Mustang Complete Rocker Panel (1967-1968) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Spot Weld Cutter
  • Drill
  • Cup Brush/Wire Wheel
  • Hammer
  • Small Chisel
  • Air Chisel
  • Center Punch
  • 4 1/2 inch Grinder with Cutoff & Grinding Wheels
  • Sawzall
  • Dremel with Cutting Wheels
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Clecos
  • Vice Clamps
  • Welder
  • Tape Measure
  • Bubble Level
  • Metal Reshaping Tools
  • Camera
Install Difficulty:
  • Difficult
  • Difficult Project
1. To start installing your new Mustang Complete Rocker Panel, support your Mustang on all four corners with jack stands placed under the frame rails. Then, level the car front to back and side to side.
2. If they're not already removed, remove the Mustang fender, door and any interior trim.
3. It will be necessary to brace the body of the car to prevent the car from shifting from the removal of a major piece of the unibody support. Weld in a piece of angle iron/scrap iron, or a support available from various companies. It may also be necessary to brace the car from side to side, as well as in the door opening.
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
4. If you are replacing the rocker, there is a good chance that you will need a new torque box and Mustang floor pan as well. If these are already removed, it will make access to the rocker much easier. Before the removal of any part, be sure to take as many measurements as possible to help place the replacement panel. Some measurements to take include: bottom of panel to ground, top of panel to ground, distance from frame rail, etc. Also, take pictures using your camera, as this is an excellent way to reference panel locations.
5. Using a drill and cup brush/wire wheel, work your way around the Mustang torque box, cowl side panel, floor pan, A pillar, B Pillar, rear wheel well, and inside quarter so that you are revealing all of the spot welds. If necessary, you can find the welds as described in the assembly manual.
6. Using a center punch, try to center on each of the spot welds and make a small indentation.
7. Using a drill and spot weld cutter, center the cutter over each spot weld and drill out each of the spot welds. There are also some brazing and stitch welds that will need to be cut.
8. Find the brazing and stitch welding at the pillars. Use the Dremel, as it has better access due to its size, to cut through the brazing/welds.
9. It may be necessary to cut the old Mustang rocker into pieces using the grinder/sawzall in order to remove it from the car. This is why measurements are so important.
10. Once all the welds have been cut, the panel should easily come out of the car.
11. If necessary, use a small chisel and hammer/air chisel to slowly work around the edges of the panels, making sure that all of the spot welds are loose, then slowly pry the panel off.
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
12. At this point, some metal reshaping may be needed in order to restore distorted metal back into proper alignment.
13. Spray Mustang weld through primer on any exposed metal, if desired.
14. Using the measurements and pictures taken before panel removal, test fit the new Mustang complete rocker panelinto the car and clamp it into place using clecos/clamps/screws.
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
15. Test fit the fender and Mustang door, if possible, to insure proper spacing and gaps. Due to the location of bracing, this may not be possible. If that is the case, use the measurements from before to insure proper spacing in all directions. Adjust as needed.
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
16. Fully clamp/screw/cleco the panel into place and place several spot welds to insure that the panel is in place and sturdy. Do not fully weld the panel in yet, as you should once again check fitment of the door and fender. If you have good spot welds, the brace can safely come out of the car for this fitment.
17. Once you are happy with the fit, finish welding the entire panel in using the holes created from removing the panel. Again, you can reference the assembly manual for the proper location of the welds. Remove the clamps/screws/clecos as you go.
18. Remove the bracing. If welded in, cut the welds with the cutoff wheel.
Mustang Complete Rocker Panel Install Image
19. Rehang the fender and door to ensure fitment is good.
20. Congratulations, you have installed a new Mustang Complete Rocker Panel.