Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding (2010-2013) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • T15 Torx Bit Screw Driver
  • Optional: Gloves
  • Optional: Alcohol Prep Pad
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
1. Start the installation of your new Mustang CDC 1011-7005-01 Black Taillight Panel Molding on your new 2013 Mustang by opening the trunk of your Mustang, then looking for a Torx screw on both sides. These screws (shown below) will need to be removed to begin removing the factory taillight molding (which only applies to 2013 Mustangs).
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image
2. After removing both of the screws, you will need to grab one of the edges of the taillight blackout panel and start to pull it away from the car, towards your body. Use even pressure in order to pop out each of the twelve push in connectors that hold the panel to the trunk lid. Don’t be afraid to use a little force, as it takes a bit of effort to get the first one to give. You may wish to use gloves here, as you'll be directly touching the edges of the metal. Once the first connector pops loose, keep pulling towards you to pop the rest loose. Starting from the lower edge of one side and working towards the lower edge of the other allows you to maintain the most control. Make sure to keep both hands on the panel as it pops off to maintain full control and minimize the risk of the panel slipping and scuffing your paint.
3. Once the panel is off, the trunk area should look like this.
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image
4. Your blackout panel should look like this once it is removed from the car. The trunk lid area and the blackout panel are very different in design versus the 2010-2012 models.
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image
5. Now that you have removed the factory taillight panel molding from your 2013 Mustang, the following installation procedure will work for all 2010-2013 Mustangs. Start by test fitting the new taillight panel molding. Once you are satisfied with how it fits, clean the area using an alcohol prep pad or soap and water. Allow the area to completely dry.
6. Following the instructions supplied by Classic Design Concepts, peel back about 2” of the double sided tape on each upper and lower corner, making sure to fold the peeled portions back onto the face of the panel so you can grab them in the next step.
7. Then, pressing the panel gently to the trunk lid in the spot where you placed it in the test fit, simply press the panel to the trunk lid peeling the tape backing off as you move along the edges of the panel. A second person is helpful to help hold the panel while you remove the tape backing. Again, start from one side on the upper or lower edge and work your way to the opposite side. The top is very easy to get to stick to the trunk lid, though the bottom will require a decent amount of pressure to get the tape to adhere fully.
8. Make sure to go over the top and bottom several times, using smooth even pressure to get the panel to seat fully and adhere evenly. CDC says the tape can take twenty four hours to fully cure, so I didn’t drive the car for a full day after installation, just to make sure.
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image
Mustang CDC Black Taillight Panel Molding Install Image