Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake (2011-2013) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Ratchet
  • 10mm Socket
  • Extensions
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • 10mm Wrench
  • T15 Torx Bit
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
1. To start the installation of your new Mustang JLT CAI-FMV6-11 V6 Cold Air Intake, lay out all of your supplied JLT parts to make sure you have the heat shield, filter element, clamps and intake coupler, vacuum line, which is for auto cars only, intake elbow, 10mm nut for heat shield and the new MAF housing screws.
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
2. Pop the hood, reach in, and unclip the MAF sensor. The MAF sensor's harness attaches using a red slide clip that is underneath it. Pull it back, then depress the clip underneath and pull the harness off. Set to the side. Pull off the EGR recirculation hose from near the Mustang throttle body by pushing the grey clip and pulling away from your body.
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
3. Unscrew the throttle body clamp using your flat head screw driver or a 7mm socket, then, using your 10mm socket and extension, unscrew the one 10mm bolt that holds the factory Mustang cold air kit onto the driver's side fender. Lift and remove entire cold air kit out of the car by first pulling away from the throttle body, and then up and in to release the cold air kit from the stock ram air inlet.
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
4. Undo the two MAF element housing screws using your Phillips screw driver. Note: Earlier models may use a Torx T15 bit for the MAF housing screws. Lay the JLT Performance intake elbow near the stock elbow so you don’t get the orientation mixed up. Swap the MAF sensor onto the JLT elbow, making sure to use the supplied hardware, not the factory screws, since they are a rough thread and JLT uses fine threaded screws.
5. Install the supplied JLT heat shield into the car. It slips over an exposed stud, which is right on top of the factory ram air inlet. Line up and reinstall the one factory 10mm bolt on the drivers fender, leaving the fender bolt loose and only snugging up the supplied 10mm nut onto the top of the ram air inlet mounting stud. Install the JLT intake coupler and supplied clamps, with the smaller side on the throttle body inlet, also left loose for now.
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
6. Install the new Mustang cold air kit elbow through the hole in the heat shield, into the throttle body coupler. You will first have to remove the EGR recirculation tube. It just pops out, then you can slide it back in after feeding the elbow through the heat shield. Now install your filter onto the end of the elbow and loosely tighten both the intake elbow side clamp and filter side clamps.
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
7. Hook up the MAF sensor harness. It just clips back on. Make sure to slide the red retaining clip back into place! Now reinstall the EGR line, which just snaps on. Then adjust everything until you have the intake exactly where you want it, then tighten each of the the clamps. Make sure you don't over tighten them, as they need to have some flex in them for the system to work correctly. You've just completed installing your new Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake. Enjoy the aggressive sounds and increased horsepower and torque!
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image
Mustang JLT V6 Cold Air Intake Install Image