important mechanism in the field of transportation. The wheels on a car come into direct contact with the road, and as a result, are constantly at risk to debris and hazardous material that you are not able to see. Additionally, with so much uniformity among Mustang body and sheet metal parts, the wheels provide car owners with the opportunity to help separate their vehicles from the pack.

New wheels are one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for Ford Mustang owners. Many later models feature larger wheels, and a number of classic car owners are following suit in order to keep pace with the times. While the larger wheels certainly add a more aggressive look to your muscle cars, the heavy increase in size from 16 to 20-inch Mustang can wheels can be harmful to your particular vehicle’s ride. With the addition of Mustang 18” wheels however, you can add a noticeable difference to your car’s appearance, without making too many expensive alterations to accommodate larger rims and tires.

Though slightly more expensive than the Mustang 17" wheels, Ford Mustang 18 inch wheels provide a more distinct upgraded presence to your original factory rims. Since the Mustang 18” wheels are not that far removed from the classic 16" wheels, there are many options available that closely resemble your classic original model rims, only slightly larger. Installing 18 inch Mustang wheels on your Classic or Fox Body pony cars can give your recently-upgraded 17” wheels a better handle, while proving your car with a distinct presence that you can be proud of!

Find the Best Mustang 18” Wheels at CJ’ Pony Parts

While adding 18 inch Mustang rims to your muscle car opens the door to exciting possibilities, selecting the correct wheels can be a stressful process. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts is here to help you pick out the Ford Mustang 18” wheels that will look the best on your car. CJ’s offers a diverse set of Mustang 18” rims available in a number of different measurements. While chrome Mustang wheels are common in the first two generations, black Mustang wheels have surged in popularity in recent years. CJ Pony Parts features Mustang 18” wheels in either black or chrome, as well as white and satin bronze, with numerous different rim designs.

With well-respected brands such as Niche, TSW, and more, CJ’s features over 90 different Ford Mustang 18” wheels that best suit your individual needs. While many of these Mustang 18 inch wheels are available strictly as individuals, Niche offers a beautiful set of 18” x 8.5” and 18” x 9.5” project wheels with a machine lip. When deciding which 18 inch Ford Mustang rims to purchase, make sure you see if the center cap is included, and to gather the correct size, weight, lugs, finish, and offset information as well.

If ordered as part of a wheel and tire package, mounting and balancing is free, giving these soon to be owners of Mustang 18” wheels another benefit. Find the perfect ones for your Mustang and order new Mustang 18” wheels today!

Now that you have decided that 18” Mustang rims are the right fit for your pony car, it is important to make sure that are installed properly. While you’re on the sight, feel free to peruse through CJ’s selection of tires, wheel center caps, wheel covers, wheel spacers, and more!