Mustang Arm Rest Pad (1971-1973) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • 3/8 inch Bit Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
1. Removal of old Mustang Arm Rest Pads is simple. There are two screws on the underside of the Arm Rest Pad (3/8 drive) that need to be removed, as seen in the first photo.
Mustang Arm Rest Pad Install Image
2. Once these two screws are removed, the old arm rest pad will come off. Hold the Mustang arm rest base in place while you remove the pad.
Mustang Arm Rest Pad Install Image
3. We're demonstrating the driver's side installation, but it is identical on both sides. To start the installation of the new arm rest pad, prepare it by placing one of the Mustang arm rest mounting screws in one of the holes before trying to position the pad. Put your 3/8 drive on the screw as you move it into position.
Mustang Arm Rest Pad Install Image
4. Position the pad over the base, and take your time so that the screw matches up with the holes in the arm rest base and the brackets in the door. If you have older Mustang door panels, they may be a bit thicker than aftermarket panels and may require a bit of leverage to get the screws to line up. Use a flashlight if it helps to line up the holes and the screw. This step is the most difficult if your door doesn't want to cooperate. Take your time and make sure that the base does not come unseated while you are placing the pad. The base should remain flush with the door panel. The new screws are slightly longer than the stock screws which allows a little more wiggle room to get started. Use a 3/8 driver bit to install the old screws, or, if you're using new screws, use a flat head screw driver.
Mustang Arm Rest Pad Install Image
5. Once you've got that first screw started, but before you tighten it down, start the second screw in the arm rest pad. With both screws started go ahead and tighten both screws down. Now repeat on the passenger side. For right-handed installers, the passenger's side will be a little trickier.
Mustang Arm Rest Pad Install Image
6. You have now successfully replaced both Mustang Arm Rest Pads.