Mustang Ford Hood Insert (2010-2012 GT500) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • 3" Cutting Wheel
  • Dremel
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper or Grinding Disc
  • Masking Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Doublestick Tape
Install Difficulty:
  • Moderate
  • Moderate Project
1. If done carefully and correctly, the installation of your Mustang AR3Z-16C630-AA GT500 Hood Insert will not require a repaint of the hood, as any cut edges will be covered by the scoop with up to 1/2" leeway. When I did my install, I was already repainting the hood to fix rock chips and scratches on the leading edge, so I clear coated over the cut metal edge. These areas can be hand painted with touch-up paint to seal them, because they will not be visible once the scoops is installed.
2. Wash your hood. You never want to work on a dirty hood. Remove your hood insulation by removing the big plastic clips. I did not reinstall mine since it is not needed. Most (if not all) Mustang hoods aren't fully painted underneath the hood insulation. You can either modify the hood insulation to fit with the extractor, live with the unpainted area or paint the bottom of the hood. Since I was painting my hood already, I added paint underneath.
3. Modifying the scoop: I cut off the two plastic clips on either side of the rear edge. The doublestick tape combined with the one bolt has more than enough clamping power to hold the scoop down. On the sides of the scoop, I placed doublestick tape on the inside of the foam piece. You need to find a nut to work on the rear bolt.
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
4. The Extractor Template: Next, I placed my extractor upside down on cardboard and traced it's shape. This cardboard is the overall scoop template. THIS IS NOT YOUR CUTTING TEMPLATE, as your actual cuts are about 1/2" in from the edge. Now lay your scoop down next to the template and draw your cutting lines. The rear edge can be cut in nearly 1" in from the edge of the extractor. The sides can also be marked pretty far in from the edge. The front is tricky. The front lip is what does most of the clamping for the extractor. It "clamps" onto the hood. Slide a piece of paper into the lip and measure how deep it goes. That is how far back you should draw your template line.
5. The front lip has 3 notches for strength. When you cut the hood, you will need to also notch the hood so it clicks in correctly.
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
6. Marking the hood: Once you have your hood template marked correctly for the edges of the hood scoop, try to "install" the extractor into it. It should fit (the front will not "click" if you are using thick cardboard, but it will give you a good idea of fit anyway.)
7. For placement, you have a choice between aesthetics and functionality. The further forward the extractor is on your hood, the better it will extract air. However, it has to be pretty far back to be placed behind the radiator. Judge this based on your own preferences.
8. Tape the whole area where you plan on installing the hood insert. This will not only protect from any chips, scratches, flying tools, etc., but will allow you to mark and measure with markers right on the hood of the car.
9. Place the extractor template where you like it and trace it in marker.
10. Measure, measure, measure! Measure every way you can in order to ensure it is centered and straight. Measure from the leading edge. Measure from the sides of the hood. Measure from the hood's body lines. Use everything at your disposal. Get a friend to eyeball it, since a second set of eyes is rarely a bad thing.
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
11. Cutting: Once you are absolutely sure you are happy with the placement, tape it all again. Run an extra 2 or 3 layers of tape directly around where you intend to cut.
12. I used a 3" cutting wheel on a pneumatic cut off tool. An air saw or any sawzall cutter is too aggressive and can warp the metal. In the corners or for any other small details I used a Dremel.
13. I put a foot long block of 4"x4" wood on top of the radiator cover to hold the Mustang hood up a bit. I suggest covering the motor with some sort of non-flammable sheet, as I was cleaning aluminum dust out of my motor for a month after I completed the installation.
14. As you cut, don't spend too much time in one spot since it can overheat the paint in the area and cause bubbling. After you cut out the whole shape, it will not immediately pull up, as the foam they spray between the braces will hold it down. Carefully pull it up. You will still have the under hood bracing there, so I opened my hood and cut it back as well.
15. When you pull the tape, pull it in a direction that is up and towards the hole you just cut, which should minimize the chance of paint lifting on the edge. After that, sand the burrs off the edge and seal them with paint or primer.
16. Drill a hole on the rear edge for the bolt.
17. Because I cut away so much of the structure of the hood, I decided to put some seam sealer back in there.
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
18. Click the scoop in a few times to make sure the fit is good, then pull the tape and click it in one final time!
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
19. By the nature of the scoop's design, it will stick up approximately 1/8 inch. The GT500 hood has a small recession for it to fit snug, the GT hood does not. Enjoy your new Mustang GT500 Hood Insert.
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image
Mustang Ford Hood Insert Install Image