Mustang Exhaust Manifolds 1964-2021

Mustang Exhaust Manifolds 1964-1973

Mustang Exhaust Manifolds 1964-2021

Mustang Exhaust Manifolds 1964-1973
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Exhaust Manifolds

If you’re looking for a Ford Mustang exhaust manifold, you have come to the right place! CJ Pony Parts carries dozens of manifolds for many different Mustang model years, including the original 1964.5 edition, all the way up to a 1973. You’ll also find a wide range of manifold accessories such as nuts, bolt kits, studs and more. Check out our complete manifold inventory below!

Mustang Exhaust Manifold Products From Trusted Manufacturers

Our inventory of more than 50,000 Mustang parts includes exhaust manifolds from leading manufacturers such as Scott Drake, Ford Racing and AMK Products. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of the products you’re installing on your vehicle. Many exhaust manifolds are precisely constructed from original cast iron, ensuring maximum longevity and a smooth, easy fit.

As a member of the CJ Pony Parts Mustang community, you will have access to a variety of helpful resources, including tips and advice from our team of Mustang specialists that can make your manifold installation a breeze.

Enjoy Significant Savings on Exhaust Manifolds

CJ Pony Parts can help you stretch your car care dollar, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. With free ground shipping that’s available with many of our products, you can further lower your car care product costs. Great products and low prices is a combination that is sure to put a smile on the face of any Mustang owner!

Fast, Secure and Convenient Exhaust Manifold Ordering

The fastest and most convenient way to order exhaust manifolds is to shop at our secure online store. You can also give our customer care team a call to place your order by telephone. Order your Ford Mustang exhaust manifold today!