Mustang Monroe Air Shock Kit (1965-1970) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Jack & Jack Stands
  • Wrenches
  • Drill & 1/4" Bit
  • Ratchet & Socket Set
Install Difficulty:
  • Moderate
  • Moderate Project
1. To begin installing your new Mustang Monroe Air Shock Kit, you will need to put your car up on jack stands. You can jack up the car from the differential in the rear of the car.
2. Place the jack stands under the frame of the car. The jack stands cannot be placed under the axle for this installation. I placed my jacks right next to the front of my Mustang leaf springs, under the frame rail connected to the rear torque box on both sides.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
3. Do not take the jack out completely after you place your jack stands. Lower it about 4 inches to make it easier to get the stock shocks out.
4. Remove the stock shocks. To start, pull out the back seat and remove the two Mustang shock access rubber body plugs underneath the seat to access the nuts on the top of the shock.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
5. Remove the Mustang rear shock hardware. For this step, it makes it a lot easier to have someone hold the top part of the shock from underneath the car so it doesn't just spin, preventing the nut from loosening. Use your ratchet with a 9/16 inch deep well socket.
6. After you remove the top nuts, go underneath the car with your 9/16 inch wrench and remove the nuts on the bottom of the shock. You will have to hold on to the shock if it wants to spin. After you loosen the nut, you can use the ratchet and 9/16 inch socket to remove it faster.
7. Take the Mustang shocks out. You will need to compress the shock enough so it will come out of either the top or the bottom hole. When I took them out, I grabbed on the bottom of the shock and pushed up. When I had enough clearance, I pulled them out.
8. Install the new air shocks. Installing the top portion is easier if you have someone inside the car to tighten the nut while you are under the car holding the shock. These shocks go in exactly like the stock ones came out (same order of the washers and rubber bushings). Make sure that the part of the shock with the air line fitting (where the air lines insert) is on the top.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
9. Make sure the fittings point towards the center of the car. This helps make sure your lines don’t get twisted or crossed.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
10. Find a place to put the T-valve. It is really up to you where you decide to put the valve, but it is best to put it in the trunk in a spot where you know it won’t get bumped or dirty. I placed mine on the hump above the Mustang rear axle so that I didn’t have my air lines hanging all over the place.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
11. When you find where you want to place the valve, you will need to drill a hole in the Mustang trunk for the air lines/T-valve. Use a punch to make a small center point before you drill. This will help you to drill in the right spot and avoid the drill just spinning and sliding around.
12. Cut the air lines to the right length. The best way to measure for this is to hold the line at the fitting on the air shock, up to the hole you just drilled and mark the length. Make sure you leave some extra slack. When you cut the line, use a razor blade to avoid crimping the line.
13. Connect the air lines. The instructions that come with the air shocks will provide a nice diagram on how to do this. It is easiest to connect the air lines to the T-valve first. First, you will slide the plastic nut onto the hose, followed by the small O-ring. Insert the line into the fitting and slide the plastic nut up to the threads and screw it on. Make sure the line is seated all the way into the fitting. Only tighten the plastic nut by hand. Tighten until it is finger tight. If you tighten too much, you can pinch the air line, causing air not to flow properly.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
14. Once you have the air lines connected to the valve, follow the same procedure in the step above to connect the lines to the shocks.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
15. Mount the valve in the trunk. This step can be done a lot faster if you have someone help you. Stick the valve through your drilled hole in the trunk and have someone tighten the nut with their hands. After it is finger tight, tighten the nut a little more with the 1/2 inch wrench. Do not tighten too much. If you tighten the nut too tightly, it will strip the plastic threads on the valve.
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
Mustang Air Shock Kit Install Image
16. Inflate the Mustang shocks to 90 psi. If one of the shocks doesn’t inflate, you tightened the nut too much. If this happens, unscrew the nut and cut off the crimped section of the line. Then, re-attach.
17. Check each fitting for leaks by putting a little soap and water mixture on each to see if it bubbles up. If it bubbles, then tighten the plastic nut a little more until you do not have any leaks.
NOTE: Minimum Air Pressure: 20 PSI. Maximum Air Pressure: 150 PSI (with the vehicle in a fully loaded position). Never drive the car with the shocks in a fully extended position.